Brit/pol/ #2185: Emergency Wop Facist Edition

Sorry boys but it is an emergency.

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heard from someone in the industry last summer that this was likely, and that Italy were the ones to keep an eye on

So here we all are then.

The lads.

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What's a "Facist"?

Is that someone that likes Face Sitting, like Helmer's Belt?

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nth for killing Cheddars


>wah this board isn't serious enough
Whatever lad, you do this all the fucking time.
Yeah I know lad.

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Yeah lad it's an integral part of the video really, really glad I used it.

Also, how does this feel?

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Calm down lad, you've got yourself all worked up again

shhhhh, it's okay

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You playing AZW? I swear I'll play it one day lad, feel bad after got that torrent off you not using it

Oooooh, yeah boi.

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for him tbh

inb4 b&

Actually it's pretty rational.

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Is it though, I can converse with people here no trouble at all, until Helmer points out it's me talking

We were having some interesting discussion in that last thread, all the sex posting not-withstanding

How well does Zig Forums know the geography of England?

Post your results lads.
tfw anything South of the Humber is pretty much just a guess

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I live for it.


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As you were lads.

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is that you bertie lad?

Your a cunt and I don't even want to play with you tbqh

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No I just revel in the fact that they do it for free.

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playing while typing poo poo head

So now I've got some of these babies, and am using them every day

Next time I encounter that fucker I'll get the better of him

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I have a feeling most people are poor on the midlands tbh.
It's our version of flyover country, except you drive/take a train through it.

Yeah it even has middle class conservative voters in place of red neck republicans.

tbh ask the astral projection lad to realign your chakras, then you can heem whoever you want in your dreams

I know absolutely nothing about the midlands

Neither do most of the people living there.

I doubt he can teach me anything I don't already know tbh

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yeah but that's because they're stupid tbh
I choose not to know anything about it, because why would I want to?

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Counties are shit m8
post one for cities

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too bad AZW is ruined by Cheddar bred cancerous cunts who keep coming back when they get kicked

tbf, it tells you when you click on the wrong one and I still did this bad


who gives a fuck where hampshite is tbh

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"some place down south that's full of ham"

My score.

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Lad the fly remake can't be compared to the original. They were so different

nth for killing cheddars

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that Bran lad was a bit autistic

Lads, is Curb Your Enthusiasm ok to watch even though its Jewish?

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you posted this in the last thread

"Im not doing anything" while he's kicking you out of the house.

Scotland may as well be another country tbh

The one for cities is trivial tbh but here is is lad:


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Midlands are shit and boring tbf

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how did you not get lancashire, lad?

No one replied

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because northwest of england is the shittest part

I was about to ask the same question
t.urbanite scum

didn't get any on first try, tbh
was never very interested in maps

I tried

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lol stupid racists dont even know about their own country!

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Wasn't worth comment clearly.

Who is the astral projection lad btw, maybe me and him should have a chat…

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it's not fair lads
bloody demo-nazis

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Honestly the we should just go independent at this point tbqh ngl
bloody difficult paddy edition


Tbh who remembers where county Durham is anyway?

please do, we could do without you leeching and dragging down our economy

Dunno, he pops in sometimes

Where's Lancashire? That's in London right?

This calls for one man.

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meanwhile were stuck with the BASED 2-party system and the only QT audience screaming out for a new machine was

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why dont you try saying that in cornish you memi nation

Where's Cornwall? That's in Dover right?

Where's Dorset?

I had a full blown day dream about moving to that place and jizzing 7 babby's up her while going up the mountain with her autistic Norwegian dad and hunting and bullying him

No we need them **as our factory workers when we reindustiralise as the new British empire.

the absolute state
also it looks like he washed that in piss

Living the dream

I'm just a local lad. I know my home town back to front, and I don't want to go anywhere else.

I'm trying to name Irish cities and dying

thats ok little boy you dont need to know anything let the men talk, just sit there and try absorb something ok??

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Fucking his sister?

he doesn't have a sister sadly
though his cousins may as well be his sisters tbh

I'm 45

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How many kids?

alright grandad


Maybe I should pay a visit to that county to thin out the blood.

shocked lad

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Civil war when ?

Maps aren't even real. No one lives on a map.