Brit/pol/ #2183: White Rose Edition

Eight things Yorkshire has given the world

South Africa’s New President Receives a Rabbi’s Blessing

Sir Roger Bannister, first athlete to break four-minute mile, dies aged 88

Three charged over Leicester shop blast that left five dead

Farage to return to UKIP? Former leader hints at comeback to ensure Brexit is delivered

Steve Bannon says EU's treatment of Britain over Brexit negotiations 'vicious and dismissive'

Politicians talking up EU's importance to Britain's security fail to grasp 'practical reality', former MI6 chief claims

Jihadist Found Guilty of Trying to Create ‘Army of Children’ for London Terror Attacks

Left-Wing Italian Party Holds Voting Class For Muslims Where Only Their Party Is Shown On Ballots

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You shouldn't pretend to be something your not lad.

Lets bring back the confident, outward looking and tolerant Britain of Stormzy, Mofara and the Maastricht Treaty and eradicate Racism and Divisive Hatred forever.

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Just for the OP, lad.

value for a nation with a monarchy

where is Malala

we didnt let people vote unless they owned land, until about 100 years ago
unless you use that liberty to "offend people" such as quoting Churchill
GHCQ and MI5 are allowed to break the law however
no tolerance for intolerance however, but its fine to shit on Christians

Still smh

delet this
bad goy

shit edition tbh

the only British value we must come to learn and accept is the value of SUFFERING for what is greater

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Ban Bussy

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pack it in, wankashire

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Lads I'm looking for a picture of old knights doing the two raised fingers swearing on a sword thing
Help pls

thats lanCUCKshire to you, sonny jim



based tbh

There is a push to stop people drinking milk tbh

Is that the kind of firepower it takes to stop a 56%er now?


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don't do it lad, it's really bad for you, almost as bad as soy

What value here is unique to Britain?

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We are not and never have been a Democratic state
Again, never
Individual liberty and mutual respect are incompatible. We have had mutual respect through respect for the law.
We do listen to other people's points of view, but that which is beyond our existing formulation is beyond our tolerance. For the majority of our history we hung people for speaking against the monarch, we locked up pacifists during war and we have always propagandised against our enemies. Pre-1950 we were a homogeneous society, any claim that "diversity" is a British value is utterly ridiculous.

is that chloe moretz

Christ it looks like someone put a pigs head on a phonebox

She looks more heavily built than I do.

Not so 'patriotic' our we now "brit"/pol. .

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Union flag edition

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ngl the slag would get it and the Transformer might do some cool shit

That's a Union Jack I'd let the Jihadists burn.


What do you know about British values anyway?

what a load of memi words and phrases. practically none of those things are exclusively or especially British, except maybe for: traditions, pleasant and royal

I know they have nothing to do with bigotry and hatred.

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its like everyone alive today has completely dropped any pretense toward traditions

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Looks like a character from a Tim Burton movie

you can thank women and the people they vote for

it was probably made by an advertising corporation and mass produced as a template for every nation

I think we'll airmail Carswell to you post dafty revolution.

I'd say the most egregious is the word "Citizenship" a term never mentioned and a concept not found within British law until 1/1/1949

smh women are such shit

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Except for racists, obviously

They used "Multicultural" 15 times

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looks like the anti-bbc protest was a roaring success

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every nation in the world is just a brand these days, they want the people of the world to be mixed and mongrellised into one formless stagnant genetic pool of wageslaves, and the idea of nation states as the extension of clans and families to be completely abolished.

a society goes to shit when it starts inventing words like citizenship to unnecessarily and inefficiently define something that was common sense to anyone for hundreds of years, that to be British is a question of race and culture

They want obedient little dependents. It's a shame that even those little deformed dogs hate them as well.

On a side not has anyone else noticed how some dogs with women for owners automatically respect you more than the owner? I'm not sure if it's because they're both women and poor owners but I've never had the same happen to me when a bloke was the owner.

Dogs recognise authority

bit bigoted of him? what about are chedder man


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Yes let's smash 2000 years of history against 50 and say this was how England always was. Worse they use foreigners to do it.

Who organised this?

~8000 is "lots" compared to "some" millions of anglo-saxons? ok benny whatever you say mate
what about the English mate?

The Blair years were so fucking cringey

It's something I suppose.

I remember the 90s

also there are no fucking chileans in Britain its just a dumb memi because this nigger thought of chilis

Peoples charters foundation/Make Britain Great again crowd

Cool Britannia

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The point was there is no English we're just an amalgamation of loads of other people that were apparently all cast in stone and haven't changed since the first sun rise on this planet.

Never realised that Bill Etheridge was a manlet with an irritating voice

not long for christmas now lads

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best way to protest is to stop paying it

English means Angle though, so he did talk about the English although only for a line.
He spent more time talking about irrelevant ethnicities. I've never met a Palestinian, Somalian or fucking Bosnian

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whatever horrors produced by it i remain thankful to the internet for ensuring these froced memmies can never be done again. 'Cool Britannia', Multicultural Murals on InnaSitty School walls, Skins, Deano Extremism - this is what I associate with the Blair 00s

Lost my virginity to a Bosnian who's family moved into the street.

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wew it's not him speaking first, forget this comment tbh

Did he speak English?

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The Somalis are thick in London, they don't work have massive families, reduce areas to the third world and generally absorb resources and spit our third world problems.

glad I've never met them then

>still think about her sometimes

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What the fuck

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somalians are objectively the worst race on earth children ask 'Mummy why did God create wasps', Adults ask 'God why did you create Somalis?'

lmao much better

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The only upshot is they can't live beyond the means the state provides for them.


What about south americans

….why would they

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meh they aren't homogeneous I've met some good ones

dont come close. Their either typical lazy Dagos or Apocalypto Savages and we dont get the second sort here

For the stellar performances they put on.

I don't believe a single word of it. if he was in a life of death situation he do anything to live.

the chink/somali hybrid race of the future will be worse

south americans really aren't that bad tbh lad

I thought they all got nominations for best actor/actress

Fair enough thanks for the response lads
Don't much like them if I'm honest, but prefer them to somalis