Brit/pol/ #2161: Hang Them All Edition

Asian grooming gangs abused 700 girls and vulnerable women with ‘arrogant persistence’ because they were 'not investigated' before major operation was launched to stop them

Man, 46, is arrested on suspicion of being a member of banned far-right group National Action

Stroppy students stropping stupidly

MOGG - From setting our own tariffs to trade talks, here’s what the Brexit letter to Theresa May signed by 62 Tory MPs really was about

TV Licence to rise in April

Churchill was all in favour of a united Europe — as long as it didn’t include Britain

West Midlands drug addicts to be given free heroin on the NHS

Is southern-fried squirrel the answer to KFC's extraordinary chicken shortage?

Bristol FGM trial collapses after prosecution expert unable to say if FGM had taken place

Syrian Migrant Thanks ‘Mama Merkel’ for Being Able to Practice Polygamy on Benefits

Brendan Fraser accuses former Golden Globes head of sexual assault

Bum chums and prostate cancer

Dutch parliament recognizes 1915 Armenian massacre as genocide

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First for if you're going to make the threads then put some fucking effort in.


what was wrong with the other thread tbqh

Thank you SA. Fuck anime autists. They're as cancerous as niggers and pakis.

just edit the OP, lad. All those posts wasted.

The whole thread was a waste from the start.

for not putting any effort in and weebposting tbh

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Wow shariablue still detected

Why haven't you killed yourself yet?

anime is based and huwhite

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You can kill what doesn't exist

We should've voted remai-

Merkel: EU Funds to Be Linked to Accepting Third World Migrants
German leader Angela Merkel has called for European Union funding to be based on nations’ willingness to take in third world migrants.

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Anyone that attacks 22st has to go through me first

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Anyone who attacks this lad has to go through me first

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why doesn't that one doesn't have a benis….?

Hidden under the dress, lad

Rewatching logh and the anime with our waifu

oh yeah, phew

I'm not sharing her

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Yeah naah

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tbh tbf

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not to your knowledge anyway…

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UK plans to increase migrant numbers as home secretary vows to open borders
The UK could take in thousands more refugees after an initial 20,000 from Syria, according to the home secretary. So far, 10,538 people have been housed in the UK but the government is planning to double that figure by 2020.


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Why the fuck are we taking more in when the war is over.

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science is so beautiful

we have to catch those fleeing isis members i mean rocket scientists as the conflict simmers down

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think of all of those doctors and engineers that are suffering :(


lukewarm Icke

Ban assault cars tbh

I bet it has to do with the EU negotiations and brexit deals. No other explaination tbh

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Good lad

Amber Rudd needs to be nailed to a fucking cross. Absolute dog-faced cunt.

Didn't she get BLACKED by that weird-faced wog?

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How "Brexit Broadcasting Company" kept Leavers off the air
Analysis finds that just 3.2% of guests talking about the EU on the Today Programme over ten-year period were pro-Brexit

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If any of you own figmas you need to gas yourself right now tbh


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The war ended, but are still being forced to take in "refugees" (i.e. jihadis)

I fucking hate his government

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Turkey attempted to ram Italian drill ship Saipem 1200 in Cyprus in recent incident.

>The captain of the Saipem 1200, as Dogan claims, warned over the radio: “Get out of our way, otherwise we will both sink.”
>The captain of the Turkish warship allegedly replied: “I can not control our speed and our path” , to which the Italian captain reportedly responded: “You can control your speed and your machines. I can clearly see that”. The Turkish ship continued on its route, forcing the Saipem 1200 to change its course. “Alright, I am changing my route” , the Italian captain responded and it departed the region.

Based western navies clearly doing their job, protecting European merchant vessels.

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turkey should be removed from nato for this and we should sink their navy in port then cease all trade with them and fund kurdish rebels as a final fuck you


Turkey should be removed from existence for being Turkey.


I thought she did, fucking whore.

Anime is the last pure thing in this world

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She fantasises about a pack of pozzed niggers running a train on her.

I bet her under carriage looks like a trampled donner kebab.

She does it is in the image


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If only

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Even their cyberpunk version of London is better than actual London.

I know lad, it was confirming from earlier

Has she done a single thing of merit, or is the only option the rope.

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Feels tbh.

I was about to say this. We can't create a dystopia worse than the real thing smh.

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UK weather: Spring 'postponed' as cold snap hits UK

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anime britain is full of aryans though

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going out for a winter march tomorrow

Every time

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had a nice chuckle at that haha


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If the Anglo lets this stuff happen maybe he's not that powerful after all, or maybe he just let the Aryans breed so that there'd be more blood to drink later?

True British people are Germanic anyway

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What is your point tbqh

Did you see Wolfgang Kruger score that blinder last night?

left hand side has no makeup

Women don't make shit like that if the ugly side is their actual side

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I kind of refuse to believe chinks really are this ugly without makeup smh


actually ugly people don't make these dumb makeup videos its just attention seeking thots they should kill themselves

smh you must be an imperiumposter or something

Rather redundant :^)

Takeshi Kitano can transform in to a woman?!

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always prefer real to fake tbh

She doesn't look bad, she just should take better care of her skin.

Thing is, they destroy their natural beauty by coating their faces in cosmetics and having awful diets.


do you lads ever wonder if there's more to life than sitting at the computer trying not to wank


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No, because i'm not a pathetic fat waster and does stuff other than posting on a cambodian cookery forum

going for walks to take your mind off wanking?ōsen_gakkō

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What's Cambodian food like?

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>five bandits about to ambush me after a cutscene
>cuts to gameplay
>run away from them 'til they stop following
>they start following their path back
>run up behind them and smack them over the head with my sword 'til they fall down
The game's fun but bloody hell it has some niggles.

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I've only seen two union jacks

One in a town house's front gravel patch, on a bamboo stick on the ground, hidden behind a hedge. It was plastic or nylon.

One in the countryside on a real flag pole outside a farm/lumberyard. It was decayed, fraying and ragged, but flying nearly at full mast except for where the rope had sagged a little. It looks as if it hasn't been touched for years.

it's not hard to see the physical psychology at work

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I'll be buying a flagpole soon enough tbh lad

I have a Wessex flag instead lad
the Jack isn't LOCAL enough for me but it is one of the last symbols of normie patriotism

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There are loads in Yorkshire especially the poorer areas, mostly flags of St. George though.