Brit/pol/ #2187: Name your son US marine Edition



Terrorist ‘teacher’ found guilty of grooming ‘army of children’ to attack London landmarks

Teen jailed for life after police thwart terrorist attack on Justin Bieber concert

Italy’s ruling center-left ‘pretty much gone,’ tripped on migration issue

New Czech PM Stands Firm Against Migrant Quotas: No Way Will Brussels Dictate Who Lives Here

Milan Mosque Urges Muslims to Vote for Italian Left-Wing Parties in Favour of ‘Birthplace Citizenship’

German School With 99 Per Cent Migrant Background Pupils Forced To Hire Security

German anthem may soon go gender neutral

1,200 pages of 'gay' priests' explicit chats, photos given to Vatican

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Gonna delete this shit thread tbh

There is no god but Noel and Blobby is his prophet

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Good lad

why live?

You may one day join Noel at his heavenly house party

looks like we have a COMMUNIST or russian spy here

Would be a laugh tbh

thanks, m'lads. I practiced tbh

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Luckily that didn't work

Better dead than red

That's really sweet lad
What were you singing?

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one hand full of cock one hand full of pussy

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Yeah okay but is she going to do any actual tomb raiding.

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vicious murderer noel edmonds with ted heath

Lel ffs


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smashing the patriarchy lad
its sort of graverobbing in a sense these day
digging up long dead bones to nick their watch and smash the ribs up a bit


The phone call that saved europe

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sadly billions will believe this is real

going to go cook a massive amount of bacon eggs and toast lads bb


My 2nd gf had tits like Lara Croft

How many have you had?

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More than a dozen

the Inflatable Ingrid series isnt known for its anatomical correctness lad

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The start of "Norge i rødt hvitt og blått", a Norwegian patriotic song usually sung around our independence day.

There are choirs singing it but I prefer it when sung by your average lad in the streets tbh.

I have seen latex suits for women that make them look like blow up dolls, quite a turn on tbh

I'm with my sixth gf now.

No. Big and pointy.


That's pretty neat tbf
Is it like a pub drinking song?

Get used to it, bigot. We have a beautiful, powerful, African Queen in waiting.

Rather you than me lad

Not even meming the five star leader looks like a poojeet

Don't think so. if singing anything at all people would probably sing songs from local bands or pop music smh

Meghan's fit though lad I'd tap dat
what the fug is going on lately tbh. chemical terror attack gone wrong

kek fucking wop politicians

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Fair enough, was trying to find a comparison for us, maybe a football song lel

well you'd have to move to Norway and invent time travel if you want to enjoy it outside the confines of youtube and specialist theater productions

stop watching porn lad dont go down that road
its very hard to remain moral when the only thing that turns you on anymore is bestiality and gang rape

I got a new job lads guess what it is
im in charge of bennies distribution

meh why not i guess

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Well played lad

"we don't need a magic sky fairy to be moral!"
*eats people*

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not enough detail
could be phosgene could be sarin tbh
phosgenes easy to make causes horrific burns
so's sarin but it dissipates too easily in a well ventilated area and backyard versions are usually dirty and dont work

graun suspects fentanyl

as a biologist Dawkins should know the effects of cannibalism and the propensity for prion diseases and protein mutations
its not just unethical/abominable its also dangerous

reminds me of those jap scientists who made food from shit

Wops had a porn start in their parliament

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silly moral absolutists having a childish taboo against eating meat!

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ah fentanyls horrible shite
took me a month to fully recover from it after i had it for surgery

Congrats! What do you do each day?

Christianity has already been defeated by progressivism, and the seeds of its destruction were long sewn. You're right now making a sociological (ew) argument for believing in God, instead of taking it on faith. The fact that Christianity has already been argued down from belief to proof is a defeat in itself. If the reason to believe in Christianity is just so we don't go Dawkins on gran when she dies and serve her up with some kidney beans, then Christianity has been definitively shelved. Faith is dead and atheism is just the void left behind. We need a new religion that isn't as weak as Christianity, something people actually want to take on faith.

an endless stack of tedious bureaucratic paperwork while being berated by aging lesbians



once a thot always a thot

wops are taking all the nordic girls

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I didn't know they used it in hospitals, pray tell lad


think it's an arab but I don't think they're actually together. Then again it happens.

we pale betas can't compete smh

that is a pajeet

The nose knows

its the NHS being cheap
you can use less fentanyl for the same operations where you'd use 10x the normal anesthetic
nvm the number of people getting bad reactions and getting euthanised by the synthetic shite

what you lack in masculinity you make up for in neo-Platonist philosophy and Aristotelian concepts of the soul

Its shorter acting than morphine so you get the side effects escalating more rapidly, and the patches are evil
But yeah mass produced in China for 30p a gram

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Wheres your Nordic lass anyway

She's been taken by Lorenzo over there

tfw no nord lass

the european line of succession ends with us but at least we have video games to ease our passing

No bueno


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*on the gchq server

I don't know. I have a job now so I thought a lass would find me. Guess I'll have to look on tinder.

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Saveto post and then delete, GCHQ can't afford us wasting server space.

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Find a paki lass tbh lad they're great

tbh it sounds like she's a stuck up cunt, probably why no one wants to date her.


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women don't like clever men they dont like feeling stupid during conversation when they can't follow it
they like men who are financially intelligent

Top fucking keek.

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Spot on, someone describing themselves as "too clever to find a boyfriend" is just an arrogant twat.

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