Brit/pol/ #2181: Happy Edition

Doctors say more Brits should be prescribed anti-depressants but are they safe for kids?

Prince William reveals Royals feel "responsibility" to provide mental health support

Ketamine could be the new drug for depression that researchers have been looking for

Happiness lies in accepting how God has made us

Young adults spend more than six hours a day "stressed out", a study has found


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Don't bully the schizoid lads he's trying

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fresh jahans autist

no he isn't

First for him

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Heaven just got a bit stronger

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I love him, lads

I love him, lads. He's not really dead, right?


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Died in a car crash in LA lad, he's dead.

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I won't believe it

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never say never

His director tweeted it out lad.

it's like Zephaniah wrote this

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Fucking hell. He was a really good lad.




never heard of him before now


Really, lad…?


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why would I?

What the fuck is this shit



Saturday night and the air is getting hot

For him

A £100 1oz gold Britannia would have the same value as £1000 fiat and a tiny 1/10th gold Britannia is worth the same as a 10oz silver. Britannia.

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Who even is this dead cunt


It's a prequel to Inspector Morse

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That's fine if you're buying a new car
I need a pack of rizlas and a pandapop, how would I pay for those


he will be missed

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B-Based Kojima

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He was a gay porn star who became a memi on 2ch over a decade ago

He didn't say he liked it.

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ur kinda gay lad

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fucking civicry fuck off

Death to ITV

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Introduce silver Britannia that are under 1oz (£2).


oh shit you're right

they all have to go


Kojimbo is not ourguy lads get over it

He is indeed a memi whose body is over 80% "movies" see: trash

Gummy bears are now a problem at German school because they’re not Halal

Good thing Jamie Oliver already dealt with our junk food problem so the based invaders don't have to worry over here

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Everything is nazis lad, even anti-nazi's are nazi's.

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Anyone know what he says at the end in Japanese?

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plenty of Belgians tho

Even for France this is fucking gay.

the better argument is it proves force is the only decider in the end, who gives a fuck who was there first

The frogs love breaking taboos, the Parisians are leftism incarnate

*gropes your shield nipple with my big yaoi hand*

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What lad, didn't you know the English were the original settlers of Hong Kong?

They look like question time audience members

*honk honk*


They look better than question time audience members

Aren't you Irish lad?


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he is

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>tfw no Merlin to give you Werthers

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looks like the prelude to a noncing tbh

Fresh You Kipper

Without text

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You're welcome lad.

It's almost as if something about modern society is making people unhappy.


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Of course nobody will ever consider the cause of depression or do anything to help someone not be depressed.
If you're a man you're pressured into not saying anything and to "man up" and hide or downplay your problems, which will just make things even worse in the long term tbh. I know that a lot of people give shit to teenagers for supposedly being depressed and being soppy mongs but what even is being done to stop it and make them strong instead? You can't take away a negative and not give a positive in return tbqh

Lack of vitamin D/other vital stuff? No exercise? Shit diet? No friends/social contact? Nah just take these pills which the side effects include suicidal tendencies completely fine, don't bother fixing anything else.



Don't bother treating the problem, just drown people in pills instead.

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Just buy my rug and don't notice your people being destroyed and that will solve it

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It's either that or "men need to express their feelings" which ends up turning them into pic related.
That, or the lad says something not approved of and gets carted off to PREVENT to be brainwashed, making the problem even worse.
Never an actual solution, just give them a cheap fix that doesn't resolve the problem and if it doesn't work then just drown them in cheap fixes.

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Watch it while it's still up lads!

I was thinking of that the other day tbh, a club similar to Scouting but without any of the modern pozzing

Rock over london rock on chicago

No doubt it would be shut down as evil racist misogynistic hate camp tbh

bit slow, lad. Redirect whatever (You)s you get to