Gosh I'm feeling nihilistic and agnostic

Gosh I'm feeling nihilistic and agnostic.

How about a nihilism/atheist/pagan/jew hate thread?

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stop posting this scandalous nsfw crap pic everywhere

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Does the truth burn your eyes?

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this board is nsfw, you're breaking rules


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It`s not me who posted. Also modern day world is sfw. Real life doesn`t come with censorship, u know

to explain: feminist tits are sfw according to modern society

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My boy

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Which is ironic since most Americans don't practice Christianity as it is practiced in Europe, either.
Circumcision alone disqualifies them from it.

Also, chopping down a tree that may not even have existed has about as much power to kill gods as burning down a church.

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Why don't you post some passages about God or the faithful hating people, then wonder at why God is contradicting himself? Better yet, you could take the time to learn something about Christianity before insulting everyone here.

I mean, Jesus would never cast aspersions on someone when he himself was speaking from ignorance, he must be really proud of you. :^)

I was Circumcised as a newborn, am i going to hell for that?

He answered and said unto them

also comparing atheists, jews, and muslims to the Canaanites of old is dumb, because God COMMANDED Isreal to annihilate them. God never commanded you to do the same. He COMMANDS you to Love God and Love your neighbor.
Last I checked, Muslims, Jews, and Fedoras all inhabit this planet with us too. Making them our neighbors.
maybe it is (you) and the other hypocrites ITT that ought to learn about fearing God
ill pray for all of (you)

No, it's simply not something Christians in Europe do since it is not a Christian custom.

It only applies to either jews or the slaves of jews.

I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.
Psalms 139:22 KJV

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Leviticus 19:18
wether you like it or not, these people are your neighbors on this planet of ours. Stooping to their level and holding onto hate makes you no better than the fedoras that hate God

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Good thing they're not my people.

Also psalm 139:22

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If any of you are posting in this thread with the intent of "hating" anyone and feeling righteous, you are LARPing. Probably the worst thread on this whole board. If that's what you're doing, repent.

A love of righteousness is hatred of evil no?

Jews and Satan who invert everything. They hate righteousness and love evil… for they are of their father the devil

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Everyone can be saved from the wicked spirits that possess them, and it's not for any person to judge if another is savable or not, we're sinners at the end of the day.


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