Responding to liberals, help!

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That's false but that reminds me, my Salafist friend (who i like btw because he buys me things and sends me money from time to time) loves liberals because of how much they defend Islam. This romanticization of Islam is hilarious.

Europe became englitheend once it Became Christian

Very little of that is true
Oh I'm laffin'

Ok, but how do I respond? This is the argument I was given, and they did present some academic works noting on this. How do I respond to them? I need evidence and shit.

Say that modern historians agree that dark age thing is a myth

I need evidence though…

Can somebody please just help me out with all the points in my OP above? Thanks.

Just ask on history boards or even winnie the pooh leddit

But they're all leftists…

Do your own research you lazy tigger. Here's something though.

You can go search dark age in youtube and even the dimmest simpleton will agree that Dark Age was called such because little was known about it compared to other ages. St.Thomas Aquinas was born and worked during that age. Plenty of universities, craftsmen who created wonders that have lasted through the ages, etc.

Dark age is pretty much medieval~renaissance. Bloody hell, historian do not even agree on when the dark age starts and when it ends. Even modern historians said that dark age is a winnie the pooh meme and only a dumb wanker (or workers of iniquity who spreads misinformation) like leftists would go and spout stuffs like "Christianity prevented science, hur dur". For heavens sake, you can even go to wikipedia page and get blow that little snot of an argument into the sky.

If renaissance and "enlightenment" (blergh) was a flower blooming in the dawn, then the "dark ages" was the seed that was in the "dark" of the ground, laying roots and groundworks for a long period of time that is necessary for the blooming.

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The most advanced civilization in the middle ages was the Byzantine Empire, the center of Orthodox Christianity. Even in the west there were a number of important inventions, especially in the agricultural world, that could have been scarcely imagined in Antiquity. Also, the term "Dark Ages" was created during the middle ages by a Romaboo named Petrarch.

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Library of Alexander thing is meme as well
Pretty much obsolete at that point

The thing is, this isn't an argument. We can't help you respond unless we know why this is being said. Are they trying to say that because of all this Christianity is false or Islam is true? In that case, you could grant it in full and it still wouldn't follow. The truth isn't contingent on how nice the people teaching it are. Are they trying to say that Islamic society is better than Christian society? In that case, you could simply point out that Christendom has advanced quite far beyond where it was then, and Islam has only regressed. Are they trying to say that the teachings of Christianity are inferior morally to Islam? In that case, you might point out any one of a number of problems with Islam. Its treatment of women and slaves would be a good place to start, or its emphasis on imperialism.

Anyway, don't expect us to do all your reading for you. We're not your personal army.

I suggest reading book related.

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Your response is that the reality on the ground does not support their statements. Just look at Islamic countries vs Christian (historically) countries. They are essentially stealing what Christ did for the world, the cornerstone of Western Civilization, and claiming it was Islam that did that nothing can be further from the truth. Dr. Bill Warner is a good source of info. But no matter what you say they will continue to lie. "Reliance of the Traveler" is a popular Muslim book that teaches them to lie for the sake of Islam

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Apparently that book is shitted upon by medieval historians too

Muslims conquer a lot of the christian world after the civilizational reset of the fall of the roman empire and force Christians into remote places, coastal villages would get raided, sailing the Mediterranean sea becomes impossible due to muslim piracy, they inherit the knowledge of the places they occupied.
Liberals are hailing the conqueror and colonizer because they arent european/christian. You can call them out on their hypocrisy, they do apology of empires and colonizing when its muslim but abhor if its Euro. Which means their opinion isnt based on historical truth but in anti euro/Christian rhetoric.

I really dislike the meme of "We could be exploring the stars if we still had the Library!"
Sure, many works were lost entirely, but supposedly most of the works that were of actual interest to the Greeks were basically exegeses on Homer and his poetry, or just expansions on the Trojan cycle. Most of the stuff that was also lost was either just philosophy, poetry or history, and whatever scientific, mathematical or technical work may have been in there was either already in use or was irrelevant. Basically, I don't think we lost any classical Theory of Relativities of Origin of Species.

Not to mention the library of Alexandria was built by 'claiming' the original works, after which a copy was sent to the first owner of these books. So nothing was really lost, just decentralised.

What is there even to respond to? Most of it is simply not true, and the rest is only halfway true. Yes, Muslims did give positions in public office to Christians in certain cases, but that was because the Muslims simply did not know how to run a civilized territory after they conquered it. It might be true that Jews were treated better by the Arabs in Spain then there were by the Catholics after they re-conquered Spain, but that's because the Jews were collaborators with the Arabs.

How so?
Also we should really make one of those chtistian vs islam threads, does anybody have an archive of past threads?

Tell him to take a course and ask him where terms like Newtonian, Mendelian inheritance, Volt, and Watt came from?

Waste of time tbh

Not the Middle Ages, that's for sure. Good end can't justify bad means.

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yeah, islam preserving works, like how they burned down the library of Alexandria?

They also totally destroyed the corpus of persian texts to break cultural resistance to the arabic takeover.

What they really mean is the Persian world, which the Arabs had very little influence on prior to their conquest.


Many did invent
And if you're arguing they stole from others, so did Medieval and Renaissance Europeans from Greeks and Romans.

Just look up "Ottoman women fashion" on google

The Not So Golden Age of Islam

Was Medieval Islam "More Advanced" than Christian Europe?

Narrator is crass in his language but gets the point across

An Islamic Golden Age or Appropriation of Hindu achievements ?

It's absolutely true that medieval europe didn't make as much advancement as they were since the renaissance. But if scientific advancement was such a great thing, then why does europe experience spiritual degeneration? Technology and the desire to gather more distract us from the inherent purpose of our existence on earth as God intended, and once distracted there is no going back.

You know that map is stupid as winnie the pooh

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First off, Winne the pooh isn't stupid
2nd off, The Cathars deserved it heck, they even desired it
Simon de Montfort did nothing wrong

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Why would a map about Islam vs. Christianity have
Northern Crusades, Albigensian Crusades etc etc?