Supreme Court rules in Favor of Baker who denied Sodomites wedding cake

Victory has been seized from the jaws of defeat, this is the work of the Lord.
Praise be to the Lord! Glory to God in the Highest!

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Praise God, we can a breath a sigh of relief. But that doesn't mean we should become slack again but use the time God has given us to carry out His Will.

tbh I am dancing in place right now.

Praise the Lord. Honestly did not expect this.

Thank you Jesus Christ, Son of God!

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Back to discord with those sizes

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lol fake news

anyway I'm assuming Obongo's affirmative action justices were the dissenting votes. But this news really perked me up, thank you God for being merciful to our rotten nation

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7-2 as well. Completely deserved.

The owner wanted to bake the cake for them, but he didn't want to do the cake decoration. So the gay couple lied about them being an ebil bigot.

One of them was (sotomayor), but the other was ginsburg, who was appointed by bill clinton.

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Im surprised they even voted in favor for him. Cause for a long time my government has been sacrificing people on the alter of Gay marriage, in the name of society. So it was either so one sided, or they're moving on the more degenerate plays. Either way Gay marriage, is and always have been a political tool, and a driving wedge in between society. We're still no where near a christian society many people are still caught up in new age moral relativism etc. Nice that the guy one, but the U.S Gov, hasn't exactly been pro christian these past years going on.

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Agreed, I suspect that they have sinister intentions coming in the future.
But for now, let's rejoice in this small victory.

Imagine that.
Pray for those two, user. They need the blessing of repentance and mercy.

Also vid related from C.S Lewis when it comes to the law i think really hits the nail, on the head when it comes to deciding laws for our country. Would recommend.

Is it weird that I can answer almost every one of the questions in that picture with maybe a months worth of study?


not really…they're sort of "stuff atheists post all the time" questions.


Time to dance!

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Just a reminder, that while this is a great victory, it can be undone if we are not careful.
The narrow decision doesn't mean that it was a close thing, it means that it only IN THIS CASE. So fags could try this again.

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To be considered a flawless victory that a guy says no to fags.
Things are too bad to be happy. At least for me…

Is this the hand of Providence at work?

Thank God.

I-is there still hope for America? :3

>a 7-2 decision is narrow
>the only two votes that were in favor of the sodomites were (((Sotomayor))) and (((Ruth Bader-Ginsberg)))

What a coincidental "narrow" vote.

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Reminder that they only ruled in favor of the baker because they were not given a fair trial beforehand. But a victory nonetheless

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👏 LOVE 👏 IS 👏 LOVE 👏

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Well, what do you mean by Love? Do you mean unrestricted love? Giving into passions? Cause a big part of the christian lifestyle is to overcome these passions whatever they may be. A person could have a serious drug substance abuse problem, but i would advise them from a christian, and common sense point of view to try and get that under control. Through prayer, Rehab, repentance etc. Same thing with sex, sex in itself is not bad it was given by god, but it can be misused, and if even you who can not see how it is being used in this world in today's age. Then you should take these things to their logical conclusions who cares if people have sex with animals, who cares if people have underage sex with kids etc. Basically just keep going down into the descent. And i can personally as someone trying to get off of fap, that when you watch internet porn the fetish's get weirder and weirder until i thankfully got to a point. Asking myself wth am i doing, this stuff is literally like a drug and will end up controlling me. That's not even going into biblical points of why, we're not supposed to engage in these acts. Besides it just goes back to a simple question of pic related. Why are we being sacrificed on the alter for gay marriage, baking cakes, breaking separation of church and state; all in the name of society. When i think a better observation term would be, being sacrificed on the alter of unrestricted passions. And this is the double take you'll see a lot of people do on the far left, oh Bestiality is to much? Pedophile is to much? Now suddenly we're appealing to these absolutes as if there we're already standards. When most people in favor of love is love have already killed/thrown over board these things.

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Woops wrong pic, btw spoiler really degenerate and disgusting so do not open if not strong willed.

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Yeah, thousands of Isrealites. Remember that one time a Canaanite woman approached Him?

>24 He answered, “I was only sent to the lost sheep of Israel.”

Jesus knew in her heart that she was a follower of God. These sodomites are not followers of God. If they were they would heed the words in Leviticus that condems their degenerate lifestyle.

Once they repent and submit to God like the Canaanite woman did than will God feed them the bread they desire.

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