Brit/pol/ #2188: Stop LARPing Edition

Terrorist ‘teacher’ found guilty of grooming ‘army of children’ to attack London landmarks

Teen jailed for life after police thwart terrorist attack on Justin Bieber concert

Italy’s ruling center-left ‘pretty much gone,’ tripped on migration issue

New Czech PM Stands Firm Against Migrant Quotas: No Way Will Brussels Dictate Who Lives Here

Milan Mosque Urges Muslims to Vote for Italian Left-Wing Parties in Favour of ‘Birthplace Citizenship’

German School With 99 Per Cent Migrant Background Pupils Forced To Hire Security

German anthem may soon go gender neutral

1,200 pages of 'gay' priests' explicit chats, photos given to Vatican

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Good lad

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bad lad

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first for big hair

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was going to commend you on a good thread until is saw all the eurofag links

He should've bombed that Bieber concert tbh. Go staight after the twink and leave the thots alone.


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Sargon is out there risking his life every day. What have you done?

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Could just be furry.

who is this handsome, lad?

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Gone to work to help our green and pleasant land ticking over until the racewar.


Keek. His Icy Calm. Total Mastery of The Situation. Total Dominance. Power as Nick Land says is simply the point where resistance becomes futile

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This event will go down in history.

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Sounds like you are ignoring the truth and trying to get on with your daily life instead of combating the horror we will face.

tbh its quite funny how antifa get tossed off the stage and beaten up by soyboys at a fucking sargon event

Same just for spoilt foreigners in budget housing.

tbh he was probably a shitty leader but the bants are tremendous

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Nah they were based

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I'm waiting incognito amongst the crowd until the shit hits the fan. I'm well aware of what's happening and what's to come.

Wew these idiots really thought they could get close to Don Sargone? Come at the king you best not miss

one day the time will come to seat colin robertson on the trone lad

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The Satanist is untouchable



this tbh

nothing can be done until the chess pieces have been set, any action before then will be classed as terrorism. All we can do is keep the people closest to us informed and redpill who we can

…and train

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that guy in the middle is the embodiment of 'this sucks i wanna go home'
Burgers will actually sell PRECIOUS BODILY FLUIDS to watch negroes throwing balls around

looks like the alt-right is alt-wrong!!

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Sounds like cowardice, would it not be better to plan and network or even get yourself into a prominent position to help weaken a decayed government when the time is right?

Based Zuzanna from Poland

one day lad

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Makes me giggle every time

hot diggity dang

If you're Jason Bourne maybe yeah

I also like to walk silently - like a panther, among the crowds as i rip the ice cream parasols out of pub garden benches and beat small children with them

he probably thinks he is tbf

i try in my personal life but it takes time

any of you in yorkshire or the north hit me up we can meet up

Why is it futile if we work towards something? There needs to be someone to start the fire.

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I have redpilled those closest and they have done the same.

such as?

What's with the hunchback guy

And how exactly are you going to start the fire, screaming at people on the street, scribbling swastikas on private property, sticking up edgy posters, or hiding in a luggage room?

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thats exactly what were waiting for, it's already happening. Why would we do it when the shitskins are adamant on doing it for us?

hnelo yes i am a based british nationalist and ukip voter british till i die mtae from yorkshire born and bread i would like to meet with you to see your guns

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He left his coat at home.

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He's stomping

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he's a bull prepared to charge

sure lad post your Bongo Bongo Land or some other form of interaction and we will organise something

Yeah send it to me via the email on the blog

comfy time is upon us

pawing the ground with rage as he gets ready to bulldoze through the police lines and disembowel antifa

I'm training and arming a network of radicalised toddlers
When the time is right we will assault the former toys r us stores and build an empire

looking forward to more of 22st's upcoming vocaroos

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Cheers lad will do
Its not any good yet but might be worth fleshing out

Member of the forces or vital services or "leader" in a social group that could be used when shtf.

No idea they are all retards.

We build up now in whatever ways we can, then wait till support in the government becomes no existent then we light the fire in a way the finishes of the delegitimized state.

better hurry up then lad

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Fucking poo in loo poo poster smfh tbh

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smh it was supposed to be a png

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you say what im doing for the movement you ask me to act and do something well let me tell you i've seen bins you wouldnt belieeve council tips on fire off a windy flyover ive watched leaflets flicker in the dark off the primary school gate

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Economical collapse perhaps? I can see the EU will try and punish us in a year or two. Usually the first to start shit are the wogs, then we start fighting back.
Just like the London riots in 2011. All the lads came out and forced the scum back into their hole.
The next time it happens, we might not be so civil towards them.

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Top fucking kek. DOn't know how much work goes into this but that's pretty impressive

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Top kek Sarcuck meets the left

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all that needs to happen is a group of mudslimes going postal in Londonistan, then the chavs will get woke

at that point we just need to lead them, and get them to wear black turtlenecks for the aesthetics

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chavs are lost

chavs would just use it as an excuse to loot.

mudslimes have gone postal several times in London

I think the government will make to stop a collapse and turn it into a simple degradation but as it isn't instant the masses will be much more accepting of their fate which we can't let happen. But if that's what you think, that it will happen soon, then you must prepare the best you can so that you and therefore we can be more effective when the time comes.

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Chavs are niggers

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going to kms tbh

They already have lad and no-one got woke. There's more chance of White people rioting if they cancel EastEnders than Muslims chimping out.

Worked for Hitler
Also. When are you blowing up the BBC?
I'm going out soon and I don't want to miss it

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Literally everything can be quantified as currency in America

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top fucking keek

So diverse, such magnificent culture how can we compare?

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Chavs will only look after themselves. Scum has no loyalty or national pride let alone be politically active.

That does sound plausable but people are already at their wits end with our establishment and I think further brow beating will be a breaking point. This is when the shtf.