Brit/pol/ #2171: Wrap Up Warm Edition

Heavy snow causes UK-wide disruption

Apocalyptic-looking snowcloud swallows London

Storm Emma expected to hit UK with BLIZZARDS and FREEZING RAIN

Rail firms backtrack on widespread cancellations

Bitterly cold with snow

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First for anime(>avatarfagging again after you were banned once)

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Bit late on that

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nth for Kipper Radio tbh

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Lad why do you want him to talk to druid/pol/?

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Weak chin picts

strong magical blue skin

is it STOMP vikang time lads?

wew careful with that illegal memi lad


just found my old iodine supplements lads wahoo

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Don't make this more difficult than it needs to be lad, just accept the ban and move on.

just found my old adderal supplements lads wahoo

No need for that, lad. They have fully assimilated to our society.

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sargon is such a genius

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I did and he keeps rebanning me after the time goes

tbh I found a funny STOMP video for you but I don't want to get banned yet

Can I apply to be in the Leeds question time audience if I live an hour away?

lol just casually looking through extreme fetish videos hahaha ledge

Kushner has deep links to Chabad Lubavitch. Basically a worldwide organised crime syndicate/intelligence operation of it's own with deep ties to other international crime syndicates, including the Solntsevskaya Bratva run by (((Semion Mogilevich))) other (((Russian mafias))) Putin, the Ukrainian Jew gangster who runs the Azov battallion diamond smuggling people trafficking, pedophilia etc.
He will never get ts and the day he does will be the day we know America has been taken over completely
When you exhibit all the random numbers after your name commonly associated with bots

Not quite as catchy as 22st, someone in the marketing dept. is gonna get let go for this smh

Sargon Wopped this

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smh lad the GCHQTs are thrying their best


He should be called 139.7kg


Holby City star's daughter, 25, who was found dead in the woods at Bestival 'died from an overdose of ecstasy and ketamine'

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Sounds like she died from an overdose of Cheddar tbh m8

4/10, I'd gf her

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10/10 tbh



chess boards ofc are pretty small. I think in 4D 8x8x8x8 would feel VERY cramped.

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I'm not suggesting that she deserved it, but she probably deserved it tbh

Wog meat BTFO

lmao roastie toastie

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older sister was better looking tbqfngl


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hows that reduced sugar coming along lad

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What's wrong jocklad

The eyes of a Jock see: Brothel Bred Bastard denied his Irn Bru

You think your sugar craving's bad just wait til that minimum 50p/unit of alcohol law passes

Are you not hip, trendy (but not so trendy as to be mainstream) and down with the kool kids?

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what the fuck lol why didnt they change it kek

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I have only heard of one of those 'artists' tbh

Who are these people?

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……Wait, what.

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It tastes better after they fixed me. it tastes good it tastes good .

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I've heard of one of those acts

Why should they change it?

< everyone British is a normie

Why do you think?

They want the law in england as well, but it essentially means it will be cheaper for children to buy drugs than frostyjacks or strongbow.

They were desperate to have some connection to a history worth recording.

You obviously haven't spent enough time in Shoreditch lad.

If you know, you know.

I don't even drink often and this unironically enrages me tbqh. Cheap booze is Britain's lifeblood.

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we should wordfilter fuck to f*ck tbh its moral

True, but unless you are filtering it with your internal monologue too it is pointless though.

Yes, just say you're disabled.


too late

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That was probably her mum

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Hawaii was never a subject of the British empire and never seceded from it so I guess they never had a reason to. I suppose the 56ers might want to change it in order to deny the history of Hawaii though. Also yank states have fucking shit flag designs, if they got rid of that one they'd lose one of their best.

why does he have 365k followers



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Wasn't there a thing where you can buy follower bots on twitter.

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I hope this is a actor playing a role, Jesus Christ.


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Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit mang!
Meant for

wew that pic has alot of accurate things in it
not a spic though

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audibly chuckled tbh

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Daily reminder that yanks clapping is a CIA D&C operation, Zig Forums told me so.

Who are these Jews?

Thanks! Reposted to >>>/wakanda/

What sort of blackmail material do you think they're holding over him lads?

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looks like one of the Joosians

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