If you god exist you can talk to me

Can you forgive me if I kill myself?


I have no problem with that. I can't forgive too.

What even is this thread

Short answer:

Long answer:
Ill pray for you that God commands satan to torture you less. Besides, you cant ask for forgiveness after a successful suicide attempt because you will be gone. Itll be too late to ask for forgiveness. Just don't do it OP. The only person you will hurt are those that love you.

Its permanent solution for temporary problems. A solution that will damn you forever, for all eternity. Eternity is a VERY long time OP

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When you are sick It's permanent solution for permanent problems.

Life is temporary, hell is eternal. Suicide is not a solution to anything.

You can keep telling yourself that lie, doesn't make it true. Whatever is bothering you now will only be a fraction of a fraction of what you will be feeling in hell.

Repent twords God and He will help you with whatever your problem is. Turn to Him and let his love comfort you. Even if it something retarded like a burning lust for sodomy, God will forgive you, but you have to REPENT!

I see no difference.

You dont see it now, but you will if you go through with your retarded idea. Even if you feel that way, why not just change for the better?

Why give up like a coward when you can change?

Because I already tried. Every single time something happen.

What if you ask for forgiveness after you've committed the action that leads you to death but you didn't die yet?
Like an Anna Karen'ina situation, where she throws herself under a train but before it hits, she asks for forgiveness.

Thats no excuse friend. Im telling you this out of love:
Dont be retarded
You problem isn't that bad, compared to what you will face.
If you dare

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Uh huh

You cant (((lawyer))) with God. Just stop rationalizing for yourself and get off the meth (or whatever drugs is polluting your mind)

Repent and turn to God. Whatever problems you are having, they can be fixed. But not if you kill yourself. I'll pray for you user.

you win the subtle humour award

Heaven is a thing okay.

Suicide is the ultimate "winnie the pooh you and your plans for my life" to God and a guaranteed spot in hell next to Judas.

So this means that Hitler likely went to hell.

I'm not OP and I'm not getting suicidal thoughts nor do I condone them, nor as a Christian, I can think that deliberately suiciding then asking for forgiveness without true remorse, as a plan, is something ok to do. It was a legit question that you shrugged off.

No, because you throw away the life God. Not only is that a stupid idea its borders on "Cather death cult"-tier lines of retarded.

Rethink what you just typed. Than rethink your life. I mentioned meth because the day before this post popped up a meth addict tried to rationalize killing himself and another person. I had a feeling OP was that samefag

Gave you*

wow what an "omnipresent" god

Satan is not in charge of hell. He suffers in hell as well.

What is this nonsense? What will send him to hell is his lack of faith/denial of Christ, not the suicide.

If a Christian commits suicide it is wrong in all cases, but it is not the unforgivable sin.

How is he supposed to ask for forgiveness if he is dead?

This, a saint can kill themselves (i.e. King Saul)

Come on now, did you even read 1st Samuel?

So if you die in a car accident, do you go to hell because you had no time to ask for forgiveness?