Brit/pol/ #2165: It's Going To Get Cold Edition

Forecast shows heavy snow for next few days

Farage: If Brexit is betrayed I’ll be back on frontline – and No More Mr. Nice Guy

Archbishop of Canterbury says Islamic rules are incompatible with Britain's laws which have Christian values

Brexit and a broken Britain: The ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY says the inequality and division in the UK is our 'greatest challenge since WW2'

London sees 20% rise in rape reports in a year, but police admit they 'don't understand' reason

‘Homeless’ Grenfell Tower activist Joe Delaney has flat

MPs push for Parliament entrance to be named after hero policeman killed protecting them in Westminster terror attack

‘Racist’ Golliwogs to stay in new look museum

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I know. I've been caught out a few times. Can't really avoid it when it's pitch black outside. Even driving can get leary at times.

I found it to be one of the most important milestones of independance. But I have never driven in central London (heard plenty of nightmare stories) so I probably wouldn't bother if I lived there myself.

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just make one that can put salami and shit on it

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I really should have done it earlier tbh, but there's no point whinging over it now, I'll get around to it.



and have tubes running from the farm that shoots all the ingredients

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I'm not a sami smh

It's hardly automated, it needs to be restocked, cleaned, maintained, money withdrawn, etc


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Didn't McDonalds try to do this once?

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your bAIguette is ready sir
*3d printer hums and whirrs*
*baguette plops out the front*

I'm so excited about this.
Maybe we can get it classed as hate speech which it is tbh

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That can be done at the start of the day by one person

They did and they have, those automated registers are everywhere now.

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there are mountains between us and Swedes smh

just off to make a withdrawal

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One person which needs to be paid.

They have these at the McDonald's near me I'm in the UK I swear


looks overdone to me

Used to work there couple years back, they were getting automatic burger flippers iirc.

make it stop

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But Saxons are Danish/German smh

breaks the heart tbh

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Good lad.

Cheers, did karate as a nipper tbh. There's a wing chun place a few miles away apparently so maybe I'll give it a gander when I've got the time.

Made me paranoid as hell after that, slowed right down taking corners and took them as wide as I possibly could, having your gooch and thighs suddenly stretched at a bastard angle is not a nice feel.

There'll be a lot of wogs on the rock & roll again.

he must legitimately being atrophying to death


at least bread van drivers will still have work

Same here lad, most London stores have them.

can't imagine being so weak you can't break a plastic seal

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do you ever get these uncovered goods in the supermarket?

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How they don't see it is beyond me.

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this older 40s lad from my gym does wing chun and he is really very good at it plus he has carpenter hands so even his slaps can jar people

Depends tbh, if I'm in a nicer part of London then maybe, but most of the time I don't, imagine the germs from people coughing.

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How can he not see the connection

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They are in denial, I reckon.

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Yeah, wing chun is part of Jeet Kune Do. Can do massive damage if taught properly

Wew lads

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what's that pic?

Thats a ftm right?

oh god i juts relaised

Isn't this a ten year old pic?

that nobeard app was 100% right about sarcuck wew


i do jaw exercises tbh

I bet you don't even eat rocks for lunch smh

Kinda amazing how much the NHS costs tbh.

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/cow/ is really taking Sarg'n to task. How did none of us hear about this when it was on a livestream of his?

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Destiny with some gains

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It's unreal, a health service for a single nation should not cost this much.
iirc the NHS is also the third biggest employer worldwide, just behind Walmart and McDonalds.

is he dying


He's stronger than you, bigot!

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Here's the stream clip

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WEW they literally are just trying to become them women who turn them down aren't they

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What's even going on here?
I'm glad that people are still going after the cunt, his smugness is vile and he needs to be brought down.

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Genuinely disturbing tbh.

Nice. I'll have to force myself to check it out, always feeling too knackered and achey lately.

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I miss being a kid in the bush era and playing video games

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lil twiglet gonna stop me from from a raep sesh?

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/cow/ is just trolling him because he's so easy to poke.

Vee is insisting it's an ebil alt right operation but really they're just getting shit on for being pussies on the internet.

daym xirl ur pushing it

i think i saw a youtube video of him ages ago he has to go to hospital to get injections for minerals and nutrients and stuff, orthorexia it's like veganism pathologised


I miss Ready Steady Cook

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Oy vey.

My sister was a staff nurse and always said they were wasteful as fuck, often throwing perfectly good shit away so they could get the brand new stuff.

Oh if you're asking what's going on in the clip, it's Sargon and Kraut in a livestream and Sargons wife messaged that to him when he had went back to his open page so everyone saw the message. It's his wife.

They only care about diversity in highly paid positions it's weird

Anyone else just get a gut instinct to banish it to the wilderness? Like a primal feeling from just seeing it handling food that it's going to spread aids and weakness to others and needs to be killed for the good of the tribe?

Fresh Godwinson about Sargon


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Oh right so he unintentionally let people see that.
The skeptic community is just bringing themselves down in the most stupid way imaginable, it's a good laugh.

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That's the natural revulsion of the healthy towards the sick and infectious lad

come on lad

I'm liking all this OC they keep making about his ARK addiction.

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He has something like 3,000 hours in it, right? It's fucking obscene.


I smiled tbh

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>YT intellectual spends all time playing dinosaur games and flirting with trannies
My sides cannot handle it.

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I'm half tempted to post a bunch of toy dinosaurs through his door, but that would mean a bus ride and actually going to Swindon.

Are you going to do that SA ad, lad?

Christ, Sargon is being critiqued by the only man alive with a poncier voice than him

I've put myself forward but I doubt I'll get it tbh

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Is this true, lads?

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