Praise God.
I am a muslim, a centrist, and Malaysian. During the past months, I came across a very horrible video, I don’t want to give the name as it is horrible and disgusting beyond belief, but it was the most Christian-hostile video I have ever come across, it made fun of the Messiah, as well as the New Testament, and God. After watching a small part of it, I felt so sick to my stomach, I personally felt attacked and I began shaking. I later read about the most anti-Christian party in the world, the wahhabi party in Saudi Arabia, and i also found out about Islamic refugees who left Islam and converted to Christianity after being received in Europe. I saw their testimony, and I felt like a justice had been done. It gave me such a happy feeling when I saw them praying in Churches, the same men he had probably blasphemed the Holy Spirit in the past. I have also come to enjoy the sound of the orthodox chants and reading your desert fathers, as well. I can’t explain the warmth and happiness that comes over me when I listen to their words, I get tears in my eyes just as I write this. Why do I feel such warmth and comfort in Christianity??

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The Holy Spirit is beginning to soften your heart.

That is the grace of God, OP. The Church was instituted by Jesus Christ to be the dwelling home of the life-giving Holy Spirit and a light to the world.

I'm not sure whether the Catholic or the Orthodox Church is right, so I'll suggest you look into both (but I lean toward Catholicism).
Until you find the right path, you should read the Bible. You can find electronic versions on BibleGateway.

welcome home brother

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The Desert Fathers were Orthodox.

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Can we not for once?

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Our thread is the fake one, but the retarded admin on /islam/ locked the real one because apparently he doesn't know how to check the time. Thank God for muslim stupidity.

Someone change the copy pasta to a pagan one and post it on Zig Forums.

He posted the same thing on /wicca/, but it was deleted. He's probably making the rounds on all religious boards.

post it on /asatru/

Let's consider this to be true - how incredible is it that she overcame this supposedly super deep crisis ? Can you even appreciate what she did after this supposedly true letter what sent ?
Stop trying to throw dirt on a saint - it just makes you look jealous and prideful.

The theology of the Desert Fathers apply to Catholicism as much as it does to Orthodoxy.

was sent*

mfw I got that thread locked with minimal effort.

"we aren't that stupid"

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Change it to a capitalist one and post it on Zig Forums.

I don't think she ever overcame it.

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Here's a testimony that you might enjoy watching, user
(It's a short version, he has more detailed versions on his YT channel)

Welcome here op :) you sound like a nice person, feel free to ask any questions

Become Christian! You can't go wrong.