Is is ok to join the army...

Is is ok to join the army? What if I'm ordered to fight in some random country and I know my leaders are doing it for wicked reasons?

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Better question:
Why die for something you don't believe in? Why kill for someone you don't agree with?

Is it for the money?

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I need to be tought to have stronger willpower and mental fortitude. Basically rebuild myself from the ground up. I'm not joining the army to shoot some shitskins in the desert, but for the sacrifices I will have to go through.

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Im sure (((uncle sam))) will find a way to get you to shoot the radical muslims and die in a desert.

But if strength and willpower are what you want you are better off staying in your home country, building up your temple through the liftwaffe, and joining a martial arts program. We don't need more good men dying for the banks.

I hope you reconsider.

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Idk man I'm a worthless 22 year old atm with nothing whos letting his life slip away. I need a big change, like my plan was to change my name to my middle name, go into the military, remove all electronics from myself, remove internet, start reading bible and philosophy everyday. Every second I waste in my current mode of living is eating me alive.

I need to have a metaphoric fightclub to join, so I can remove the inhibiting habits and worthless ideals I hold at the moment. The only thing I know is that whatever the winnie the pooh I'm thinking/doing right now is absolute shit and the longer I wait the deeper I'll fall into this metaphysical trap I have myself in.

I don't want to die for (((isreal))) but I don't know if a martial arts class is enough to fix my shit up.

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If you think about it, you basically are joining a martial arts program with the army…its just WAY more intense, you lose some of your rights, and it has a chance of you dying.

Personally, I did Taekwondo and it takes alot of mental discipline to move your legs in the correct way. Also sparring, though it is more controlled than a military regiment, it still a great way to burn energy and work your brain mahscles.

Does your county have a local militia or gun club?

Yea thats the thing man, I think I need something that intense. I would plan all the training myself, but its like locking up liquor and giving the keys to an alcoholic.

I do a lot of physical exercise at my job so I don't think pure fitness will sort me out. I do roofing and have to haul around 100 pound propane tanks and 60 pound rolls of roofing membrane for half of the day.

When I get home I just sit around being a worthless sack of shit, I can barely be winnie the poohed to go and get grocerys. I work hard at my job because Im already there but when I have freedom I use it in the most worthless manner possible. Like browsing 4chan and youtube for HOURS.

No I like in cuckada so no militia. Gun clubs probably but it would just be normies who go to firing range and drink some beers after. Not people looking to go beyond mediocrity.

Try action shooting/two gun if you have it

My husband has been in the army for two years and it has really helped our family financially and given us a lot of opportunities. We've been able to travel places we normally would never be able to go. Luckily, hes never been deployed. I know he struggles withh the idea of killing someone and when it would be wrong, when it would be right. Most soldiers fight because they're way of life, family, or land is threatened and because of the opportunities it gives them and their families. I think these are all noble reasons to fight, regardless of what games the elite are playing with the lives of young men. I think if you're to join the military and end up in battle God knows what is in your heart during the battle and when you kill

No Christian should join the army. Basically under just war, soldiers acting in a war situation are acting in self defence and therefore the killing is not murder. However to join an army voluntarily means you are putting yourself in that position. Like going into a ghetto, shouting "tigger" then waiting for someone to give you hastle to shoot them.

If you are conscripted, you should try avoid participating (either by objector or by joining the medical core), but if you cant then your actions can be justified. Willing signing up to a war you know is completely evil is not self defense

Are you willing to die for Caesar or for Christ?

Also this:

From what I can gather.

Plenty of other ways to get what you want without killing for the (((masons))).

Yes, OP. What if. You prepared to go to prison for refusing an officer's lawful order all so you can have a paycheque each week and learn to be tough?
There are better ways.
Also this

Do it brother. I'm going to join it as well, but as a commissioned electrical engineer.
I feel your pain and sense of being lost, even joining and being active in the church isn't enough for me. I don't want to be complacent in life, and my options would have been a full time missionary or miltary.
People like being complancent in most things in life, I feel that this would shake things up for me, as I already have near peak physcial standards and read theology and books when not working.
It's going to be ardeous path, but most things in life are. Canada's miltary history and Christinaity are very inter-connected; it's now less so for obvious reasons but we are called to be Peace Makers, not Peace Keepers.

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Your nco is going to be pissed off when he finds out you have nothing he can contact you with. Also if you don't have any willpower or mental fortitude in civilian life you will not get it in the military.

You could always try to join as a volunteer to armed christian groups, like western commies who joined the YPG, although i don't know how that works.

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Matthew 4:8-11

user, there is no use in fighting for Satan to gain power over yourself, you will gain an illusion for the service of the Dark One. In your small way, try to gain discipline for him, and through HIM. Don't fight for the whore of Babylon.

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Go through all the training, plant cellphone tower spoofers in the walls of the facilities (and pineapples, etc.), wire it all up, and then fake your death.

The whole point of that quote is that Jesus would be taking power from Satan and thereby worshiping/serving him. You forget that, in the flesh that is, we already serve lucifer's kingdom of heaven, which is sin romans 7:25
Does this justify continueing in sin? No romans 6:1-3, but your flesh will still die because it is the spirit that quickenith the flesh profiteth nothing john 6:63. But do realise that since you aren't taking power upon yourself from Satan, you are simply following orders of a higher power, then romans 13:1-7 applies.
So you COULD, in the faith, serve in an army, in the flesh, as long as in your mind you remember you are serving God in spirit and truth john 4:24.

That's why 2 samuel 13:28-30 is said
Why did it say absalom killed the king's sons? Why not say absalom's servants did it? Because absalom got the glory, for sinning. That's why Jesus says in john 19:10-11

Trust me, I'm in the military now and I'm exactly the same way. I'm not going to say I haven't learned anything from my time in, and the pay, benefits, and job security are good, but what you're expecting to get out of it you won't get. You need to find something in your life to motivate you to live your own life, the forces won't do that for you, especially if you don't believe in what you're fighting for. On top of that you spend so much time away from home it's harder to have your own life, and you can't get into any kind of home routine since you're never back long enough to bother. I'm fighting with that issue right now, and plan on leaving once my contract is up.

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Watch Hacksaw Ridge

First Gentile Christian was Cornelius. Roman centurion. And he was nowhere near the need of resigning. Joining and serving in army is ok.
Though Roman Empire was more or less just in thier war. Western countries? Not so much

Cornelius was one man who converted while in the army (an army which forbade soldiers from leaving under normal circumstances), and we don't even know what he did in later life.

From a moral point of view, it is not ok to join any army knowing what you'll be doing in the army, and knowing that God detests doing it.

Why? Most countries don't meddle that much in other countries' affairs.

Don't listen to these covert Jehovah Witnesses.

Solid advice.

(full house)
If the country is in NATO or opposed to NATO, than you are screwed if and when WW3 breaks out. (((The jooish state))) will drag everyone into that whore's war, one way or another.

Why DID he tell Roman Soldiers, who were blatant murders, to be "content with their wages"? I think that he's a bit out of focus here. I mean, if it was a sinful thing to do, he'd be the first to mention it?

Small countries in the way often get dragged into it as well. Most Asians do not even want to bother and Japan and South Korea got the short stick of it, obviously. So in WW3 scenario, it is best to go innawoods when it breaks out, or go to small countries like Bhutan, Thailand, or other places in South East Asia or South America where most people do not know of and do not care about.

OP, you won't find the life you are looking for in the Army. I enlisted for similar reasons and I have improved my character. However, changing yourself is always internal. There are plenty of wicked people in any line of work as proof. You can train yourself to have higher self discipline anywhere you are in life. If you do join the Army though, I guess you could trick yourself into thinking it's some warrior monastic lifestyle or something. Also, SAVE YOUR MONEY.

The biggest problem you'll have is having no expenses. The Army pays for about everything and even though it isn't much, you will have a mostly disposable income and be surrounded by people incouraging you to waste it on frivolous and hedonistic things. This isn't just advice for if you enlist. If you want to become less materialistic and build self-discipline, minimalism and self-reliance are the best goals. Whatever you choose, do it for a Godly reason OP.