Brit/pol/ #2163: Winding Road Edition

EU funding linked to migrant quotas

Restoring our fish and farms

Donald Tusk: UK Brexit plans 'pure illusion'

Band of Tory Brexit rebels will vote for a customs union with EU

Does Jeremy Corbyn think Leave voters are too thick to notice him offering Brexit in name only?

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There are castles in the UK for sale and you want to buy a fucking star fort. Are you just intent on having the worst taste on the board.

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first for aurora borealis

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Modestposting time tbqh

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no bulli

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LHS is just modeling for money

I guess horseshoe is right after all, I am just like a Muslim

I was going to post the pic of the muzzie with the round ass with the old guy eye balling her but I deleted it smh


What the fuck

knock yourself out pal

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Women need to be forced into this tbh and men need to set an example


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Lmao yeah it was the second pic

Hell is real and we are in it.

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If I go to SSPX will I meet modest women who wear chapel veils?

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lad if you avatar fag as a lass you become a lass

they'll never ban the guns in time before economic collapse, so sit back and laugh at the futility in their propaganda tbh

I don't understand what this means. What is clout?

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power of persuasion.

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working class detected

Based gayism

I gained a little bit of respect for the lass after the UKIP mep mentioned her in the EU parliament tbh


Just wait till the muzzies see it

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same difference between white people and wogs


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tbh excessive pandering to stupid but well meaning people is why you get 'i hate muzzies' but literally nothing else approaching nationalism hence shit like AMW

Fair play to them that takes balls tbh

imagine turning up at gym with your army kit on


*steals your valour*

Cara al sol is a great tune tbh much better than the BUF copy of Die Fahne Hoch

Completely agree lad, the lyrics too are God-tier

Original tune is better than ripping off what was already a mediocre tune tbh


Ta lad

I'm gonna punch your eyeballs out you middle class faggot

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The establishment are turning against the chancing cheddar hustler
'Come and read about the girl with the magical boobs': Meghan Markle's secret diary revealed as she is exposed as the anonymous author of a soul-baring blog in which she described herself as a struggling actress 'hustling' to reach stardom



Why live :^)

best channel on the internet

Why live indeed

mixing is wron-

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Who's the one on the right?

you both have shit banter tbh

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Just how fillipina was this maid?

Both are Arnold's sons

mixing with jewesses is the only way

I will almost certainly be banned for this post so tschau

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Fucking hell I'm off to get a latina as we speak

did he raise the fat one?


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This man drowned a girl in slime.


Why do yanks fetishise their military so much?

Half of them are on so many steroids and are so mentally fucked in the head they'd probably shoot up a small Midwestern town whilst screaming OO RA if their nigger commander ordered them to.

What lad

It's alright lad, not your fault your middle class scum.

why live tbqh?

Tbh the dress on the left is disgusting to look at.

at that point its like an alien species pacifying a medieval population

I have no idea its not even an american tradition. traditionally the state military was always hated by free farmers and workers. its a very new thing.
prior to ww2 the military was hated by the working class, they bombed strikers, they forced integration, broke the bonus riots, killed miners during open gun battles, invaded and destroyed the south, suppressed bacons rebellion. its just general degeneration. most of the people who are infantry are scum but we are forced to kiss their boots even when they rape Okinawan teenage girls or scalp and mutiliate random pashtun tribesmen

because they don't have any other unifying feature due to them being a mongrelised people.

*calls in airstrike on taliban then goes and wees on their corpse*

don't mix smh

you can't hate it tbh lad just embrace it

listen to pic related and become a neocon

they all pretend like they wouldn't do this but katrina proved otherwise and little rock arkansas they pointed bayonets at white women to protect integration


How do they get away with it? Lockheed-Martin I mean.

dam those bayonet m1/2 carbines are sexy

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Really makes you want to LARP as a Yank militia marching into Washington and burning the whole fucking city to the ground.
Finding every congressman/senator as they try and flee on their precious military aircraft and publicly executing them on live TV.

If the founding fathers were alive today they'd probably be organising such an event as we speak.

i can't stop laughing thinking of benjamin franklin being transported to modern new york and being like "why the fuck are there vietnamese people does that country even exist"


why are there germans here this country is racially mongrelised

now that's a sexy gun

imagine how JUST they would be if they saw people like nick fuentes representing "true" america

Interesting take. It does seem a shame that federal militaries recruit the lowest of the low en masse. We should bring back the draft tbh.

Schwarzenegger is blind
Maria Shriver was also a fucking munter and he has two fat fuck sons as well as le 56%er

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joe owens would be a perfect lad to introduce people from the past to modern life he would explain it perfectly

you would just end up like bacon but worse. I think today they would just shoot everybody down from helicopters and then accidentally car crash and shoot the people who fled like they did to lavoy finickem or whatever his last name was

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Fucking goblins


militaries have always been a hive a scum and villainy, why does everyone in the right worship violence? the old german elite were NEETS who lived off the back of the peasantry. the founders never wanted a standing army

the saxon fyrd is redpilled and pro white tbh

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In fact Schwarzenegger was successful in the movies. Not IRL

Three sons
Two of them Pie-minator Schwarzeneggers and the other a halfbreed Pinoy

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i respect strength tbh

but then how do we design fighter jets and submarines and shit if its a decentralised military lad we'll just get conqured by chinese legions

Overrated guns tbh

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It's because the US and West's military's serve Hebrew interests that they are given an exalted position in a Hebrew-led media.

Not hard lad.