Brit/pol/ #2174: STOMP edition

UK is under 'danger to life' as millions of commuters face rush-hour from hell due to heavy snow
Snow sparks travel chaos with planes grounded and trains cancelled as hundreds of schools are shut – and worst is still to come
British neo-Nazi groups are a grave threat to our national security
A man who vowed he would carry out a terrorist attack by ploughing a car into a group of white people and going on a knife rampage was spared jail yesterday
Holby City star's daughter, 25, who was found dead in the woods at Bestival 'died from an overdose of ecstasy and ketamine'
Alex Jones vs Crisis Actors

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He obviously got bullied by the bear, lad. smh

anglos are better bear killers than vikangs

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gud lud

I'm seeing some very strange parallels in that picture tbh lad.

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Ever notice how bread and milk run out in two seconds but there's plenty of healthy food left





damn that's so cool, seeing an animal unaware of humans this close

The panic shopping, retard

I don't get it

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That's probably more to do with how bread and milk have very short shelf-lives - people are always only a few days from completely running out of bread and milk and so are the shops. There's always plenty of frozen pizzas left, and bags of flour, etc.

The doggo is making a face that looks like a WW2 propaganda jap caricature.

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got an IP banned from Zig Forums for being pro-gun anti-(((Blumpf))), smh

How? Their fastest moving thread is shit talking Trump for cucking on guns.

What'd you really do, lad?


Veg has smaller shelf life than milk

Keek, kind of I guess.

Fucking hell what happened to that board.

pro-gun anti-blumpf, went a lil too far for their liking I suppose

they called me "shariablue sockpuppet"

lad you were probably appearing to much like a shill for not posting waffen SS pictures and saying how you need to keep your powder dry, semper fi

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Did you get your lower yet lad?

no some lad told me it was just a panic, smh I also don't want to get a poorfag lower

Does it? Whenever I buy milk it usually has a best-before of just over a week away. Vegetables last longer than that (and it usually isn't vital to keep them refrigerated like it is for milk). I get the point you're making though - most people are idiots who not only don't know how to stockpile properly, but don't even know how to feed themselves properly.

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lions are kikes though lad they would eat you and rip your screaming body apart if they were hungry enough.

who /killallgayanimals/ here?

you don't need to be an animal to know that feel tbh

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Did you not see the stickied thread about 'shill bingo', they had every shit thing he's done, if brought up would mean you were shareblue lel. A cult

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That's in their nature, lad

hugging wild animals is stupid and how people get eaten

I buy veg every 3-4 days, you rarely get more than that.

You're being a bit autistic, lad

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I hate greens so much
tempted to just freeze it all down and put it in a blender and drink them as a smoothie but that would probably ruin their vitamins or whatever

Fuck off, I always love a good 'Tiger keeper' mauled story, the arrogance of these cunts

*protects my cubs like a good mommabear*

Guess genocide is the only way

You should blend them lad with berries and some lemon juice, or make spinnach/kale broccoli soup

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Yeah I normally have berries, bananas, grapes, kale and spinach. The berries and spinach is frozen witht he others raw. Maybe I should just freeze them all idno. Just remember seeing some stuff about it taking away from their nutritional value smh

You've become a mega-bully, lad. smh

Nah just mongs who fuck around with Lions and Tigers due to ego

me vs the Steiner hive-mind wolf pack

Wew the amount of shills in the /cow/ threads is crazy. Ever since Sarg'n got accused of cheating on his wife, the threads have been filled with anti-JFists.

i'm watching it too, lad. What shills?

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*lays down my arms*

Don't stab me in the back, lad…

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In the previous thread. All of the focus being pushed onto JF is an attempt at derailing along with the "Oh man this stuff is over with, we should just move on" posts. Come on lad, pay attention.

thats what happens when Vikangs try to make night shift into danelaw/pol/

*licks paw*

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A lot of those posts were me

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Smh, lad. Are you triggered by vikangs genetically like how Jews are triggered by the holocaust trauma through their genes?

Losing your rights to bear arms?


But it's fun, lad

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wait what that's not going to happen, right?

no vikangs will sell her to shitskin in miklagrad lass

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poor illnois lads are going to have that happen to them. my state is very pro-gun for midwest but I can see us losing alot of rights too

Fucking hell. How is that not an infringement? smh

no smh


*Blocks Steiner's path*

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Are you also the lad that was spamming pic related and/or the guy droning on about "TRS and the aut-kike?"

How responsible are you for shitting things up, lad?

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Not said anything about TRS or aut-kike tbh. And I got that pic from /cow/ not the other way around tbh

I just shitpost when bored tbh. Not much is happening right now anyway smh

How did he even misunderstand what you wanted top fucking kek

that one is even more cucked than the one from the 90s

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I posted the first pic of her in the thread because I needed a pic to go with my post and it was what I had on my phone that would be acceptable then some sperg went nuts with it.

Not much is happening. I just want that Jew bitch to go nuts and burn it all down. We might need to start poking her under the guise of liberaliststststs to get her to go for it.

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psychic-vampires are real and very powerful tbh

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tbh. I want Vee to sperg out again that's why I keep trying to bait people into saying they are alt-right so I can cap it

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Kek I was the guy claiming to be Anglin last night. The screencap guy was either retarded or baiting us all.

the future for white children is VR headsets while you sit in your air sealed chamber with a neurotic single mother hooking up on tinder dates while you level up in pvp minecraft interracial furry vore orgies and then go with mummy to the shops under the watchful eye of zogborg police warriors armed with air bursting grenade cannons and FLIR (to keep you safe) in your smart city. mother made enough citizen points today pleasuring syrian men from the outcity (that is where non-processed citizens live since we are all citizens of our city: earth) so we could go and get food at the shop. mmm insect protein paste! one time when I was walking with mother I saw a building where they had these square things mother said were once called books. one day I want to look at one but mother said they are evil because they are old and have thoughts in them from before diversity was achieved. one of the books has a man that looks like me on it but he is strong and holding a black gun like from my games, he looks like how my dad would look, I want to look at that book one day but mother hit me and told me to play games while she was using her pipe again.

the eternal bullies

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Lmao you little shit


You're also the lad that just flagged Andy's video aren't you?

Kek, no. I wouldn't do anything that would actually harm /arelads/

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Oh ok. Yeah some of the guys in there aren't too bright. They keep denying being alt right instead of realizing that claiming to be alt right to keep Vee on the hook is the objectively better play. He'll go insane while everyone laughs at his paranoia.

yesterday after learn-games I asked mother if I could use her credits to go and buy some soy cakes at the commissary, I had to talk through the door because mother is behind the door with another big man achieving equality like she says. they had golden teeth and too big of pants. I went to the store after she said okay and went to the book place and there was an old man with white stuff like wires coming down off his face. like from minecraft but different because not of blocks. I asked him about the book with the man on it and he gave me a copy of "action man" and told me he used to read it when he was a boy about my age. he had blue eyes like me and mom but action man was dark eyes like most diverse, equal people. I gave him some credits but he said to just take it, he was old and sad face looking, like the memi in minecraft, sad face when you lose gold points.

yeah that's what I want, but if the caps actually work it might even be better because he'd be convinced they are alt-right and just pretending not to be.

I hope the snow never stops and wipes it all away, fame
clean start. Fresh and hwhite.

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smh it's unfair

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You'd need a sail to keep you dry mate.

I'm so unsure of my position on the topic, thank god this big brain 20 year old hapa thot is here to redpill my ass.

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There's that familiar gut-wrenching feeling again.

action man was riding a motorbike, he had a rocket launcher and was chasing the bad man who was dark skinned with a lazer gun. action man smashed his bike into him and saved the lady. that was cool, kind of like in minecraft. I was walking in the commissary to get soy cakes when the party official mrs. bunfield walked up and took my book. she said that my book was teaching me improper behavior toward the earth and constructing a ego based connection with metaphysics which were both outlawed under the 2046 jeykll island concordate. I didn't really know what those meant and neither did mom but she said that when the official used big words it meant bad things were going to happen to her smart credit points, so I got really upset for mother and thought about all the men she would have to hug alot to make more points. mrs. bunfield asked me to take her to where I got the book. she was using her comm link to bring a Zogborg to come assist.

the Zogborg walked up and let us know it was a marine and showed us its tattoos and how tough it was, it was very intimdating. it made me do a short dance while it pointed its flechette cannon at me. I was more afraid for mother though. so I danced and then we went to the bookstore man and the zogborg shot him and then screamed "GET ON THE GROUND" which I remembered from my learn games meant that somebody had died, so I clapped for the Zogborg for doing a good job and he saluted me and said thank him for his service. so I did and mrs. bunfield pulled the man's wallet from his back pocket and wiped the gore on my shirt. she said hmm and took me back to mother.

yeah and you know what about the "muh shareblue" thing, isn't shareblue basically shills for the democratic party? so it's literally (((Red Team))) v.s. (((Blue Team))) "vote for us, goy, we're the good guys" and the mods of Zig Forums are saying you're a jewish shill if you aren't 100% behind the (((Red Team))) even though there are literally thousands of memmies demonstrating the point that both parties are kiked

the memi is that "white nationalists are taking over the GOP" but the truth is that the GOP is taking over white nationalists… the election cycle ruined Zig Forums, I'm glad Trump outed himself as the puppet he is so people will wake up and things will go back to normal.. may need to move to another board though because the Zig Forums mods are either compromised or retarded