Brit/pol/ 2178: BASED THATCHER Edition

Gunfire and an explosion have been heard near the army headquarters and the French embassy in the capital of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou.

Floods follow freeze as storm batters Britain

Theresa May aims to calm Brussels fears with key Brexit speech

Royal wedding: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle invite 2,640 commoners

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and the most important one of all since nobody actually reads the OP

MI5 agents can commit crime in UK, government reveals
Secret order on authorised criminality by spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) made public after legal battle by rights groups


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Zig Forums memmies are something else entirely

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The druids obviously didn't have any rules or requirements or whatever, that's how we know
paganism is a religion for letting you do what you like.

Nth for based northern deities

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Fuck off lad you're boring

I'll be honest lads, I'm really desperate for a good old fashioned LARP.

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Is this esoteric or just retarded

Alright gayboy

we all are lad. But just channel it into productive politics. When we seize power we will be able to LARP with complete impunity and this time it will actually mean something

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It looks like some Cartoon Network smartphone game

But why lad? The woes of the nation came after it ((drifted)) from Christianity, to fix them it's clear that all we need to do is return.

And one day lad you'll drop the larping :^)

1000% agree, they are just atheist race fetishists.

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The only good lefty memi is Slavoj Žižek tbh.


Honestly I don't know, but I love collecting their shit, it's brilliantly autistic.

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why lad. I dont get the zizek memi. hes a normie socdem.

Post the 'modern paganism is just christian cults' cap tbh

the brit commune will have thatched rooves and walls

Sorry to disappoint you lad.

Aside from the time when Britain suffered after embracing Christianity, when it got overrun by pagans.

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That was Coel Hen being a cuck tbh

That's a fair interpretation tbh lad, if the alternative is degenerative paganism then I'd support Christianity over it
Ahh but I arrived here from psychedelics and philosophy, not atheistic race fetishism :^)
And that the only thing I see as beneficial from paganism itself, instead of plain neotribalism, which I imagine even you support
And all that


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I don't get it. How is pointing out there are lasses in that pic wrong?

I don't have them but I'll read them tbh

If your only argument is historical detail then you may as well be arguing with a historian instead of a philosopher lad, that's why its boring


Only a fag assumes there wouldn't be


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Don't recall seeing many based NA lasses

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Haha nice reference point

Now this is esoteric memiry

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there were lots who attended BUF meetings and that were even in the blackshirts back then, i guess his messaged reached people of all backgrounds

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quelle surprise :^)




Could YOU be going to Harry and Meghan's wedding?

I'm almost certain that I will get an invitation. Tor for obvious reasons.

Well yeah. What is your problem, lad?

Having an actual party and a handsome leader does that I guess. These days I assume lassies don't do it because it's risky and angry nativism is bad smh.

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Now this is a whole other conversation lad :^)

None lad

smh lads, might have to move to Blackpool tbh

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A lot of suffragettes became BUF members

I guess they were feminazi's all along :^)

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Those are men, lad

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Ta lad
Not got any perspective on this all?

Not even muh book tbh
ess emm aich >inb4 booze, doesn't count coz I said so :^)


That's the one lad, bravo.

It was an Amerimutt trick all along

On what? Only just jumped into the thread

no lad they just have


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why would you want to go ?

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more leftypol cringe please

Reeeeeeee fucking autocorrect
And lel bang on

Oh sorry lad thought you might have been lurking

But I like Chedder, he's a quality memi to make fun of the celts.

>>>Zig Forums

Click any thread

celts are better than mongols hol-hol

WINTER-CHAN spotted Redruth, Cornwall this morning

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spotted in..

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what race is that?

Or a comma would have been fine
The caps to plain would make it legible too

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Wait isn't he the lad who made the fallout video?

aw how endearing!

Probably a foreigner tbh

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Wtf I love xenos now

That's alright lad




Yeah, he's a lefty whose arguments boil down to being sassy and mocking his opponents.

How can you bully our people, lad?

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Cheddar lass

Didn't realise he did politics, his fallout video was good.

First pic is a Zig Forums user explaining how they're gonna destroy the bourgeoisie through manipulating children. Assorted other pics.

Yeah, he's a right prat though, his arguments involving insulting his opponents but also insulting himself to pretend he's not that bad.

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celts conquered the world tbh

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tbh I haven't seen anyone prove his soy debunking video wrong yet

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I dare someone to carve a face in it.

How was QT last night, masochist cuckold anons?

Did it all go a bit South Thanet for F*rage?

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why does the UK have so many thots in the police?

Based autoflower

fucking islam

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So do they just make a regular snowman and then lop its head off?

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every male member of the audience wanted a strong leader and a new party or wanted to talk about LOCAL issues. People openly laughed at the Labour guy. Wog got claps for inane shit though but didnt really say anything either way. muh fracking,