What's the first thing you'll do if or when you enter heaven?

Besides bonding with the Creator? As that goes without saying…

I love having this fantasy before bed, but I'm curious to hear what others imagine they would do.

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Surf on the clouds like in the opening scene of treasure planet

Well… Since I have infinite time, I would build a building (or entire planet, considering the volume) to serve as a library and start writing biography of every single human that ever lived and store it there.
It may sound weird, but eh…

Or was it not referring to post-resurrection world?

Meet Pastor Anderson.

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Depends on how close it is to our reality.
If it is that type of dream world where I could do anything I want, I would honestly not know what to do.
Probably watch the world and realize once more how much beauty we can find, even in the darkest places.

Eagerly and joyfully thanking Jesus for even wanting me to be in a place I far from deserve, which He enabled me to get in by His grace alone.

After that, joining this guy

If asking a bunch of theological questions counts as bonding with the creator, then probably meeting my ancestors and finding out what all the dead scientists and engineers were up to.

Go to the 4chan meetup and eat heavenly tendies

Heaven is basically beatific vision. And to have beatitude, that is happiness, ones will and intelect have to be at rest. So I would have answers about questions that never bothered me to put to rest my intelect. And then with other saints whine about my nation and Church and probably End Times as well to apease my will.

After asking, all of the famous universal question to my creator. I'd would just go and see who's up there who of all the famous people made it. But to be honest that's another reality beyond our understanding so who can know fully. What's in store.

I'm still being saved so I wont presume to answer that

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mormon plz go

Moreover if we can even comprehend heaven to such an extent that we imagine ourselves doing things within it, the only answer is "whatever God asks of me".

Don't you believe in Jesus?

Even Paul talked of the danger of falling away into sin.

Nothing, because I don't think heaven is correctly described through description in terms of senses.

Whether it is heaven or hell the first thing would be to humble yourself in line with luke 18:14 and then ask God if there is anything He would like done immidiately. If the answer is anything other then no, then do it. If the answer is no then start doing 1 corinthians 14:26 to the fellow saints of either place
And if there's no brethern around either, then just sit matthew 8:11 in silence in line with proverbs 17:27-28. and wait for orders.

you don't communicate with God in hell. That's the nature of the place.

psalms 139:8
You were saying?

Like just to clarify, God could ignore you in heaven or in hell if He so wished. But if He ignored you then just treat it like God has no orders for you directly at that moment and go and fullfill 1 corinthians 14:26 or do proverbs 17:27-28.

I'm saying that people in hell cannot perceive God because they are blind to him. That is not to say he isn't there.


Ask where my family is. After that, I'm with this guy
Prolly visit my grandfather from Turkey afterward. And then just bask in the glory of the lord. And finally, read and learn everything I ever wanted to know and understand.

ASSUMING that I made that through the narrow gate. Depending on the fact that He has works and a house prepared for us, the Lords bidding.

If I am given a rest or free leave. Then I would see my family, my friends, and then find you guys and thank you all for having Zig Forums and saved me when I stumbled across this place as an edgelord.

If it is a beatific vision like said. I would wander far to see the sublime sceneries of the Creation.

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First thing I'd do? Apologize profusely for being such a terrible shitty person in life.

Give Jesus the biggest brohug and then jam out in a heavenly choir for all eternity.

This. I wonder if our Lord won't have more work for us in His kingdom. Idleness is no good after all.

First, no where in the account of Lazarus and the rich man does the rich man say anything about perceiving God. In fact. that he tells Abraham to send Moses or the rich man, rather than asking for God tells you a lot about what the denizens of Hades/Hell think about.

Second Jesus didn't preach to just any spirit, but specifically the OT saints who were in the Abraham's Bosom area of Sheol, which is different from Hell or the Lake of Fire.

Should probably add this to my list.