Brit/pol/ #2164: 22st lied, people died

EU funding linked to migrant quotas

Restoring our fish and farms

Donald Tusk: UK Brexit plans 'pure illusion'

Band of Tory Brexit rebels will vote for a customs union with EU

Does Jeremy Corbyn think Leave voters are too thick to notice him offering Brexit in name only?

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First for 22st is a liar

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Raising a glass to toilers.

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We're all part of the human race, lads

Reminder not to believe anything 22st says or give him any (You)s

I visited London once. I am just as British as you

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This 22 reboot is all over the place tighten it up lads I'm disappointed

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what's inconsistent, lad? We're hiring

bask in the beauty of wonderful whales

*forms shield fort*

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they fucking outsourced his update with this humourless Norwegian wanker

Just fuck everything tbh

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that pic on the left is pretty cool


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The Jew fears the Bard.

No more lying or fraud ITT or Mummy Lorraine will take you to gaol

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who was the kike? did he get their slot or something?

blockhead joe

something to do with this?

don't have time to watch got to go to bed now

I really hope Stacey Dooley talks about mummyposting

*feels pity*

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do you think she will read this thread lad?

we should make her think sauropod stomp videos are a esoteric signaling to secret NA cells

she's probably the next 22st, who knows?

who fucking knows anything any more?


Lad I love you smh

t-thanks, lad


nah it will just be edgy facebook groups for normie Deanoids Stacey doesn't have the autism to lurk here

Glad Zig Forums turned out to be a multicultural board tbh. The racists and bigots were gaining ground here.


I am British tbh

I wish we were less civic tbh

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*deletes it*
just kidding lad

forgive me, please, lad. As a fellow non-brit I was hoping you'd understand as I got out of the Norgay closet

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its okay lad I was just doing that to fit in so they wouldn't think I was subversive CIAspies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

I just realized the last thread died

Thanks, lad


Welcome home white man

I unironically love Spencer. He's so harmless and goofy on the face of things.

I agree. He does some spy stuff like "hail victory", but he seems genuine when talking. He's podgy and lovable in a way.

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Not sure if that works keek

wew found the clip. fucking brutal



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yeah he does a good job countering racewar militia commander vibe that has poisoned most "white" (i.e. actual) american nationalism

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Imagine if they did this to Jesus instead of crucifying him.

I don't even think he's trying to play up his weird light heartedness, I think he's just like that way. He has some oddball opinions but on the whole I feel like he came about at the right time. A nice change of pace from Tom Metzger types.

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careful lad…

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Jesus would have accepted any punishment to clear us of our sins

*walks on all-fours to stop being a wristlet*

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don't know why we're even called Zig Forums at this point tbh

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youve been hanging around those pagan faggots too much smh

British spirit.

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I looked that up and got penis enlargement.

nice elephant lad

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Do British people have rub and tub "massage" parlours?

It's 6:30 go to bed.

Yeah but more commonly it's just a hooker working in a residential property

Since I work nights I go to bed in the morning tbh

Nice trips, lad. The Holy lance you mean?

thanks, lad. I love elephants

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those are ottonian scolae lad, franco-krauts

Ashamed, but I frequent these establishments.

I could probably get a lot of girls deported if I were willing to try.

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night lads

couldn't find a pic of redcoats bayoneting vikings smh

Night night lad

Don't abuse slave girls lad just use tinder


oh, I thought you said it made you erect

It does tbh. Big trunks.

If my boss doesn't give me day work soon I might do something drastic

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At least I still have you, BumBumKing Deinotherium


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I'm watching Japs do Jap stuff and eating. Pretty comfy atm

Why, lad?

I got bored of stolen valor videos. I need retarded videos when I'm not paying attention to political autism.

Ah. I couldn't watch those kinds of videos or the nip ones, but I like political autism. Stolen valour would make me cringe and nips too tbh smh

I wish I had autism, lads. I wish I was special like my mummy told smee. Having a comfy time listening to this. I wish that was my therapist

I'm an Aspie. It's not fun.

At least you're special, lad. It's not fun being me either. smh. What's your super power and weakness, lad?

I like political autism too but there's been days where after work I focus on nothing but politics and the next thing I know it's time for bed.

Memorization, problem-solving, language.
Socialisation, getting a GF.

That's exactly my life these days. I actually have to catch up in the weekend smh