Brit/pol/ #2162: No-Go Edition

Asian grooming gangs abused 700 girls and vulnerable women with ‘arrogant persistence’ because they were 'not investigated' before major operation was launched to stop them

Man, 46, is arrested on suspicion of being a member of banned far-right group National Action

Stroppy students stropping stupidly

MOGG - From setting our own tariffs to trade talks, here’s what the Brexit letter to Theresa May signed by 62 Tory MPs really was about

TV Licence to rise in April

Churchill was all in favour of a united Europe — as long as it didn’t include Britain

West Midlands drug addicts to be given free heroin on the NHS

Is southern-fried squirrel the answer to KFC's extraordinary chicken shortage?

Bristol FGM trial collapses after prosecution expert unable to say if FGM had taken place

Syrian Migrant Thanks ‘Mama Merkel’ for Being Able to Practice Polygamy on Benefits

Brendan Fraser accuses former Golden Globes head of sexual assault

Bum chums and prostate cancer

Dutch parliament recognizes 1915 Armenian massacre as genocide

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Ive hit SA levels

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He was right… about Judaism and the Jewish question

Smh lad I'm still shaken from running for my life from my persecutors.


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When the lists of those oppressed by the state are released, will there be a financial remedy?

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only mudslimes lad

I've said it before, Harry Potter is fucking atrociously written, especially when you then take Rowling's own virtue signalling into account.
You've a world where magic is deemed as so precious that its society hides itself from the rest of the world in order to protect it, yet the families who want to preserve and protect magic bloodlines are considered evil and racist and bigoted etc etc despite the whole fucking magic world working to preserve magic.
Her world that she's built is somehow both more ethno-nationalistic than us yet also anti-ethnonationalism.

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top kek. Kids do sports in school, shooting could easily have a place. It already does in some private schools afaik.


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Is JK Rowling a mortgage provider?

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The magic world is secret so kids can imagine it's not just a fictional universe but the real one tbh. Don't need to read into it more than that.

Need some kind words lads.

Had a cunt of a week. Every time I feel like i'm making progress it all comes tumbling down again. I'm going to go for a 5 hour country walk later to ease my mind tbh but I feel like curling up and dying tbh

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She also can't form sentances to save her fucking life.
I don't know why they bothered making covers for adults when it's just as insultingly bad for children

just kys already

These 4 "subjects" use wands:
< Transfiguration
< Defence Against the Dark Arts
< Charms
< Apparition

Wands are probably useful in this class:
< Care of Magical Creatures

These 9 "subjects" don't really use wands:
< Potions
< Astronomy
< History of Magic
< Herbology
< Arithmancy [Numerology]
< Study of Ancient Runes
< Divination
< Muggle Studies [SJW studies]
< Flying

Who knows?
< Alchemy - "Alchemy classes are not mentioned in the Harry Potter series; however, Rowling has used Alchemy as an example of a 'specialized' subject offered when there is sufficient demand." kikepedia

Don't be a cunt lad

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"Why isn't anybody looking at me?!"

stop being pathetic then

Where do you live lad? I'm going to come break your legs tbh

you're not going to break shit you little worm

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There are plenty of other youth clubs that teach shooting, Scouts and Cadets for example, so it's not as though it'd be an issue to incorporate it into schools.
The issue lies with the fact that the schools are full of mental ethnics that'd use the guns in school to shoot each other there was a wog at my scout group who got kicked out for constantly muzzlesweeping people with the air rifle and also saying that he'd shoot one of the other members

If you look at it as a children's book then it's fine, it's a stupid children's book.
But instead we have grown adults discussing it much in the way theologians would analyse the Gospels; it's insanity. And so with that we are able to analyse the book from a more adult perspective and call it out for being a stupid fucking piece of shit.

What happened lad?

Also aren't there people at the school who can't actually use magic?

Her writing is an absolute abomination of literature. She uses adverbs in EVERY SINGLE FUCKING SENTENCE to the point where it's an eyesore.

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She repossessed some random's house? Isn't that fucking shady/weird?

naah it's ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL [insert_nigger_clapping_gif_here]

All I know is you wouldn't talk crap in school if everyone had a Desert Eagle.

Unless you had terrific aim.

deagle brand deagles a basic schooling requirement

It was fake news. Neat get, btw.

They always blame it on guns yet I've never heard of a shooting at a gun show.

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Nobody can take on 100's of people. But on TV and in the movies they can, so I can see why people think that.


Just tired of seeing my quaint little town being turned into a dumping ground for London trash and shitskins and the farms being ripped up and turned into monster housing estates. Tired of women being a bunch of hedonistic nasty cunts. Tired of everyone having absolutely no will to save anything other than their package thomson holidays and their kfc. Just feeling a bit blackpilled tbh lad. Thanks for asking lad, i just need to vent

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Ahh so the usual shite lad, I know how you feel. Every commute is driving me closer and closer to the daft side.
Get yourself out into the green for a bit, it'll do you the world of good.

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Daily reminder that Britain will one day be nothing but a giant urban sprawl from Land's End to John O'Groats

Daily reminder that I'll have burned it all to the ground before that happens

W-Wales will be left alone though, right?

Wales will be turned into a giant gentrified middle-class holiday resort.

no you will get the most % of pakis

Throw a paki in a bog to appease one of your gods.

You need to channel Joe and go full LOCAL lad, I know I would if they tried the same thing where I am

tfw wikipedia has comprehensive Pokemon and Harry Potter info, but if you want to know about spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) you have to go to wikispooks.

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It already is though.

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: o

how is he doing pull ups at 200kg+ im afraid

That would be comfy af, then all the surface could be trees and hedges and badgers

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Thanks for the morning motivation. I'm going to a gym.

if he can do pull ups at 200kg you can do them on mars lad good luck

this is our new wojak, calm wojak, save him lads

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shit memi


Please don't force memmies lad

i like it


< virgin mass gunman

They get suspicious if you buy large amounts of petrol sadly

Spoke to a bunch of firemen a couple weeks ago about arson.
Apparently nine times out of ten they find the the bloke who did it hanging around the smouldering building, since it's human nature to want to watch the fire.
Weird that.

Rowling literally wrote a school shooting in her sixth book but none of the students died because they were all armed and trained in self defense. Dumbledore only died because he was made weaponless.

I'm starting to doubt whether Rowling wrote her own books tbh. She alleges that her books espouse egalitarian values, but she writes goblins as greedy subhumans with a history of bloodthirsty terrorism and nobody in her books seems to mind that they are treated as second class citizens who are banned from magic because it makes perfect sense to them. House elves are all simpleminded creatures who only desire servitude to superior races even when free, and centaurs (with only one exception) are all very willing to murder adults and children alike for crossing their borders and everyone seems to respect their right to do it.

There's miles of stable underground caverns in Wales so I'm surprised they haven't already done this. Maybe the reptiles/underground antarctic space nazis chase outsiders away.

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In other words, they frame the closest party who has low social standing.

Just remembered this thing exists

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They use sniffer dogs to smell the accelerant on you. From what they told me, people tend to circle around and around because they get drawn into it.
Dogs are so good if enough petrol's been used they'll start going mental even before they enter the building.

Been ages since I read it but you could also mention that learning self-defence had to be done in secret because it was restricted by the wizard government who had spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) in the school or something like that.

It's much less fun if you don't get to watch it burn tbh

smh lads

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thats old lad

How do you know the dogs don't just learn what poor people smell like?



Daily reminder thicc Polish lasses will be the saviour of the white race

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Dogs love smelly things.

Wonder what Eastern Europe would be like if Addy had won tbh.

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women's suffrage was the biggest mistake mankind has ever made

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As to the Wales question couldn't you just introduce some legislation that says you can't buy a house in Wales unless you intend to live there? I reckon you'd get enough support from locals to back the legislation in Cardiff.

cardiff is london lite lad

I'm so glad I don't own a smartphone or use snapchat.

Doesn't mean that the Welsh can't take back the Welsh Assembly through a ground swell of angry nativist support, they're the last people that actually get a pass on being angry nativists.

"p-please look after me and my mistakes teehee"

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my thought process was

Smartphones and their accessories are really like a mind virus.

I want to know what the Germans would have renamed Russia/Poland after the war tbh.
Presumably they'd need to come up with some daft name for the their new Eastern Colonies.

greater prussia

Morning lads

Greater Very Big Huge Titanic Totally Cool German Reich Of The Very Nice Kind German People OkThankYou tbh

Social media in general is just a new form of mass social control.

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