Brit/pol/ #2172: Let It Snow Edition

UK is under 'danger to life' as millions of commuters face rush-hour from hell due to heavy snow

Snow sparks travel chaos with planes grounded and trains cancelled as hundreds of schools are shut – and worst is still to come

British neo-Nazi groups are a grave threat to our national security

A man who vowed he would carry out a terrorist attack by ploughing a car into a group of white people and going on a knife rampage was spared jail yesterday

Holby City star's daughter, 25, who was found dead in the woods at Bestival 'died from an overdose of ecstasy and ketamine'

Alex Jones vs Crisis Actors


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the snow can fuck right off as far as I'm concerned


SA lad see this:

I get shotties too

Got no snow just fucking fresh today

How to force myself to fall in love so I can feel something other than crushing depression?

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who's talking to you, druid boy?

Gary Numan is dank af tbh.

Calm down gaysword

Love is worse tbh. At least you're not in pain.

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Cheer up first

love is a chemical reaction that happens in your brain after spending a lot of time with someone. Just accept the friendzone and hope your pheromones get her addicted to your presence.

Only one love is real

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Depression is a chemical reaction that happens in your brain after spending a lot of time with your thoughts

Things can only get better for you.

You could have a private sex tutor teach abstinence I suppose.

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Isn't that what priests are meant to do?

If you can find a church that isn't soppy about it.

In which case he doesn't need love, he needs distractions.
Go for a walk, exercise, read, pray, pick up a hobby, plenty of stuff to do to not get caught up in moping.

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Spot on tbf
Won't attract lasses until he's content


Well that's odd, I don't have any safety options on yet it's not working for me, perhaps they are starting to fix it.

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Ahhh there we go, they must've realised how fucking stupid it was.

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Its unlikely you'll go from A to B. If you aren't in love with friends and hobbies, its quite hard for someone to love you.

Depression isn't attractive.


They're afraid…


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PREVENT strategy #17

Diversity lad smh

diversity means all the women are on the frontlines lad, not in the office

Kek if that were the case then they'd already know my plans though :^)

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Italian Populist Leader Slams Pro-Migrant Bishop: ‘The Gospel Doesn’t Say to Welcome Everyone’

This has been the case for a long while, I've been saying it for years now lads.
Although you don't see it, the silenced majority are gnashing their teeth and sharpening their spoons.


>Through the chilled years ahead,

Did he know?

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want a big mac lads

big mac or grande mac?


I do want one lad thanks

1929 - Interviews With Elderly People Throughout The US

Chips and a fanta please lad

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>eating (((McDs)))

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They do banging coffee

*whistles nonchalantly*

>pakis speaking
wait, scratch that

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Fair point tbf I've heard their coffee is better than Starbucks and Costa and the rest.


Its cheap too, 99p for a double espresso


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Time to set up a patreon tbh

Of course they didn't

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How do you racially aggravate a criminal damage?


Racist slogans or a target based on race?

bodendial habbening fing

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Racially (and Religiously) Aggravated Criminal Damage

Section 30 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 (as amended by the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001) creates an offence of racially or religiously aggravated criminal damage, based on the basic offence of criminal damage under Section 1(1) Criminal Damage Act 1971. Refer to CPS Guidance on Prosecuting Cases of Racist and Religious Crime, elsewhere in the Legal Guidance, and to Archbold 23-31a.


Based vague legalese

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Is it time for the reconquista yet?

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Fuck em all tbh


Kill em all tbh

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Wow triggered

Go outside and lift.

I just want to headbutt a few of em tbqh

Chin up lad, if you sudoku yourself before the happening kicks into gear you won't get a chance to go hunting migrants with the lads.

I just want to RIP TEAR KILL a few thousand of em tbqh

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Don't get blood on my new boots lad

But that's where it's supposed to be

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post pics lad

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Embrace the anger, let it fuel your desire for blood

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Itd stain the nubuck and rust the toecap smh

fuck you I'm milwall

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I'll just leave it here
YouKipper backup

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Not to mention degrade the stitching

You're part of the problem

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Good find. Full article referenced by @seatofmars is attached.

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so the inverse would be advertising demographic changes?

Lel I have numerous pairs of traditional boots but they're a pain in the arse to drive, work or fight in

What's your bug-out boot brand, lads.

North Face


xeno wars

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Arco basics

these look interesting

perfect for headstomping

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