Brit/pol/ #2168: BIG BEAST Edition

Far-right terror threat 'growing' in UK as four plots foiled

UK braces for ‘beast from the east’ as Met Office warns of snow

Grand Canyon helicopter crash: Fifth Briton Eleanor Udall dies

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canzuk is fucking stupid

Good lad

I eat a lot of brazil nuts and have zinc supplements tbqh
Still It only helps a little

I here you fucking goobas found out that 22st is Norwegian. What the fuck are you going to do about it?

Good lad

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I'll slit your collective throats

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still dont get why that pic is used as dorset rofl

What's the matter? Can't into haxxing?


It fits his personality obv.

Please, thank you.

last thread had 766 replies wtf

4 him, the grabbler

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It's so great

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another rightwing terror plot foiled by the police

Good lad

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Rare AMW lad.

He's the avatar of dorset, saviour of Britain.

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subtle pro-canzuk propaganda there lad


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Thanks lads

The one who will save the UK tbh

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BIG brains

Just accept it lad.

Your webms are top shelf lad.


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mfw gives you two (you)s because I haven't spoken to you for a while cunt

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bad lad

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is he a high-functioning autist? his mannerisms and facial expressions are a lot like some of the autists i've known

found this old memi


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or a nonce, yeh

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Which one of you lads is Russian?

He's almost definitely an aspie


Nonces are just like you and me, lad

I just cash their cheques

He's a big lad.

>tfw your state voted for BASED ACCELERATIONISM unlike the cucked redneck states that elected (((Blumpf))) effectively delaying the race war, allowing non-whites to further overtake us demographically while big guv grabs our guns

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trump deported several hundred thousand non-whites and the white birthrate increased under him and he's also attempting to reduce legal immigration and has reduced refugee intake and banned several non-white countries citizens from entering the usa tho

your big problem is boomers dying off which will make you less than 50% white though tbh

They're second cousins as well

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for you

Been bloody knackered tbh mate, feels good in a way to be a bit battered and exhausted but it's put me off my shitposting rhythm. Also caught yet another bastard cold thanks for the extra (you) lad *doesn't return it* but saves that webm anway

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Post a source or fuck off with this ridiculous hyperbole

4 jews

where is the wall?
where is the drained swamp??
where is great america again???


Save it if you want lad, I made it so I now have a line of code on your comp to mine crypocurrency through ;^)


Don't understand accelerationism.
A right wing accelerationist in 1997 would have voted for New Labour.
Since Blair's election, however, literally nothing has changed in favour of the radical right. The 'overton window' moved farther towards the left to the point where literally every major party now espouses the same fundamentally liberal positions.


Going to sleep soon so I can't argue to defend muh zongald bomlpf forever but I'd reccomend the FTN podcast for anyone who wants to be whitepilled on what the GOP is doing in America. Not won the war but trying to win some battles.
That's 200k Salvadoreans alone, not counting the deportations under him which number 40,000+

If you think the wall is some physical thing that's there or not you don't understand the issue.

I dunno he passed a law banning lobbyists in some sectors but he's not really done much yet

that will take more than the 8 years he'll probably have tbh, and while he's a very good leader i feel like he's being poisoned by zog and boomer shit

campaign trail trump was top tier tbh

besides his aipac speech kms

This is a Russian:

There are various ways to tell, but basically they start personal fights, make everything rude and personal, so as to prevent intelligent discussion, and engage in all-or-nothing thinking. But the way it's made most obvious is Russian forced may mays are so goddamn awful.

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Yeah no, he's a cunt and you were tricked

pretty sure its just a depressed steiner

nah i just have a personal admiration for drumpf tbh

i mean, he's not renewed daca which is like 11 million potential deportees rofl so we'll have to see yet


Aaaaaaaaah *enters the mainframe and shuts down your infrastructure* thought it was yours but I just didn't save it at the time

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He's attacking 2A, fuck him, fuck him, fuck him! To me, attacking 2A is like burning the Quaran is to a Moslem. Or depicting Mohammed.

No, I'm done with him, I don't give a fuck what he's done. He's a traitor. If he were really on our side, his actions over the course of the last week would be different. He's not, he's a Zionist puppet.

Cyka bly- I mean, nah, that's ridiculous, I'm American.

I'm not Steiner either, I'm that Yankanon that likes to reply to 100 posts at the same time and promote artificial wombs.

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No lad, Russian shills are pretty common. What would YOU do during a Russian winter? Shill for rubles or go outside to buy turnips?

Any of you lads fancy some MDMA?

I had a feeling you would post that webm tbh
*Activates daemon possessed drone to destroy your body in meatspace*

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Fucksake, drum kit get, look at this:

It ticks off all the boxes I provided. See how it's anti-intellectual, designed to try to make people mad?

And it's over-polarized.


we really need to step up the burger-proofing tbh

Until they're out of the country it's fucking meaningless you can't worship someone over conjecture based on unfulfilled promises

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You are just a fucking walking stereotype, aren't you lad.

No, I'm not a lesbian.

Nobody that disagrees is on his intellectual level, lad

Fuck my webm folder is a mess.

*posts random vids instead of the one I was looking for*

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Reminder Russians control your government.

he's not done anything to the 2a yet, him saying you need to be 21 to buy a gun is dumb tho i just bought a gun today and im 19,
i will shitpost /int/ forever if this is true

i despise boomers too but they are also sort of kind of traditional (as a group) compared to lgbtqq+ people of today maybe they're not so bad take the dadpill


all we can do is wait then, but why would he remove the right of 200k non-whites to stay in america and take all the media flac if he was just going to keep them anyway?

we webm thread nao

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*sucks the stepfather's cock*

Upload your oc to DA now

true lad i am more convinced now, americans are like that too though lol


You're accusing people of being Russian shills on Zig Forums, too, what the fuck dude? Are you the same one saying the nigger sex? Cut that shit out, sperg.

he's doing it on Zig Forums too, what the fuck is his problem?

why would he lie in order to lose himself support and political power? i thought they only cared about power

Because cretins like you will take it at face value before anything's actually happened are you retarded?

They've been hitting the boards hard now. one of the most annoying forced may mays I ever saw was one involving FSB harassing Pussy Riot with (frozen?) chickens. He explained that you could find out the meaning of the may may on "the Internet".

I think it's like this sales technique I once heard of, where you are supposed to tell a story that doesn't have any real meaning, and doesn't contain a joke, then laugh really loud at the end of telling it. The other person feels like they're your intellectual inferior, and starts trying to please you.

comfy nightshift

what do you mean?
being racist against us cockenys are you?

never met a lesbian who did mandy, I guess you operate in different social circles to me

I hate to say it but I think we need to have infinitychan give people flags based on location smh

mind reading is impossible

Nah, course not!

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this tbh

I don't know what most of my webm filenames mean tbh let's see what these ones are

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Agree tbh, I'll sacrifice my county flag for the sake of yank spotlighting