Brit/pol/ #2191: Liberalism For The Masses Edition

Brexit News: How the ‘towns that don’t matter’ are now calling the shots in UK and EU

Russian spy may have been targeted by deadly nerve agent, experts claim

The day the BBC decided Putin murdered his mate

'Several people are hurt' as violent thugs shut down a FREE SPEECH event at King's College London setting off smoke bombs and 'punching security guards'

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Use this thread.

Good lad, stupid title tbh

what should i have called it?

it was an emergency, i had to think of something fast

Muslims wouldn't do that in Portsmouth, they know that Poles, Czechs and Balts would cave their head in.

Release me from this Slavic nightmare

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Don't worry about it.


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I hope that your area is flooded with migrants. I hope that you're made to be afraid to walk your streets. I hope they insult you and your culture and speak their own language that you cannot understand. I hope your children are bullied at school for being the only whites and kill themselves. Maybe then you'll finally develop an ounce of manhood and develop a natural feeling of brotherhood with your tribe that humans have had for the last few thousand years until they were brainwashed from birth into complacent tax cattle for the corporate industrial death parasite known as modern society.

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very noice

Allowing ethnics to vote
FFS lad



Chimps out

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jej, i saw that on Saturday on TV, made me laff tbh how they tried to make bogeymen out of them
they are so transparent, yet normies wouldn't have a clue who he was - only that he's literally hitler

Honestly just look up the most Muslim and most non-white areas of the UK and go visit them. Or visit a heavily Eastern European area. You can see with your own eyes what a disaster it is.

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pic related

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That's my point, I can only see DD as being a good thing if you have an ethnically homogenous nation. DD and Multicult I don't see working well

Using "hipster" to discredit and trivialise
MSM know "hipster" is a derogatory term

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I'll do CD as well tbh but you can get hipsters to pay good money for cassettes…


Are you posting from 1986?

what a cute fascist logo

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Given the state of independent music today I may as well be tbh

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lol imagine caring about immigrants when the economy is crashing due to fascist May's disastrous hard brexit and everyone has to go to food banks because of tory cuts we need to build more houses not whip up fear over migrants we are all immigrants didn't you read about cheddar man? i suppose they don't print that in the DAILY FAIL haha get a life losers

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Cunt is a middle class horn blower

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we'd be the only white people there tbh


good luck to the wops no ill will towards them

You could tell that from her name lad.

What is the context of this post?


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Seriously, take someone for a drive round the shitholes like Newham and if they're still pro-immigration there's no hope for them.

I liked what I saw, looked upbeat, neat and tidy, but I wasn't into that punk music though, that's an odd choice

It's a reference to one of Ezra Pound's poems I think.

From the way this guy/gal types about the world as if it's made up of economic units belies that they are most likely extremely sheltered and or autistic. They see immigrants as another taxpayer, not real people in an actual physical space.

*switches identity*

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She can blow my horn anytime.

stop that!

Might email her and ask how much for a private lesson on me 'pink oboe'


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I'd like to stomp on this paddy cucks boat tbh

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Every time i see 'far right' mentioned on the news now you expect to see demonic music playing in the background as though the devil was about to be introduced in a wrestling match

Just noticed that him and Andrew Neil look like long lost half brothers

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hey have a hostel lad you could go visit rome on the cheap and give some money to the wop fascist

that will be the last time you steal a (you)

should have put a water mark it smh

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Do it lad

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It's the way they try to call fascism etc "gay" and portray anyone involved as some kind of repressed dysfuctional gay whilst simultaneously supporting such degeneracy
Hence their little ad at the end for "Nazi, Gay and Jewish" bollocks

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come on, it's so blatant

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by invading and destroying rome i guess BTFO

tbf the russians poisoned that guy

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Not only are they women, but they aren't even real police constables.


cheaper tbh

Do you think I should ask if she wants to gas the jews or just intern them into camps, maybe a bit too forward on first contact… might wait until second date for that one.

Killing Jews should be discussed on the third date tbh

That guy was posting on Stormfront about being arrested or something iirc, he was shit scared of going to gaol then suddenly came out as a gay jew and cosied up with spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) to avoid a prison sentence. He was saying on his facebook page the other he's thinking about suing someone for calling him a fag kek.

Could've been MI-6.

You know, "no loose ends".

They could've been more subtle.

No it won't. You have to deport them or not allow them to vote at all
Last year I spoke to an English grill who'd live in Holland for 15 years. She said she got to vote in every election when she lived there but when it came to the referendum they had over Ukrainian membership of the EU she wasn't delivered voting papers and neither was any other EU national living there that she knew
She decided to come back here at that point, also because Brexit

If they're successful, you'll get jewed out of them and the band will willingly back stab you

"Why are you such a retarded and traitorous thot?"

It's a bit Skrewdriver tbh. Think it's just used to recruit. divert and give a focal point for younger people lest they fall into the (((nigger rap))) memi music

Problem isn't the krauts. It's the (((same old same old)))

Two halves of one hairdo tbh


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What besides WW3 is it going to take for Germany to learn that they are wrong?

Why does Merkel keep being voted into office?

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if you go into your bathroom and look on the back of your shower gel, shampoo, conditioner or other products and see sodium laureyl sulfate on it, it's already too late for you, you likely have judaism inside you right now

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Why? Give me something to read about how it is harmful.

Corrupted votes
Jew finance and US meddling, Industrialists, globalists do not all of fucking Germany make, you retard

sodium laureyl sulfate is my fetish

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lend me some reeeeeeeeeeeeeeees lads

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Islam will be 46% of the share by 2021

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How much worse are things now?

you listen here you satanic palindrome
Germans have had nearly a century to not vote for Merkel's shitty christian union party. They keep fucking it up. You can't tell me that voting corruption is responsible for all of it.

You know what the Germans are going to do when Italy leaves? Brand the Italians as ungrateful and carry on regardless.

Can't wait until the next census tbh

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Look up Birmingham on

2021 census is going to be start of the nightmare tier.

Listen you twat, stop conflating all Germans with a few commie/globalist politicians in league with (((big banks))) and on board with the Soros plan directed by the (((US State Dept))) and their (((Intel agencies)))
Can you even into reading or investigation?
Lurk moar faget

Tommy Robinson on Italy's election

spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

why would we care what a spy says?


No one ever suspects the "nice" governments.

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who bashed him up?


Again with the satanism lad
Germans are sheep. They follow any politician with a moustache.




Fuck off (((Hore Belisha)))
What about our citizenry, [ see ]
Italian citizenry, Swedish citizenry, French citizenry, EVERY citizenry, you fucking mongoloid?
STOP fucking posting dickwipe and go back to

This board is full of spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) you numpties!

This proves he's not a spy tbh

*escapes from the mods*
is ginnie a braphog? asking for a *closelines mod* friend tbh

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