Brit/pol/ #2190: Quintessentially LOCAL Edition

Brexit News: How the ‘towns that don’t matter’ are now calling the shots in UK and EU

Russian spy may have been targeted by deadly nerve agent, experts claim

The day the BBC decided Putin murdered his mate

'Several people are hurt' as violent thugs shut down a FREE SPEECH event at King's College London setting off smoke bombs and 'punching security guards'

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First for I will ban the swarthy thot on sight

based yardie going straight to muh dick

I'm a good boi tbh

No I'm not, dickhead, I put kill first like it should be

Thanks dude

I'm going to marry your sister then kill her and fuck her corpse

smh SA


But yes

based mods tbh

Well you fucked that up lad because then you'd be single again

Our government is cutting our military funding, not because they don't have the cash, on the contrary, they have a fuck load of it but they are dismantling our Military on purpose because they're going to join the EU Army via the back door.

tbqh shagging indian lasses is what enoch would have wanted just under the orders of him as british raj

*hires hookers with her life insurance payout*

Good lad.

It'd be chad if he were a chad an not just an arrogant fart-huffing cunt.

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They stink
And you my dear lad are being a cunt stahp



Sit tight lad I'm on my way up to rutland to puncture your head with my hammer and shit in the hole

wtf I love swedes now

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Can confirm they smell pleasant

He can't argue for shit though so in the bin he goes

>And you my dear lad are being a cunt stahp

its a long way from Jamaica lad are you sure you're going to go through with it?

they fuckin reek of curry

I'm sussex lad :^)

Fuck off back to /newshit/

Lel perhaps some do

Its warm in here though

Wherever, lad. Enjoy your last night or so of full cranial integrity

Is it really worth it for the MILFs?

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Thanks lad
*enjoys the shit out of it*


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phwoar lad dunno give it a go and report back here

Is that logo supposed to be a bum hole?

Anything is worth it for some milfs

pakis out, swarthy qts in

problem, bigot?


What happened to Are Joey?

I can't wait for his Citadel Of Nationalism party to storm its way to Number 10!

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Paki men out
Paki lasses can stay



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he'll be back in May with the power of Kensington council behind him


mongrels cant stay though, any sons will be castrated and sold into house slavery

Zig Forums EU4 game when?

Swings and roundabouts lad

Where is he until then? Is he back in prison again?

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My one at least

Ill see you on the field of battle as I defend my mixie kiddies

hes campaigning for the kensington LOCAL elections lad

he's taking out the trash, lad.

unironically hang yourself



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it aint a laughing matter


today kensington, tomorrow the world!

LOCAL World Order

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You deserve the company you get tbh

It is lad

I thought you had to live in a tent to get Bowden syndrome?


Ok. Your Paki can stay
We'll hang the pair of you in public as a warning to other filthy racemixers

Not surprised considering italien women are extroverted and short tempered. Get a load of rapey Africans sharing the same space and you'll get a result like this.

The blokes on the other hand tend to be a little more pussy whipped.

Will white women eventually swing right now they're lower on the totem pole than wogs and immigrants?

I await that day then lad

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Unlike you, who whips pussy amiright?

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Italian women tend to wear the trousers tbh.


I am meeting more and more right wing thots tbh

Lots of men EVERYWHERE in the west are pussywhipped as they bend over backwards to get their daily dose of scabies and chlamydia
Men have become weak. This must be corrected

Get your fill of curry aids while you can

imagine the sound of actually loaded cannons. How did people not go deaf? smh

Never met a woman outside of Eastern Europe that didn't tbh


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They probably did go deaf

Based wops. Now why can't we get in on this?

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These are a commie/socialist trade union by the looks of it

Serves him right for cucking out

Being a cuck is no defence

Damn right lad

I think it is gradually changing but there's a lot more work to bed done. My guess it'll take a generation or two

From what I hear blank firing a cannon is louder than a loaded one.


what a story though


Yeah yeah lad

starting to think its a good idea tbh

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fresh morality

It will be very quick. Not a generation or two but SOON
I predicted last year the end of the EU by latest 2020 and quite possibly this year

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Imagine living in a country where the socialists were (correctly) anti-EU. What a luxury it is to be a wop.

UKIP finished. Greens literally leading in polls

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Good lad.

Good. As long as young lads can keep up the momentum hopefully more women will join our side. They're just as important.

Muskets are louder when loaded, why wouldn't it be the same with cannons?

What did he fucking expect to happen?
>"well akshulee I'm a liberali–"
>"no you don't underst–"
>"pls listen to m–"

Farage made UKIP, and Farage killed UKIP

was he a spy all along?

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kiddos ask why granpa is hard of hearing and he stares at them blankly because he's fucking deaf