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WTF is this heresy?

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It's like God's Not Dead but for liberals and secularists right?

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i made a catholic version xD

I'm wondering why can't they just become Anglicans or something

Hilarious. They have to invent a murder plot where the big bad church suppresses heresies just like they heard on Family Guy.

Never mind all the denominations where you can be a female priest, there's one that says no so there needs to be propaganda. Secularists are such a joke, heads are so far up their own asses I swear.

Even I'm not Roman Catholic, but I want to knee-cap everybody who worked on that heretical and blasphemous movie.

Is the black guy the good guy?

Apparently this is the whole plot

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Well if you mean "good guy" by agreeing with the protagonist then no.

He Catholic, Catholics ain’t good, cavron!

This is Saturday morning cartoon levels of melodrama. Stopped reading halfway through. Do they ever even address the actual reasoning behind not ordaining ladies?

It seems almost as though to be a "denomination" means to divide:
Gods word tells us that a kingdom divided won't last. The world today exhibits many denominations, but does this bring unity in Christ?

1 Timothy 2:12-15
1 Corinthians 14:34

God's not dead: a light in darkness releases today, if you're interested.
From the trailer, they burned the church in the university campus.

So…are they going full grim and dark? Would be a nice change of pace!

And people tell me that Anime is degenerate. Dear God that sounds awful.

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No matter the media, most of the time it’s stuff we have to avoid; be it due to the anti Christian messages or the contents, be it done in hatred of Christianity or just because it goes against it.

I wish something like that in IRL

This anime is really awful. But isn't disrespectful, just bad.

God's Not Dead ended up being for liberals in secularists since it was the kind of terrible representative of Christian apologetics we've come to expect from protestants. Good thing Mel is back on the horse.


Because (((satan))) perverts all that is good

Why even be a Catholic to begin with if they are just suing to break it's fundamental rules? They might as well be atheists.

Writer's know nothing of the law-

Attorney's lawsuit is dismissed in first month without trial; attorney is brought up by State Bar Ethics committee for drafting a complaint contrary to established law and the Catholic church declines to pursue a valid malicious prosecution claim because they don't want more press on the issue.

Secularist propaganda is becoming almost as bad as protestant propaganda.

That anime is literally fujobait (fujos are girls who like to see sodomite men, bait is because it is only implied in the plot) the characters are all feminine and closet homos.