Brit/pol/ #2186: Abbey Edition

Terrorist ‘teacher’ found guilty of grooming ‘army of children’ to attack London landmarks

Teen jailed for life after police thwart terrorist attack on Justin Bieber concert

Italy’s ruling center-left ‘pretty much gone,’ tripped on migration issue

New Czech PM Stands Firm Against Migrant Quotas: No Way Will Brussels Dictate Who Lives Here

Milan Mosque Urges Muslims to Vote for Italian Left-Wing Parties in Favour of ‘Birthplace Citizenship’

German School With 99 Per Cent Migrant Background Pupils Forced To Hire Security

German anthem may soon go gender neutral

1,200 pages of 'gay' priests' explicit chats, photos given to Vatican

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First for Mr Trump please bomb the Oscars, many bad people tried to make me touch their white helmets

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Ta lad

Also druids

Insulted by just how dumb ZOG propaganda is tbh

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Stay woke lads

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I feel a dank infographic comign on.


Are black organs even compatible with non-blacks?

cool vid lad was just listening to adios mi general earlier never liked learning spanish as a language because it feels like a peasant language and reminds me of mexcians so i enjoy latin high culture as it reminds me the language isnt all bad


have you listened to that video of the jewish lawyers talking about how they get around the laws saying you can't hire cheap foreign labour in america by purposely designing adverts so that qualified americans don't get the job, so that they can say they tried to get a native?

Haven't you read Pig Heart Boy

This happens here lad


I remember that the negress who wrote that also wrote a book where blacks were in charge of society and whites were oppressed, and all of my friends big sisters read it and thought it was really deep and moving, smh

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Doing [space] & [enter] beats the flood message tbh


jesus fucking christ lads
it's almost like demographics is destiny or summit

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Oh, don't worry about it lad. You know, keep it local.

Wogs putting the gun to their own head and pulling the trigger screaming "WE"

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At least they fucking try to be schemey, over here they just put "no natives allowed" on the ads, it happened with a lorry driver the other week

Oprah Winfrey needs her 3rd heart like old Rothschild tbh, it has to come from somewhere :^)
Also Obama needs spare kidneys iirc
The niggas onto something

At least you'll qualify for benefits.


Don't be a bigot lad

I respect Zionism tbh. I regard the Jews as Alexander regarded the Persians.

Based Israel

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Euroshopper or bust now

They are the python

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Poor metaphor lad. The Python was a cthonic i.e. LOCAL monster that arose from the earth, in contrast with Jews who are not native

God bless.

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Fair point lad, trying to find a decent artistic metaphor.

That was homophobic tbh.

fucking kekking tbh lads

Every fucking time.

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tbh we should return the house of windsor to the house of saxe-coburg gotha changing the name of your 100+ year old dynasty for PR reasons is dumb

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postan best abbey

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=((IT'S)) AFRAID==

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How did the wop elections go lads I wasn't paying attention tbh

Didn't realise that he was a Jew until quite recently tbh

Literally drumpf basically won

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what cant yorkshire do?

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smh, what a poor quality product

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I thought Nate was supposed to be me, but it was written too early for that.

It's condensation fam.

Literally the last stand of white identity tbh

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Stop sucking cocks

Yea but its fucking tasty

i never drink this retarded aspartarme juice

The Jews are winning tbh.

is footfag lad around?

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Its like legal crack though

You're missing out tbh lass, I've gone days on nothing but a can of the good stuff tbh

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Yeah but not because of that

you look like a massive faggot drinking it, it's what 14 year old children playing cowadoody and minecraft drink


just drink water

how hard is it to drink the thing your body is designed for


Do they make Decaf Dew?

Ever been to a building site you bumder

More than 1 in the space of a few hours makes me all twitchy and anxious tbh, it's the best feeling ever

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Like from the toilet? Eww

Can't get a pint at 8am fam

Literal crack

He doesn't make his own muesli for breakfast

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This is now a

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eating like a retard to own the libs

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Oswald Muesli tbh.

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t. relentless

If it aint got a pregnancy warning its shit

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Red bull fag detected

Monster > red bull > cat piss >>>>>>>>> relentless

morning lads

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ES>monster>rockstar>relentless>my own tears>redbull

Good non-alcoholic drinks:

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Forgot it even existed tbh


Anti-Monster is codeword for anti-British

love cranberry juice


Pink lemonade
South American espresso
Chocolate milkshake
Blue milk


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i miss the time when energy drinks and plastic didnt exist and everyone ate hearty meals of cabbage and porridge and 50% of the people i see didn't have some form of FAS or fucked up bloated face from obesity

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If you put a lighter and lighter gas in the fridge then fill it up when cold you get more gas in your lighter than when its warm