Brit/pol/ #2177: Esoteric Picto-Brythonicism Edition

Happy St David's Day 2018! Top facts and history behind the Welsh feast day

We were lied to! Secret document FCO 30/1048 kept truth about EU from British for 30 years

Britain's weather death toll rises to nine as a carer is found dead in the snow after being 'taken ill' on her way to work

Vladimir Putin unveils new nuclear weapons systems

Iran bans use of US dollar in trade

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why don't you own a big BLACk labrador brit?

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My parents want one but the house isnt big enough

smh nose jobs

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I want to go to bed but I'm worried i'll dream about ken clarke

for her

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for her

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llanc dda

she had cancer cells

unleash him on the neighbour and occupy his house

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You're right here, operating a machine today isn't like operating a machine pre-70s. A lot of Britain's engineering exports are quality over Chinese quantity. CNC setting and operation uses the brain not the muscle.

There's plenty more room for manufacturing of this kind, and in a lot of areas it is increasing.

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for the norf wanting a new machine

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Good woad

good edition lad

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Good lad.

Good lad

this shirt is redpilled

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Good lad.

It could be a lad here right now. It should've been me We're absolutely ripe for it, just so long as it's packaged right the people would lap it up. Still kills me a bit that this opportunity is being missed because nothing is already established and waiting. This is where I disagree with the "muh politics does nothing we need to make more youtube videos first" crowd, if such a party existed right now they could easily stand a chance and really change things.

Bad feel, want to fug her happy smh

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Well KFC's gravy is made using the crackling produced from the chicken in the fryers. If you run out of chicken you run out of crackling, you run out of gravy.

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Starkey, noice. Haven't seen the old quare on anything in a while.

who here is comfy as fuck right now?
snowed in and nowhere to be.

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imagine him mounting you, stinking of port, his varicose veins rubbing against yours, whispering in your ear about all the boys he used to nonce back in the 50s

Based batty boy Starkey

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He could've saved us

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Based Starkey with this clip tbh

she could lead us

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Diolch i fod yn onest

Thanks lads

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tbh lads after a few years honing my charisma with work in the pub I'll lead us to a new Britain. Managed to muh fish a poortherner remain voter into acknowledging that Brexit wasn't a catastrophic decision and that the EU isn't all that.

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Starkey looking based here

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Fuck this Jock
(((Miranda Green)))

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is there a photo of her not acting like a massive whore?

am i a cuck if my dog is black

will he be killed in the race war?

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They wish they were that cool fucking hell

Could someone with photoshop skills add Zig Forums?

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its just his hair colour lad, not skin colour

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No lad race is inverted in dogs its the white ones that are pakis

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Though this should've really been the edition tbh.



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this tbh
Are we going to find out that she got no milkers? I am still traumatised by the last one

one race, the human race

yeah i dont like the white ones tbh

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im probably the strong leader britain needs lads


t. harald hardrata

Didn't you see the pic from last thread? She's got a cracking pair

smh lad are you a catholic?

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Plenty tbh

QT is over lad it's night shift now

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Night after night tbh lad, then a 4 day rest then fill her up again tbf

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Smh poor Isabel

mohammed said all black dogs are demons so that makes it a daftie dog muslims fear him

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No, milkers as in she can produce milk from her bobs

Was talking more about the Knights Templar tbh and not the pub

smh poor lass I'd forgive her

its so depressing to think five hundred years time no matter who rules the isles the badgers will be playing him like a fucking chesspiece

tbh you're a cuck if your dog couldn't kill you

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I think labs are very majestic and regal looking tbh

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Go for it champ we'll be the first to cheer your speech on top of a parked bus tomorrow

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Based Starkey

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err papists are trash

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tbh I quite often get pissed in Westminster and I always come across pro EU protesters whinging aimlessly at downing street. When they approach me I respectfully chat to them for a good 5 mins, build a rapport with them, use my persuasive charisma to good effect. They end up liking me, wanting to convince me even more.

Then I add that women shouldn't be able to vote and ethnic minorities should be immediately deported. Jaws hit the fucking floor.

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Based Portillo and Starkey tbh

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Can't be asked with this shit tbh

Are you black?

my friend had one and he always remembered me and came for pets smh good lads

No, are you?

come on lad your not that retarded right?


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no im a sedevacantist

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No, because I know it's "can't be arsed," not asked. Smh Cheddars infiltrating us

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There is hardly any info about her having a son. Source is:

Starkey is the best wooly woofter tbh. Would allow to live on tdotr/10.

Oh dear.


"can't be asked" was the non-swearing version when I was at school, as in you could say it in front of your nan.

yeah he is genuinely a good lad.

Don't like people associating are Chez with immigration tbh

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posh wanker

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Cheddarman needs to fuck off back to Finland tbh

Whatever cunt bwoi.

smh, not very LOCAL of you lad

This Proto-Brythonic pride Albion wide