Brit/pol/ #2182: Powell Edition

Farage to return to UKIP? Former leader hints at comeback to ensure Brexit is delivered

Steve Bannon says EU's treatment of Britain over Brexit negotiations 'vicious and dismissive'

Politicians talking up EU's importance to Britain's security fail to grasp 'practical reality', former MI6 chief claims

Jihadist Found Guilty of Trying to Create ‘Army of Children’ for London Terror Attacks

Left-Wing Italian Party Holds Voting Class For Muslims Where Only Their Party Is Shown On Ballots

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Post about flags in the fucking mod thread you retarded homos

This is the worst thread I've ever seen

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Low effort OP, metaphysical sage

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R.I.P facebook frog

I'm going to strangle you cunt

do you know what metaphysics means?

There's no one there.

See I told you the schizoid was trying

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If the US applies tariffs to EU cars the British will have more leverage, I'd think, in negotiations over Brexit.


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When the author says metaphysics, my brain turns off.

One of the most useful things about the alt kike in burgerland is watching them fuck up massively so we can learn from their mistakes.

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remember this

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Siege is a homosexual cringey satanist memi

Asuka is worst girl.

metaphysics is how physics gets meta

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When is the French guy streaming?

Siege is an excellent book and has literally nothing to do with satanism. Go back to TRS

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We are reaching new levels of troll when trolls have fakes.

fake 22st is worse than the new Norwegian one

No one likes you "read siege" faggots. Anglin, Weev, TRS, alt right literally no one at all. You're losers and need to end yourselves.

Wow imagine my shock

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Anyone can pick up some extra cash here:



will it?

Take your pointless Aut-kike purity arguments back to Zig Forums and stop shitting up our board you fucking goblin cunts

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nth for Celto-Brythonic anime

Siege has nothing to do with satanism.
Atomwaffen being infiltrated and taken over by ONA & Temple ov blood AKA the CIA is nothing to do with Siege and James Mason.
Only bluepilled alt kike faggots get triggered by Siege.

I've heard you get a free studded leather belt and eyeliner when you pick it up at hot topic.

If homosexual satanism will save the white race then why is SA christian?

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You've yet to sing me a norgling song lad. do it tomorrow when mummy is at church

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Night boss

I still love you even if you are a filthy foreigner now

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Nice. Did you rewatch it with us?

Thing is my mummy only works like 30% and I wake up so late. Hopefully she works tomorrow ahh

ahh glad to hear that, lad

=stefan says he watches carl

of all the people you can watch

The SPLC has obviously hired all the YouTube Left to censor YouTube, that's what I think

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I thought you'd gone to bed?

Nah lad I was just yawning. I thought you went to bed :-0

yeah, I was a bit surprised when stefan said that, maybe he was just flattering him

>cuckbot molyjew a fan of (((carl from swindon)))
shock: imagined

that's exactly what happened. he went on some big rant and called the alt kike a bunch of niggers and debated anglin so he had to dehumanize and face to shoah

tbh, I really should go to bed

mmm comfy bed…

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probably. Like Sargon isn't even a trustworthysource and his politics are retarded

This is one of the comfiest animations I've ever seen lads.

bed time now

good night nightshift, be good

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night night lad

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Anyone ever had a gnome encounter?

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These days only someone like Ray Mears is moral enough to merit an encounter tbh

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quite unexpected

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defending nazis how?

Everything has gone quiet and we've all turned on each other. I miss the happenings tbh.

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Quitting caffeine tbh.

Yeah, times are peaceful. Trump warned us we'd get tired of winning.

The Sayings of His Holiness DJT 3:4

good lad, you wont miss it

free speech etc, soon after that he reverted back to being a faggot

we could do with a UK based psyop campaign to engage in tbh, ruffle some feathers, rustle some jimmies


Alex Jones just got his 3rd YouTube strike.

So when YouTube bans all of these guys what will be the next spot? I hope it's gab, they're the least kiked. I heard they have streaming now.

stop gayfrog posting tbh

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smh its like the entire culture is a happening now, just a slow steady roll into deep insanity. not even 4 years ago would I have thought it would be this bad

You know he's doing these rounds to get his shekels back up. It was above 8k just last week.

It is but we need shocks to the system to bring in new waves of people. No speech, stats or debate wakes people up like a happening.

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Yeah the collapse is happening in slow motion

If someone can invent bittorrent+tor then we'd have a replacement for youtube.

bataclan did nothing, nothing will get people to wake up. their entire political viewpoint is an expression of class

It's psychological, not technological problem. Just like Zig Forums

Seriously considering buying one of these.

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bittorrent has the problem that people's individual machines are greatly at risk of getting hacked…

Anyone remember the youtube viral marketing about a guy and a girl who fell in love over youtube, using the now removed video response feature?

hey spam bot, can you fuck off?

I'd like to see VR's again but have them "hidden" by default and have an option to open up VR's.




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I never see you in chat did you change your avi from the devilish pepe or do you just not shitpost?


I paid for some superchats in one stream, but I am shy tbh. I don't want to embarrass myself, and JF seems to be able to remember the names of commentators so the shame would be eternal.

On youtube I am a devilish beachmaster named Beachmaster. I am not in his Bongo Bongo Land smh

lad the video I linked isn't krautshit smh

Trudeau scares me. How can he be such an utter idiot?

Ahh yeah I forgot what your name was but remembered the pepe. Must've missed your superchats.

< 666 id
< 66 dubs
fuck off satan

Doubt you can be an idiot at that level. He's just bought and/or a marxist.

who are you, lad?

Not telling you tonight, lad. I'd have to scan my likes and whatnot. I know how you are.

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you can hide your likes and stuff, lad

I know, I need to. I rarely like videos but who knows what could be in there.

Sounds like you know there is something that is naughty, lad… I hope it isn't something I'd judge you for.

lets fight lad

Not really. Maybe a Tittany Venti vid at worst or something but like I said I'm not 100% sure.

Not worth the risk of eternal bullying

James Mason is interesting but AWD are a strange bunch with their occultism. I wonder what he sees in them tbh, or if he is even aware of what they've been up to.

the 56% store is two blocks down, lad

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Canada is a memi country with a memi leader.