Are there orthodox churches using the Old Calender in the US

Is the Gregorian calender the norm now in American orthodox churches or is the new calender the norm?

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Made a mistake I meant to say if the OLD calender was the norm.

New calendar is of course the norm amongst the official churches. I think they're are a few old calendarist sects but they're incredibly sketchy and unrecognized.


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What's wrong with the Julian calender? I like having Christmas day on January 6th as it means you can avoid the secularism of the holiday entirely.

There's nothing wrong with the Julian calendar. What's wrong is cutting yourself off from the Body of Christ over it.

By no means do I intend to cut myself off from the body of Christ, if the only orthodox churches nearby use the new calender I will of course attend. It's just that I would prefer to use the Julian sole for personal preference.

Churches under Moscow.

So the ROCOR is old calender. Are there any other churches?

ROCOR isn't the only church under Moscow that's in America. So any Russian Orthodox Church works really.

From Orthodox Wiki:

Thanks brother that's alot of info.
So those churches using the revised Julian what does that mean? Is it just to align Christmas with the rest of Christianity?


There is a difference between using the old calendar and being "Old Calendar." Being "Old Calendar" means that particular group of people is in schism because their leaders went autistic. However, some parishes in recognized (full communion) Orthodox bodies may still use the old calendar. Mine is part of the OCA and continues to use the old Julian.

midwest oca here, old calendar

It means nothing. It's just to align the liturgical year with the rest of Christendom and society, that's it.
Some parishes like mine use both calendars at the same time, celebrating Christmas twice (since the Russians and Ukrainians won't come for December 25th anyway).

Greek Orthodox of America here, we just use the old calendar to figure out where Easter falls so we don't get any timeline weirdness with Passover. We use the new calendar for everything else.

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