Brit/pol/ #2167: Gold Top Edition

==Shoppers may be forced to buy inferior milk from America in post-Brexit trade deal with US==

Cheddar Man highlights growing obsession with skin colour

Jeremy Corbyn says UK will become 'a xenophobic off-shore island' under hard Brexit plans

End social media anonymity, says gorilla

Fears final resting place of Robin Hood could vanish under tons of concrete as plans are submitted to build an industrial estate on the meadow where he fired his final arrow

Appeal following racially aggravated criminal damage in Newport Pagnell

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Ex CIA officer blows the lid of the Shadow Government.

This is dynamite lads.

stepdad of imblack

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of course it is another anti-white anti-British episode

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This is prime Breivik territory lad,why haven't you gone full dafty yet?

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*is normal*

From where? What country are you from Corbyn?! Fuck Labour their whole shtick is "xenophobia." Just like the deep state dems.

One thats not what Brexit is mainly about and two, hullo?! Humans are THE MOST DANGEROUS ANIMAL ON THE PLANET!

Phobia is quite alright when its applied to everything else but dont apply it to parts of the world where they actually eat people for voodoo rituals!


people are loyal to parties I guess. Politics are just so fucking boring here. I voted blank in the latest election.


give me a quick rundown on your local politics

muh subsidies for farms muh money for old peoples home muh spend billions on schools and then shut them down the next year. Delivering commie newspapers to some houses pisses me off, but politically leaning most people are probably pretty socialist smh.


to be fair you have a lot of oil money may as well spend it on yourselves. Does Norway have a lot of debt or foreign aid?

Labour in Norway seem to be more popular in rural areas than they are here,is that because of gibs? Are centre based centrists/cucked?

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neat info
just look at it go

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No idea, lad. smh. DOn't think so, and yeah I agree about subsidies, we have it so that we can be self-sufficient with food if something were to happen. It's just that they constantly cry for an increase

all our parties are socalistic to some extent. I think it is more party loyalty than anything, and Labour says things that feels good. All our parties have gotten more strict on immigration lately, but turning down the heat isn't enough.


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jesus christ

I love watching it going up, it's like a doomsday clock


The shooting survivor is a fictional character.

Not going to lie,i would.

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Lads monarchy is a dead Form it needs to be expunged.

when the debt against gdp reaches 88% we're gonna see some serious shit

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Yeah kosher civics usually are compromised(see : Bolton),are there any Norwegian dafties?

me and the lads

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Not political parties. Nordfront just LARPs but I hear they at least have comfy meetups where they plan family events and stuff


what a bunch of fannies

No 'food' should be imported to England from America. It's all poison.
What's wrong with English dairy farms?
Tesco has good Jersey milk, not homogenised, like it always used to be when it came in milk bottles on your doorstep.
It'd be nice of Corbyn was right, and every last invader left our island forever.

Brit/pol/ on halfchan is turning commie lads.

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This forced fad started years ago. Since then, they have stepped up the amount of shaven-headed, ugly androgynous cunts.
Tell your female relatives that it looks ugly as fuck, and that it was used to mark whores before they were driven out of town.

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Either that, or spread the exact same images around with the title "Neo-Nazism is spreading fast among females, and it's beautiful".

It's just one poster.

Justtell them that they look like a whore, done tbh

tbh a weird national socialist type system is probably the only thing the British people will accept.

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punishment tbh

Why weren't there any muslims in star trek?
because it's the future

People are calling him out for being both stupid and wrong.
Never watched Star Trek, but it seems that there are several examples in favour of having guns in schools.

Based oriental abuse victim with stockholm syndrome.

We used to hang deviants because their acts had life-long repercussions for the victim. Now we reward them and let the cycle continue.

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l-l-lads i-its s-snowing p-pretty b-b-bad

Well lad it's a good excuse to hug your gf
if you have one

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the more ethnics are exposed to winter chan the better

I only like the cold when theres a cleae sky above me tbh. Yesterday was a bit like that before the snow arrived.

based Russia sending us cold weather to fend off the refugees

oi oi laaaads waheeey check out deano absolute leeeedge

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What do we do about the perfidious Norwejews lads?

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I broke up a fight once outside a club and the crackhead was all

they did but not long after a bicycle came crashing out of the sky, thrown from the balcony above.
Been thinking that the crackhead probably tried to kill me or anyone else stood there. The whole town was violent that night, full moon I swear.

w-what does this mean?

Aren't the Danish people the happiest?

EU have been pressuring Norway for years to gibs to the EU fund


smh. Thank God you lads voted to leave. All those pozzed faggots in Oslo got their hopes up we'd hold another referendum. Just pls crash the EU already

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we wont forgive the danes or the swedes when norway becomes superpower tbh

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wtf I love liberalist """realpolitik""" now

that's a lot of reading smh


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I hate this memi

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nobody told me it was visiting aaaaaaaaaaaah

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Star Feck!

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why are there so many cowardly cunts kicking people on the floor nowadays.

what was the bee thing?

And who doesn't care if it kills him

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Everyone I've lost my anglo blood harvest folder, dump please.

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Teach yourself. It's not rocket science


Aryan blood harvest folder certainly?


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whats it like being forced to speak Anglo-tounge every time you go online? Do you see a lot of English in your town? I think by language we've colonised the world.

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Mogg should be the PM and I'd support him for PM but the financial backers of the cons party wouldnt let it happen

corbyn will become pm lad

The government of the world is the financial government

Mogg will lead a coup tbh check em

Corbyn couldn't become PM when he had all odds in his favour.
On top of that, he's just recently slagged off the Sun, biggest mistake seeing as they basically pick the winners.

not surprised

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I don't understand the cheddarman bollocks about being the first brit tbh lads.

yes, ever since goyimwell let the jews back in, and the whigs deposed our lawful king for a tulipnigger who invited amsterdam jews to london to create a central bank to own our finances


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racists generally dont or they wouldnt be racists

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He does excellent videos.

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Corbyn managed to rally the student vote and amounted to nothing. The only way he'd become PM is if May started murdering babies.