Travelling through the city of the infamous Pastor Steven Anderson

Wat do

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I am a homo


Shake his hand and say Hi.

*hand rubbing intensifies*

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Go with him and win some souls to the Lord.

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I wouldn't do that…

Steven Anderson is a bro.

I don't think he actually hates homosexuals or believes they all need to be killed.

He speaks in other sermons saying that that is not biblical.

Niqqa wut

In Steven Anderson's video on nationalism and militarism (entitled "The Military-industrial Complex", or something like that….) he says that the New Testament doesn't teach to just go around killing people and that that mentality is a misinterpretation of the Tanakh. Oy vey.

He should be happy about that. It's an ancient westboro baptist tradition.

You mean, except for the time when he said they should all be killed?


You mean like how the LORD said they should all be put to death? Man, what a bigot this God character is!

I'm pretty sure he believes that they deserve to be put to death, but that it's the government's job to do it (no vigilante justice).

Otherwise [citation needed]

Visit St Anthony's Monastary

Hell yeah. That's a must in AZ.

Did I say that, or was I merely correcting ? We will never find out…

No, he actually does hate them, just like God does.


I would interact with him for a few laffs

Edify him in line with what the Bible says, improve him that is to say if he truly is a Christian as he claims. Also maybe quote 1 corinthians 1:12-13 and 1 corinthians 3:4-9 to him about being part of a denomination.

Travel through the city, and out the other side like a normal person.
Alternatively you could quietly sit through a church service, and quietly leave after.

Where do you thiink we are?

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on an interesting not a priest here in the state I know, his daughter is going there to become a nun

Find a church of your tradition and go to Mass, and don't worry about FWBC.

Also that's a really weird way to celebrate Pentecost and I've never heard of the young Church theory

attend a service of his and report back

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Pray for his soul

Tell him he needs to repent of his anger, unforgivenes and pride and remind him God is love.