Brit/pol/ #2184: Fridge of Peace Edition

Romford explosion: Harold Hill residents evacuated after 'windows blown out by gas blast caused by faulty fridge'

Sixth man arrested in fatal Leicester shop blast inquiry

Three charged over Leicester shop blast that left five dead

South Africa’s New President Receives a Rabbi’s Blessing

Sir Roger Bannister, first athlete to break four-minute mile, dies aged 88

Farage to return to UKIP? Former leader hints at comeback to ensure Brexit is delivered

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Good lad!

Good lad.

Goode ladde

That or they are just big 5lbs-10lbs plates rather than 45lbs plates..

all these psyops

nth for based thots

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real thot smashing

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Not as creepy as yours

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Why do women get so upset when they have abortions if its just a clump of cells?
Shouldn't have an abortion carry the same emotional weight as blowing your nose?

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so glad I am not a normalfag and have any of that devil satanic crap in my life tbf. women are completely immersed in the filth of this world

Because even they have souls and can't fully rationalise away murder for hedonism.

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Utterly beyond my comprehension.

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top post lad, people bully karate but I could knock that nigger out with my elbows very quickly

Welcome to the utter state of normie culture.

Its like a support group for childless people
By "support group" I mean a narcissistic cult full of miserable people trying to drag everyone down with them

My Nan is probably the only one that understands my on the topic of child rearing and abortion tbh.

What's wrong lad, that's a standard weekend out.
Don't tell me you're one of those losers who sits at home on a Friday night hahaha, us cool kids all go to the local playground and murder a few toddlers before going for a cheeky nandos

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Is there a single thing on the Left that isn't this?

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Is Curb Your Enthusiasm halal?

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It genuinely spooks me that there are a lot of people who see not even the slightest moral concern with fornicating and then killing the child tbh

I don't know what you mean, lad

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wasn't that what people said caused Grenfell, originally?


its something that will be described by future historians as part of a deeper sickness and religion of anti-life

I thought with Greenfell some migrant set a fire and just walked off didn't he?

I thought it was a refrigeration unit that caught fire.
The migrants just walked out without warning anyone

Well if you set the bar for morality at viewing people 100,000 years or more removed from your lineage as the same as your parents, siblings or children then yeah, it's completely artificial and taught. My point is there are rough morals that are innate, but they differ between individuals so the only thing that's universal among differnt groups is the existence or prevelance of the same, again very rough morals. And I should've added yes many moral principles naturally end at dealing with the tribe, but interestingly not all of them (at least in my opinion, but I won't digress from the main points I'm trying to make). But where those principles that don't normally extend toutside the tribe are extended, like fostering good will between trading partners for example, that outlook and behaviour, reasoning (which yes factors into moral decisions is a point I think you were making) is there because of innate moral tendencies all the same. An analogy might be that a man can learn to fly a plane because he has better reaction times and can opperate under stress and is more intelligent than a chimp, despite man not having evolved alongside aeroplanes.

Seriously if morality intrests you as it does me, read some CS Lewis tbh. Or anyone who's written about innate morality (or moralities).The way Lewis makes the case for their existence is more compelling than my post could be.

literally can't win

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I doubt future Chinese will think of it that way tbh lad

That was nuff rumours smh

Is Truther Asitis saying that we should kick the Poles out?

I still think it's a result of necessity in group organisation and cooperation and what follows is basically a rough cultural/ biological evolution of that factoring in alot of historical trends as well. The reason I don't like arguing grand narratives like this is simply there are so many things to factor in.

I will read CS Lewis though.

You're a radical centrist, lad.

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They're wrapped up in their ideas and ideologies lad, ours must be stronger.

I call you friend

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I honestly have no idea what his point was.

third positionism is true centrism tbh

I feel that way about most comments I see from non-whites

No he's calling him a kike as well. Kikes look like us but speak their own language here despite being here for generations.

tfw I was expecting something bad

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That doesn't make any sense though since Jews aren't European and don't (usually) speak foreign languages


If they are only 5% then why do we have Sharia courts, Halal food sections in the supermarkets and the massive spike in crime.

I'd say it's closer to 12% possibly higher.

thought he had a rocket launcher on this shoulder in thhat pic tbh

s t e i n b e r g

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I wasn't calling him a scholar only saying what I thought he said.

Why not just make it 0? smh ageist bigots

Is that an edit?

No the memmies are now completely self sustaining.

5% is the 2011 census stat, in which muslim children were at 9.09% so essentially 1 in 10.

Will be interesting to see the actual figures.

ashkenazi supposedly are, although in the sense that that a basset hound is still a wolf

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I bet the next cenus will be a shock to the country.

Which vid?

Like Canada it takes only a decade to completely wipe out a population majority. Weren't the government thinking about dropping the census before 2021?

I'd go for that at this point. Maybe someone decent can get by promising free ice cream.

top fucking keek

why did nips coat their armour in a layer of lacquer? Wouldn't a scratch in it make it kind of redundant?

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smee my head

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pinned comment

I think I agree with you really, I've just a different way of defining/understanding morality. I get there's infinite complexity in the way we're shaped by accident of history and it's result, the nebulous concepts of culture or society, at that unwinding and understanding/explaining it all is about as complex and unfinished as fully understanding genetics. I definitely don't discount the way cultures drift or conversely stagnate because of aspects that perpetuate themselves. I don't argue for a kind of nation wide genetic determinism.

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they wont need a census in the age of smart homes and mass surveillance/control by AI

That seems too high, just looking at the birth stats of Bengalis + Pakis it's only 30,000 out of 700,000 which is under 5%

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Apparently it is still on the cards and it'll be an online census.


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Can we make bullying of certain verbal tics bannable?

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Only if I also make the verbal tics bannable.

optimistic or are we gonna get fascist italy again?

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bullying non-anglos is always acceptable

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To some degree eugenics had an effect as well, I think to a degree civilization imposed it with expectations, laws customs and punishments including death for failing to live up to them.

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Immigration hasn't stopped while this has been going on either.

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I reckon they are going to have another Mafia funded party run by Berlusconi again. Might as well send in the green party tbh

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Stop posting Absolute Nectar everywhere and upload Godwinson!

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They will have a coalition between Berlusconi, Northern League and Fascists

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Why don't chinlets today wear samurai armour to cover up their faults?

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keeek this

that means you wi n

fine smh

Does he even post here?

Because they see no problems in being chinlet soyboys