Brit/pol/ #2169: Crashing This Party With No Survivors Edition

Jeremy Corbyn's Brexit plan hasn't gone down well in Labour's heartlands

L'Oreal's first transgender model who was sacked after claiming all white people are racist is enlisted as adviser to the Labour Party

Islamist and Far Right extremists should be treated like paedophiles and have their children stolen by the State, says Britain’s retiring top counter-terror officer

Husband-to-be, 43, snared by paedophile hunters took a fatal overdose after barricading himself into his home

Irish Govt ‘Paid Press’ to Promote Plan to Grow Population by One Million With Mass Migration

BBC Flagship Eastenders Show Set to Feature Mosque but No Church

Dutch parliament votes to abolish referendums over fears they undermine democracy

Syria conflict: Women 'sexually exploited in return for aid'

Saudis purge their officer corps as war in Yemen goes tits up

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first for spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

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She thinks of herself as a gay man. I've asked her as the girl I originally planned to go with I am not taking now

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Druids, /druidpol/ and /newbrit/ tbh


Lmao wtf

I know lad, fucking crazy. She doesn't care too much that I don't recognise her as a guy though

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Is that the terminal tranny monster? You're going to let it peg you before it dies aren't you?

Nah lad, I'd fug her in the pusy

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That's even worse ffs


Well lad, sounds like you're on a sympathy date with delusional woman who thinks that she's a gay man

tbh lad just dominate her and laugh of her nonsense, shape her into a gf

In current year that's exactly what it is

How lad?

Don't stick your dick in crazy

this tbh
lesbians don't even exist, women are just attracted to attractive things.

She's clearly fucked in every respect, you're making it worse for yourself by justifying it

She'll be dead by around 30

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she just fell for some poisonous memis tbh. she can probably be re-molded if user is up to the task

all thots will lad

Do you speak from experience?

Lad it's a w*man, they're all crazy.

Agreed kek

no but i know women are malleable. as long as she hasn't done too much degenerate shit already i don't see a problem


put any one of them in the circumstances that lead this lass to trannyhood and they'd be trannys too

Lmao lad

good post

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Tbf lads if you get a lesbian drunk she might rub her arse up against you and be fine with a cheeky breast grope

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Gypos need rounding up and exterminating
ALL scum proliferates if not annihilated periodically. Sterilise the fuckers tbh

She might kiss her friend too which is always nice

that's immoral

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It doesn't follow mate


we live in a deranged universe lad

wtf I hate milk now

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And hot

Is this a memie for Africans

Are wogs really this salty

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It's like you want your hormone levels fucked with

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Its the lack if calcium that makes them so melanin rich
Milk is a weapon if dietary oppression lad

cuk out

This tbh, flirting with lesbians is bants tbh

>"haha you guys are doing the same thing humans have done for centuries haha enjoy your hormones haha you're basically eating soy haha"

Yeah do us a favour and go back to Zig Forums

Lel this
Organic milk is relatively okay if you don't eat processed meat and soy products etc

a41baf would have us all eating semen and testosterone supplements if he had his way.

Black Panther was about the coming milk revolution tbh

Milk is the staple food of the most powerful people in human history.

Indo-Europeans were milk drinkers.
Huns were milk drinkers.
Turkics were milk drinkers.
Mongols were milk drinkers.

Once each of these groups of people abandoned their nomadic lifestyle and settled they stopped drinking milk and started farming grains and became small and weak and got conquered by the following wave of milk drinkers.


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The true meaning of white guilt is right in front of us

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Lads where can I get gold top, more and more shops are taking it off the shelves and putting soy milk in its place soy milk that doesn't even fucking sell

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Waitrose if you're posh or asda if you're a fellow pleb


Disgusting smh, you should try some nut milk
You already do consume a lot as it is tbf

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my diet is 90% milk, kippers and pickled onions

Daily reminder that if it doesn't come from a mammal's teat it's not milk

95% marmite and crackers here lad lmao

Might try some goat's milk tbh

Goats milk isn't milk IMO
Would you drink dog or cat milk just because it's from an animal

Sainsburys seem to have stopped doing it, I used to get itfrom there but my local one changed it all to soy and almond.

Ahh mummyyyy I don't want to have to go out of my way to get it reeee

Don't they make specific grim cheeses out of some animal milk


Whether or not you like it and would drink it is not what qualifies something's status as milk

They adapt to the local area tbh, maybe a concentration of soyboys where you are?

Get it delivered for free
All supermarkets do a free delivery for your first order

Kek harsh
Even as a brick-dweller I only ate that


In London? Never!

Based northwestern humidity tbh

It makes no sense tbh, I've never seen the soy section ever in a position where it needs restocking, so it most likely never sells.
It's such cuckery.

Topwew I forget supermarkets did deliveries.
*buys entire stock of jersey milk*
I either have to get it delivered, or I have to go into Harrow

wouldn't be surprised if even supermarkets now the most capitalist institutions would sacrifice profit to contribute to our subjugation

Same here, I reckon it's why they've done it.

Syria conflict: Women 'sexually exploited in return for aid'. Women in Syria have been sexually exploited by men delivering aid on behalf of the UN, NGO's and international charitties

Per pint?
Think of the profit margins
*hand rubbing*

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Does anyone know if soy is cheaper than milk at wholesale?
Or are there subsidies to make it this way
Or do you reckon its literal evil overlords pulling direct strings

Per litre but yeah, saving them pennies

iirc it's pricier but not by much


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Good lad saving those pennies

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That's weird then, there must be some other motivation for it to be stocked like you say
Whole aisle of it in my local

Nice try lad lmao

Processing costs tbqf

Fuck me

Think you might have been on the soy too muh smh

It has no merit then surely
Unless its only for vegans
In which case fuckibg top kek


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Ill check with my boyfriend later and report back

It's what most people drink
Also 'mirin them time digits

It literally is only for vegans, why they don't choose a safer nut milk is retarded. The nut ones won't fuck your hormones up

My autocorrect does the reverse of that
Muh can't be a suggested word
Like nigger or circumcision
Unless you spell it bang on

If people are going to make a change they'd more likely go for gold.

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I think mine goes both ways sometimes

Fucking sweet timestamp in honour of our lord and saviour blue top


Really? Mine seems to exclusively choose cusses over other words.

Based milky centrism