Brit/pol/ #2173: We Are The Last Generation That Can Save Our People Edition

Don't wait for others to lead the charge, we must be focused on creating the change we desire through whatever means possible.

UK is under 'danger to life' as millions of commuters face rush-hour from hell due to heavy snow

Snow sparks travel chaos with planes grounded and trains cancelled as hundreds of schools are shut – and worst is still to come

British neo-Nazi groups are a grave threat to our national security

A man who vowed he would carry out a terrorist attack by ploughing a car into a group of white people and going on a knife rampage was spared jail yesterday

Holby City star's daughter, 25, who was found dead in the woods at Bestival 'died from an overdose of ecstasy and ketamine'

Alex Jones vs Crisis Actors


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*bombs you*

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reeeee stop posting threads before 700

Fuck off /newshit/


smh he has truly left humanity behind now

im trying to do that starting from today im at the very end of the 'underweight' section of the BMI smh i dont know how people turn into 22st NEETs eating is so difficult


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We've had lots of premature threads lately tbf


Lower or higher end of underweight? Smh little lad

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You put the food in your mouth and chew it, lade.




Not anymore bucko


im not little im over 6'3 its extreme lankletism


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Would you prefer ace

You can solve your weight problem if you replace all the water you drink with whole milk. STRONG within a week, I promise you

I'm a similar height lad but I'm not underweight smh

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This but with gold top

drank a whole bottle today smh

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Is anyone else here worried about the recent House of Representatives bill that passed? the sex trafficking one. lads are saying that it will be used to false flag us and then have the site shut down. the ddos was bad enough I don't want to leave for ever.

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Didn't you say something about doing your sister the other day?

Were you not a chad bully in high school?

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no i was just a weird autist on the chad-virgin borderline who was tolerated by the deanos because i called jewish thots kikes

he looks like Bill Clinton's safe brother

Nice memi

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Smh lel

Is there any worse feel than that of being a social autist while good looking?

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no we're the ultimate nightmare angels

He looks like Winston Churchill tbh

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Take the Cheggpill

people only told you you're good looking because they felt sorry for you

churchill looks like keith chegwin's alcoholic uncle

His mum and nan

I had your mum bent over my knee and I just chegg'd all over her arsecheeks

Didn't the decomposing remains get everywhere?

ya just gotta look people in the eye and be a nice person my dude

im dirty like that son
besides i had your dad in a maids outfit cleaning up the rest after he was done watching us

Oh did he come back from buying cigarettes?

I miss the threads of him on /fit/ back in the day, used to be fucking broken with laughter

on excel if I was trying to get 80% of a value of cell X, into cell Y, what function would I need to use?

yeah which is odd because I offered him a couple rollups I'd made on the ride over in your nans motor

Cell *0.8


there's risk of just becoming a fat bast unless you train enough

thank you my dude
was trying to divide by 0.8 like a melon

Did she pick you up from the GUM clinic again?

yeah bless her heart. tell her I said thanks again


Will do lad, soon as I'm done at your sisters

Nah lad, just only really recently learnt some of the signs of when a girl is interested tbh

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HAH got you

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Lad… thats honestly shocking to hear
you fucked your life up mate not even joking

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Where are you studying?

You crafty fucker

Did you read a Cosmo article

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little did they realise I'm too broke to bother asking them out

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Me as the sea lion

Just through social interaction tbh, I'm a bit of a social spastic tbf


I'll take a hole out of your chest and see how well you fare.

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That's the best way lad, good for you
Good luck tbh

Lancashire do you mind not deleting your posts all the time


it is screaming

deprived of its flippers it will sink

all the way to the bottom of the ocean


he's a filthy normie

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I thought I was a nerd back then but was in fact a protodeano

I don't think it's him, I think you still can't delet your own posts tbh

who's deleting his posts then?

So am I lad, superficially

He sowed the wind

Bongo Bongo

Is this a joke

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w-what did you mean by this



>Autist ending thread 100 posts early just so he can post a new shit one.
Needs murdering tbh. Useless cunt.
Actually I retract that, cunts are useful

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Scraping the bottom of the barrel for people willing to go die for Israel.



big gay disco tbh