Why shouldn't we just impale all muslims?

Why shouldn't we just impale all muslims?

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Because murder is a sin.

Because that's what God wants but Satan cherrypicks scripture to tell us otherwise.


Stan did nothing wrong
Stan is like the wind in the trees , merely makes the trees stronger with the test of strength.
Stan is a needed counterbalance to chris

OP said "all", not "some".
I will pray that the stone is lifted from your heart.

How do I know you're not just a Stan shill?

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Ain't no shills here my man
I dont deify fictional characters with their given names
Uhhhh Buddy
Mohomo the pedo goat lover

Just because they are Muslim, doesn't mean they are evil. Are there evil Muslims? yes Are there evil (((Jews)))? duh Are there evil Christians? absolutely

Just because SOME people of the group are evil, doesn't mean ALL people of that group are evil. If we REALLY want to follow this logic, than we must eradicate the Catholic Church because they allow sodomites in their clergy and cover for child molestation

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You're right, we know they're evil because they're human

[Total Depravity Intensifies]

Not being a religion of forced conversions is one of the things that makes Christianity better than Islam. Every Muslim who Christians kill is a soul that will never be converted. Also the Muslims who are legally immigrating here can hardly be blamed for invading us. You can't fairly punish people for breaking no law. Blame our politicians. Fake refugees should be kicked out, but legally.

Uhhhhh….. does this really need a thread

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There's no war in Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Iran, Israel etc. The "refugees" are coming to Europe for welfare and white sluts, not to flee violence.

/islam/ here

What did I do to you to be impaled?

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I had nothing to do with any of that. Why do you want to brutally murder me?

Christians literally cannot let go of a past they had no part of.

Give it back.

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I live in America. I can't give it back.

The vast majority of us don't, as you'll see in the responses. OP is probably a LARPer.


That right there is a sign of your ignorance. Turkey has been fighting a war in the eastern half of the country against the PKK and other Kurdish nationalist movements for over 30 years. I know. My grandparents almost died from it on more than one occasion. My fathers entire side of the family lives there.
All the other countries commit human rights atrocities left right and center. The refugees go to where they can pursue a better life for themselves and hopefully their families. Your entire post is a load of bunk. I know, because I was there. Might wanna check your facts a little better. Then check your heart. God watch over you dude.

I'm with this guy. Having lived among Christians and Muslims both my entire life in countries wherein they hold dominance, the United States and Turkey respectively, I can say at least from my experience, the doctrinal difference between the two are negligible and minute at best. And some can call it bait if they want, but I've seen Muslims who love Jesus even more than most of the congregation at every church I've been to and more than any Televangelist I've ever seen. Call me a heretic, but I refuse to believe that my grandfather who died a devout Muslim deserves hell when he loved Jesus as much as he did. Maybe he's in Sheol right now, as my mother puts it, and I'd rather that he be there waiting to be held to account by the lord on Judgement day, as opposed to the weeping and gnashing of teeth some so called Christians would send him to when his only sin was a lack of believing that Jesus was the son of God. I don't believe God so vile that he'd condemn someone to eternal damnation for just saying "I don't think that's true" when presented with the Argument that Jesus was Christ, regardless of how that argument is presented.

Yeah and western half is so safe people go on vacations there, but apparently that isn't good enough for people who are supposedly in imminent danger.
Aren't these people fleeing for their lives? What does it matter if a country doesn't have a perfect "human rights" record so long as it's safe?
Then they aren't refugees, they're economic migrants looking for money. Thanks for proving my point.
You have to go back.

Yet, they are responsible for the majority of crimes in their host countries, adding to that is the fact that diversity causes more tensions and chaos, the rise of nationalism isn't winnie the pooh coincidence m8.
Look the refugee crisis could have been handled alot better but you can't expect Christian countries get along with muslim minorities, specially considering our history (not a very peacefull one).

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The war isn't limited to the eastern half of the country, there were attacks blocks away from where my grandparents live. Don't sit here and say that the western half of the country is so safe when the Islamic State is shooting up nightclubs there. nytimes.com/interactive/2016/12/31/world/europe/turkey-recent-attacks.html
I think you don't understand what human rights abuses means. These are places where you can be thrown in jail for saying the wrong thing about Muhammad. These are also nations where there are active terrorist organisations operating within them regularly. If a country has rampant human rights atrocities committed by its own government, it's not exactly what I'd call safe.
They are when if sent back to their country of origin they would face persecution or death. This is not rocket surgery. It's shocking how easily a supposed christian will come up with a million and one reasons not to show someone compassion because they don't like them.
Yeah I do. My family lives there. And they're dying there. My grandfather died just last month in the western half of turkey you say is so safe. Meanwhile here you sit in an ivory tower casting judgement on people who have less than you do. God take pity on you man.

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I didn't say I supported OP's proposal. Muslims and Jews still can't be considered "good people" by Christian standards.

Yeah, the fact that they don't exactly have much when they enter the country as far as economic opportunity to rebuild their lives once they get here, as well as and because of a significant community of people who see them as a threat before they've even got there sure don't help that fact. But then again, some oppression in being mugged by skinheads is better than total oppression in being put against the wall and shot for choosing the wrong side in a conflict, even and especially when the chosen side was none at all.
Not perfectly peaceful no, but the history between the religions when talking about working people isn't nearly as bad as people think. Christian and Jewish pilgrims to jerusalem weren't in any danger when till the Seljuks showed up almost half a millenia after the Arab conquests. I'm not about to deny the tensions between them, pogroms and inquisitions and fatwas/hudud were certainly a thing, but people of all faiths and nationalities lived rather peacefully in Istanbul/Constantinople until well into the 20th century. It's not nearly as bad as LARPers on here make it out to be.

IMO, the lack of respect twords the Muslims, I notice with my fellow Christians, stems from the lack of education about Islam. It's hard to love your neighbor when you know nothing about them save for what christian Americans get from (((the media))) and the public school system about the extremists in Islam I encourage Christians ITT to read a free version of the Quran.

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They're shooting up nightclubs here too because we decided to be "charitable" towards the "refugees". So by your logic they're no safer here than they are there. Bunk.
When you're a guest in a country you should obey laws of that country.
That's literally every muslim and now western country.
That's just your opinion. There's hundreds of thousands of refugees in these countries and they haven't been killed by these evil governments yet. Many of these refugees are actually integrating into these societies quite well actually because there are less linguistic, ethnic, cultural, and religious barriers shocking.
Something like this has to be taken on a case-by-case basis. I'm not convinced in the slightest that the vast majority (99%) of the "refugees" would be killed or imprisoned by Assad if they went back.
I could say the same for someone who can come up with a million and one reasons why the European people need to be lied to and taken advantage of, among many many other things.
So did mine. Move on.
I'm just speaking the truth as I see it.
You as well. Next time don't make the emotional manipulation so obvious.

Sure, but they are still your neighbors. Jesus COMMANDS you to love them, even if you don't agree with them.
Im not excusing the radicals for their behavior, nor am I saying you should make radicals your neighbors.

What I am saying is DONT give the radicals ANOTHER excuse to be radicals by bringing violence unto to their people
ie Bombing their familes in thier home country because our Caesar and (((The Bankers))) covet their resources.

God will have His justice in the end.

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Yeah, of course a Christian should try to convert infidels, not kill them.

That doesn't mean we should let them in our countries and in power positions.

Pickle Rick is not an argument, you are more than welcome to try again.

Well the idea is laughable that the millions flooding Europe and the anglosphere are under credible threat of death, and some small degree of internal strife doesn't meet the criteria of requiring refuge. No place is wholly secure.

Also we have no moral duty to offer refuge to everyone in the world who may be in need because we both lack the capacity to help them all and have a responsibility to preserve our own people and societies. I'm glad you're going back, because frankly you don't belong in western countries. Your attitude is that of an entitled parasite, just because you "have less" doesn't justify your greed for the possessions of those who have more. Hopefully Christ will show you your error and teach you to show some empathy toward the people whom you think have no right to self determination, and whom you would demand so much from while implicitly accusing us of not being Christian

Did you expect me to reply to your non-argument with an argument?

You expect me to do the same?

Sure about that? Or is it maybe because western nations have been actively destabilising the region for their own ends since before World War I. And Being in a country were a night club getting shot up once in a blue moon is still a fair bit safer than a country where an active civil war is ongoing. Turkey has both. The United States has 1. And when it does happen in the US at least, it's rarely a refugee that does it. Not that I want to imply that guns should be confiscated, cause that's not a solution but you get my point.
Just because it's legal doesn't make it any less of a human rights issue, or would you consider christians being stoned to death because they're christians ok because it's legal.
Yeah, I don't know if you knew this, but those countries can't and shouldn't take the burden for the entire crisis. Especially when Western countries intervening over and over and over again, and creating the perfect training ground for terror cells in Iraq many of whom play no small part in the civil war in Syria, it would be wrong to say that the west doesn't have some obligation when the crisis came about in no small part due to their influence.
Maybe not by order of Assad, but sending people back to an active warzone is a pretty good way of them getting killed.

Your laughable claim that Islam is a religion of peace does not deserve any thorough refutation.

How can a religion of peace be spread by the sword? What is the penalty for apostasy in Islam? How many non-Islamic religious terrorist groups are there?

Not that user, but I'd wager most of the immigrants aren't even from Syria.

Yes it does. 100% of Muslims follow the teachings of a psychotic, genocidal child rapist.
They are not your neighbors, they are the enemy of mankind.

I was born in the West. I have a right to be in this country. I need to go back so I can see my grandfathers grave before it's bombed. We have every moral duty to offer refuge to those in need.
And screw this insipid idea of "Our own people and societies must come before everyone and everything else." That would actually hold water if the west actually cared about the poor. And yet in the United States of America, a country in which 80 percent of the population identifies at least nominally as christian, we have more empty houses than homeless people, and more people are dying of heart failure due to obesity than are starving, still with all this over abundance blessing us from God, we still have a country in which 45 million live below the poverty line, and the average household is in 152,000 dollars in debt. We have the capacity to maybe not take everyone in, but take enough that the burden on others is not more than they can bare. We have a higher GDP than any other nation on earth by a land slide, don't tell me the United States can't do it. The EU has a higher GDP than even the United States, don't tell me the international community can't do it. The problem isn't can't, the problem is won't. Because of something every pastor I've ever talked about this with has said. Charity is dead in the West. And it doesn't look like anyone's working to resuscitate it. Especially not here.

Oh so now you're just blaming whitey?
Yeah, sometimes it's their kids.
So they should break the law?
So I suppose those filthy rich oil barons in the Gulf have no interest in toppling regional rivals and can't spare a penny to help out their fellow muslims? I'm not saying that the West isn't involved, but to say that regional governments are innocent is naive.
The war is essentially over at this point.

Wanna know how I know you're a k*rt?

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Specifically rich whitey. Most working class whites are either too poorly educated or don't have the time to get educated or active on these issues.
And more often by far it's some mentally tweaked and/or drugged out trailer trash kid who's mental health system failed him because it either didn't care or didn't have the ability to do anything about it.
Would you choose to give up your faith if it was against the law to be a christian, or whatever you happen to be? And would that be a just law if it were the law? And when the choice is obedience to the state, or survival, most people choose survival. And they shouldn't be faulted for that.
Those rich oil barons who work with and get most of their money from Western conglomerates, nation states, and other political organisations? I'm not saying they're innocent in this either, but they don't get all the blame either. Both were involved, both have a moral obligation. Why does the West deserve a pass when it was their money that paid for these destabilising factions like Al-Qaeda and the Islamic state? And continues to do so.
I wish. And I wish someone would tell Erdogan that so he can stop commiting genocide in Afrin.

Because you'd be acting like one, idiot.

John 3:17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

Muslims started this shit against every other religion on the planet.
In the spirit of interfaith cooperation and brotherhood, all the Muslims should be killed.

Actually many of the western peoples were very welcoming of them, did you forget the campaign "refugees welcome"? and then the rapes started, the shootings, the muggings i wouldn't call it prejudice more like post-judice,is a matter of a fact most homogeneus countries weren't even racist until they started to receive "regufees"
I very mouch doubt that, unless those people were such small in numbers that they didn't even represented a threat. generally countries with a lot of diversity only manage to go forward under a strong ruler the middle east is a blatant example of that.
I think the one who is pretending that multicultural/ethnic societies are something good is the one larping.


Your moral duty, not mine

A country with lots of diversity, go figure
created by jews for jews

If you think for any moment that by bringing refugees is gonna create a land of eternal solidarity and brotherhood in the west you are seriously deluded again the fact that racial and national movements are gaining popularity isn't a coincidence.
more like (((whites))) and (((oil barons)))
this retarded logic again, why would you go to the country that has wronged you? you are already in a very antagonistic position.
You turks brought that upon yourselves, should have supported assad from the very beginning

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forgot last pic

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Not the same user you were arguing against, but . . .

Non-sequitur and irrelevant. They broke the law in their host country unprovoked, the kind that ended up with a death toll. Investigations ended up with them having ties back to radical Islam.

As for the topic itself. I have a (not really devout) Muslim friend. Two things we do agree on is that: One, radical Muslims like IS should be get rid of; Two, those so-called refugees are the worst kind of scum both for spiritual world and secular world. They are the bottom rung of the society from the dregs of their home countries, uneducated, unskilled, prone to crime, kind of people who deserves their shitty lives in the first place. They are the robber of nations who without the decency enough to respect the basic rule of hospitality and turned against their hosts and robbed them of their home and stay for good and do not return to their home which they have ruined by themselves.

Real refugees on the other hands are turned away by the (((workers))) of the enemies of those nations. The Coptic Christians, the normal Muslims whose home are truly ravaged by war, etc. (((Bankers))) want the worst dregs of society to take debts, and employers want "cheap" labour. (((They))) have turned a humanitarian effort into a ring of crime, cultural genocide, and racket.

So my answer is this, no. We shall NOT kill as per the Commandment. They are already doing that to themselves, we need not import it from them.

Why does the CIA still send you people here? Are Christian-themed /x/ and /r9k/ threads really that important to the alphabet soup agencies?

The soups don't care, but satan does hence why he sends them as spoken of in john 8:43-45

Didn't know we had hevals on Zig Forums. You right, that maniac is supporting the creation of a jihadist buffer on the southern border purely to block the DFNS while also ethnically cleansing the people who lived there. It's honestly infuriating.

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Theyre all communists anyway.

You're kidding right? Lebanon accepted 3 million Syrian refugees into the country, and the we are paying for it. Our economy is so bad that we can't even pay the salaries of the government workers.

We absolutely should. Women and children too.

The only legitimate muslim countries are on the Arab peninsula, everything else was Christian before.

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Yes it does, they literally worship Satan.

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I did
It's pure and absolute trash

Which part?