What does Christianity say about countries defending themselves

Hey Christanons,

A friend asked me a good question today. He is from a small country that has always fought against its neighbors. He said 'If we were acting Christian and turning the other cheek, we would be extinct long time ago'. What does Christianity say about this?

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Turning the other cheek is on a personal level, between you and your neighbor.
There's literally nothing wrong with defending yourself and others, like your family or your country. You are even obliged to do that.

People forget that Jesus also subscribes to "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."

No, he doesn't. Cmon man, that's like basic stuff.

"Two swords!" - Christ
"Do your job, soldier!" - John the Baptist
"Kill 'em all!" - God in the OT

No, no, you don't understand the meaning of turn the other cheek. It is not "always forgive those that wrong you", it is "when someone wrongs you forgive him once".
Game theory proves that this is the most effective approach to life. It is basically the Tit for Two Tats in the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma (a model for all human interaction):
In a perfect world with no communication errors it is an inferior strategy, BUT in a world with communication errors which we have on this earth, where niceness can sometimes be mistakes for meanness, Tit for Two Tats is the perfect strategy.

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Then came Peter unto him and said: Lord, how often shall my brother offend against me, and I forgive him? till seven times? Jesus saith to him: I say not to thee, till seven times; but till seventy times seven times.

Luke 11:21 and Luke 22:36

When Abraham was ninety-nine years old, God appeared to him and told him, “I am the Almighty; obey me and live as you should. I will prepare a contract between us, guaranteeing to make you into a mighty nation. In fact you shall be the father of not only one nation, but a multitude of nations! I will give you millions of descendants who will form many nations! Kings shall be among your descendants! And I will continue this agreement between us generation after generation, forever, for it shall be between me and your children as well. It is a contract that I shall be your God and the God of your posterity. And I will give all this land of Canaan to you and them, forever. And I will be your God."
(Genesis 17:1-8)

[insert tons of bloody battles of nations raiding other nations and defending themselves here]

Gentiles will have their full share with the Jews in all the riches inherited by God’s sons. Both are invited to belong to his Church, and all of God’s promises of mighty blessings through Christ apply to them both when they accept the Good News about Christ and what he has done for them.
(Ephesians 3:6-7)

See: Just War Doctrine, Summa Theologia
Also see: "turn the other cheek is not Jesus telling you to be a doormat, this has been discussed ad nauseam on Zig Forums, please lurk more"

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There's a difference between "my brother" (Matthew 18:21) and "whosoever" (Matthew 5:39).

It's two different teachings. We must hold no hatred and pray for evil people, forgiving them in our hearts no matter how many times they do us wrong.
The part about forgiving is intended in our interior attitude.

Instead the teaching about turning the other cheek means to not retaliate the first time someone do something bad, giving a second chance.
Many people who act hostile against us are not evil, they are often surprised if you don't retaliate and end they end the conflict. Most people recognize a charitable behaviour. This has happened to me many times.
Unfortunately there are also people that really want to do evil, not defending yourself would only encourage their bad behaviour. If they continue to try to damage you, then defend yourself, but do so with justice and without hatred.

>inventing novel interpretations for scripture

>relying on atheist economic theories to provide the real guidance in life
Sounds about par for the course on Zig Forums

Your enemies do not typically ask you for forgiveness. If they do, you can still forgive them while still justly defending yourself.

Everyone is your brother. We all share Adam and Eve. We all share the image of God.

Blessed are the peace-makers, user.

So you actually agree with me here, you're just picky about the wording.

calm down buddy

That is not the definition of brother.

Oh, you think otherwise?
You would rather take guidance from the world than from your own maker?

Good luck with that strategy

I take both. Turning the other cheek, and many other verses, have many interpretations. I'd rather use my God given intelligent to discern the right one, instead of pandering to Jewish political correctness and ethnomasochism.

Turning the other cheek means accepting a challenge. Dumb-dumb.
A slap was a call for a duel at the time, and turning the other cheek is basically calling their bluff. That is defiance and not compliance.

Search on your own why Jesus said the right cheek specifically.

My parents taught me I had to tolerate an evil done to me infinite times. Something about forgiving your brother 77 times, or does that only apply to literal brothers?

Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

As above, so below. If you don't forgive others, you can't then demand God forgive you.

In my experience they never do unto back.

Your parents were idiots then.

That's not the point.

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