This seems like satanic shit

My uni professor recommended this book, he says it's a bestseller and educated people should read.

I didn't read it, but it seems pretty winnie the poohed up. I heard the author says the elite will turn into some cyborg overlords and everyone else will be enslaved.

I'm suspicious my professor may be a transhumanist shill.

Since this book appears to be popular, I figured some of you may have some insight on that matter. So I'm looking for some critiques against transhumanism and post humanism.

Sorry for the grammar, English is not my native language.

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So am I just being biased (the book isn't really transhumanist)?

Or are you saying that transhumanism may be acceptable?

He isn't blind for pointing out the obvious. If it deviates from God's doctrine, then it's likely antithetical to it in a bad way. Homosexuality gives birth to STDs, heterosexuality brings birth to children.

Anyway, a lot of us don't know much about the book to make a clear judgement about it. It was apparently written in hebrew and claimed that humans were superior to the earthly beings here.

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Thanks for the reply anyways. I noticed that this guys books are being shilled by the mainstream academics and that made me suspicious.

Birth defects happen, yes. Are you implying that homosexuality isn't an abomination?

STDs happen, yes. Are you implying that heterosexuality isn't an abomination?

Actually I'm thinking of this book, not the one in the OP.

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I'm half way through this book borrowed from a friend. It's an okay read it just delves into evolution of the human race and history. What I will say is through the tone and language of the book my personal impression is the author holds a contempt for sapiens / humanity which I thought odd. I asked my friend about it but he didn't seem to pick up on it (not that he's really sensitive to such things). But the book follows the development of human society and has some interesting insights but obviously take it with a grain of salt coming from (((the author))).

The sequel to this book which I haven't read is focused more on the future and may include the trans-humanism shit you mentioned.

Nice priorities.

It's not because it gives birth to children, homosexuality gives birth to STDs.

In this book, he doesn't, he just talks at length about how awful man is from a secular point of view.
In his follow up, Homo Deus, he talks about cyborgs and the threat of AI to mankind.

Obviously take the materialistic, fedora-tipping with a pinch of salt (at the start of a the book he gives a very brief timeline of the universe but begins with with something like "In the beginning, nothing created the Heavens and the Earth"), but the account he gives of early man as a wicked creeature which ruins paradise is an interesting touchpoint with Christian thought (even though the author is an atheist Jew).

Propping up humanity to be all-powerful like gods is a satanic theme thats been around since the tower of babel. Everyone is trying to be a god by their own will. Its in so many works of media today. They either become god with technology or with some innate power they were born with. Self-help books are all like that: Hey reader, (You) need to become all powerful and crush anyone else. Or "Hey Reader, do this weird secular ritual and (You) will literally change reality whoa solipsism. "

- St. Padre Pio

The MOTB will likely involve technology and transhumanism, probably uploading your brain into some virtual utopia. There's gonna be some serious shit in the future.
Note the condensing of all language down into tactile feeling, into one language.
God will humble all these people. Every knee will bend.

(((Yuval Noah Harari))) is an Israeli historian and a tenured professor in the Department of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. - Wikipedia

E Michael Jones tore this book a new one, this is just slop for the masses.

What in the world are you even arguing for? Harari is just another new atheist dope trying to convince people that God doesn't exist; we should be Gods, blah blah. Usual garbage.

Lad i'm reading Fr Seraphim Rose's biography atm and it is about 2,000 pages. This is the life of one man, and some random Jew claims to sum up human history is under 500 pages. This my friends is what we call propaganda. i will give you a summary so you don't have to read it. "Something something blob of gloop becomes humans for absolutely no reason, therefore we are all gloop and need to all become one big gloop race now get into your vr entertainment pod goy".

I've read this book. There are some interesting bits in it. However, the ideas aren't original and the author comes across as a pseudo-philosopher. Wouldn't recommend to serious or educated readers, maybe for the more casual reader or general public. But be warned, he does have a political agenda and it can nauseating at times.

I gladly renounce being educated.


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You consume too much popscihifi garbage by the look of it.

not sure how your prof would be a transhumanist shill if he recs a book that dunks on transhumanism


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