Tfw trying to redirect people questioning if Christianity is right for them from other imageboards to this place...


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That's great, lukewarms are to be spat out

Some people cant handle the truth and label it "hate speech".


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More likely they say no thanks from seeing coarse language word-filtered. We are talking about imageboards, after all.

Matthew 22:14
For many are called, but few are chosen.

I WANNA winnie the pooh THAT GIRL TBH

And some wonder why users on here want to ban anime
Sage for off topic and thread derailing.


No, it's because they are expecting something different from the depressing hell-holes of /r9k/ and Zig Forums and are just seeing the same thing here of people constantly fighting amongst themselves. There is very little Christian compassion here.

That's just internet though, especially the chans. Threads with the most chaos get bumped to the top.

theres so much love on this board you dont even know


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Give an example of hatred on the board.
Link us to a place on the internet where you directed people to Zig Forums.

Sounds like you're bearing false witness, but then again, you're obviously filled with all unrighteousness.

I don't getvwhy some people think this board should be a glowing bastion of evangelization. You know where we are, right? Anyone who comes here and finds Christ is almost certainly a browser of other image board and won't be shocked by the bickering and trolling. I'm sure normies are shocked - but why are they even here when they're are so many normie internet places they could be?

tl;dr OP is plebbit and should go


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They should be glad that Christians are allowed to express theological differences instead of being directed to a single denomination's safespace.

Hatred is not inherently a bad thing, people shouldn't redirect new Christians to a fullchan imageboard filled with clashing doctrines when they should be reading the Bible, asking for direct links is a bad idea also, and "being filled with all unrighteousness" is referring to the reprobates in Romans 1, not making a simple mistake like this.

Welcome, newfriend. If you stay awhile, you'll notice some interesting patterns regarding anime posters.


Let them go to r/christianity where they'll find comfort in political correctness.

◄ Revelation 3:16 ►
'So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth.

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Try this entire thread just from quickly browsing the front page yeah the slur far is normal imageboard trashtalking but we're Christians before we're imageboard users, we should be conducting ourselves better than this.

There's a handful of "kill the sodomites", Andersonite-types here. That's not characteristic of the entire board though. And yes, sodomy is a sin which destroys the fabric of society. We should pray for those affected to repent. That's not hatred, that's love.