Brit/pol/ #2192: Triggered Epic Style And It's Beautiful Edition

Sorry, Kate! Meghan Markle is the fairest princess of them all…according to (((science)))

This is what you should with your bins this week

UK built half of Europe's offshore wind power in 2017

'Murder-suicide' father, 57, 'took his two sons, aged seven and 10, to their deaths by jumping off 500ft Beachy Head cliff after stabbing his wife to death at their £625,000 London home 90 miles away'

How Cheddar Man 'flips' British Identity

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the absolute madman

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Chavs = niggers tbh

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And I'm saying that I've not had a problem with it, the only people I've ever found to be uncomfortable with eye-contact were the ethnics.
I'm not defending London, I'm just telling you my experiences with it. London is definitely less friendly than rural areas, but it's not completely soulless just yet.

they're just LARPing lad, once SHTF they will snap out of it for the sake of a purpose and a cause worth fighting for

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We should send all the chavs back to Africa tbh. They'd be much happier amongst their own kind.

Bongo Bongo

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t. middle class wanker

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t. JF

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t. also a jf

Whatever you say, Alexei.

ffs EH….

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Chavs are white niggers. Take it from a working class lad. We have to live around them.

t. satanic bourgeois scum

do they really shit their pants when they hit the ground?

I know lad, but they can be molded into something else.

If you mould shit you just get a different shape of shit.
EDL/FLA should have been a lesson.


once the 14 words are implanted into their psyche they will be an unstoppable force


The successful father memi strikes again. Avoid the greedy woman like a plaque, it will never be enough.

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Work "Lad's Holiday Camps" for chavs when?

If anything I pity the muttlet, they'll never belong to a group.
Miscegenation is child cruelty.

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The kid on the far right of the first pic looks Finnish tbh

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No, they must be forced to be part of a group.
We are all identical, we need one big global group of diverse tolerance, no is different, everyone is the same.

snarky chavs tend to lighten up if you just try to be friendly or find common ground. Some of them are plain nuts though.

I knew a guy who took a knife to school, got expelled, joined another school and then didn't see sight of him for a whole year and then one day while I'm sat on the train minding my own business I get a solid punch in the arm - it took a lot of restraint not to clutch at it and start keeling over it but it turns out it was this psychotic motherfucker's way of introducing himself who as it turns out was now training to be an amateur boxer

I said "ouch" and rubbed my arm trying to be friendly and handle some bants, but inside I'm simultaneously livid and fearful of what his next move is going to be. I think it's only because I was friendly to him previously that he didn't try to fuck me up

is that Bongo Bongo Land legit for a trap set by spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)?

the noble savage warrior caste. If only they were commandable, we could use them to retake London.

Used to be that we could round up lads like that, point them towards the zulus, and let them have at it. They just don't have an outlet for it these days.

it looks like even the kids in the photo shunned

some lass approached me and my mates at night, in central london, offering us food in some carrier bags because she bought more than she could eat

Made me think before I returned to calling it a big dirty shithole

Called it instantly. I should be a detective

Sounds like a decent young Englishman

Solving the chav problem:


oh if you want a decent one, Ive been sharing this link for Cyberpunk 2077 Bongo Bongo

wait why did that happen?

Ive always gotten along with the lads other people are scared of, never friends but friendly with them even the gypsy lads.

Would have made me very suspicious tbh

erm dont you mean enforced abortion?

I wonder how long before Islam-ISIS strikes Europe again.

The guy was sadistic and ignoble. I wouldn't like him in the military. He'd kill his own commander.

I'm up at 7:30 on the train kind of groggy and just staring out of the window and this guy thinks "better land a solid right hook and give the guy a dead arm". Jesus christ I wasn't prepared at all.

well I dont know. Im just jumping to the wild conclusion that this guy who provided everything got stiched up by some jezebel cunt.

who cares?

Not much you can do about such an animal but wait until it fucks off back to its den tbh



probably right

wew lad you are giving him too much credit.

Had a weird dream about my ex

No I feel weird. Help me feel better plz lads

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London's just the appendix of Europe.

america is just the appendix of africa

Kill her with a shovel

That's what would have made me suspicious rather than simply dismissing it tbh

Is that what you'd do?

I miss happenings. Life is so boring these days

If it's sealed it gets ate. That's how it works. I'm not important enough to warrant a serious assassination attempt.

we had 2 very recently, they just got covered up to be made to not look like happenings

He would have a picture of his shit waifu taped to the shovel.

Do you think the muzzies have cottoned on to the fact that they can just quietly win the demographic victory and happenings actually harm their cause?

We all do. Everyone is hoping for somethign to ease the pressure

Was that what happened in the dream?

I'm not talking about someone trying to kill you in particular lad, any psycho can kill any random johnny for a laugh. My mum taught me never to trust strangers tbh.

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really? what?


If the dream interpreter lad is in here then he has some explaining to do tbh

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Nah in the dream she was happy and surrounded by friends, in a big but run down old Victorian house that had yellow walls. I was visiting them, but I didn't fit in, and my ex was acting like nothing ever happened between us

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I don't care for dream interpreting. It's just the brain emptying itself of junk. There's nothing prophetic or life altering in there.

He doesn't know about the collective unconscious

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This lad told me I'd meet my beloved this August if I kept lifting and started a diet that would have removed my ability to lift.

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DAmn, these really could have been happenings - if they were just accidents why are they arresting people?

Maybe they are covering up terrorism the same way they covered up the rape grooming gangs

for sure lad, they need to keep it under wraps otherwise the masses will break their conditioning

good point with that Leicester shop.

I must have been half asleep when I first read this.

Yours is shit though.

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You don't know who my waifu is because I don't post her every single minute of the day like you do, lad.

it reminds me of the japanese laddkun who used to sit at the bottom of a swimming pool for 10 minutes at a time looking for "inspiration" inside his oxygen deprived brain. I'm surprised he didn't merely start convulsing and die during one of these occassions.


is steban molyneux a false prophet?


Go on lad, tell us who she is, we are all friends.

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if the sources are true, the guy had liquor bottles rather than peroxide

It's your mum

He's a Jew.

jej lad, you give him way too much credit

How do you "lewd" another man's waifu?

We know they do this obviously. Police lie, its their job literally.

This type of cover up happened over the Pete Sutcliff Yorkshire Ripper murders, he brutally attacked many more but the police wouldnt admit how out of control it all was.

Draw or write something sexual about her

but who is she lad or is it not a she?

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>all this anime girl posting

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Join the Bongo Bongo Land lad, my waifu's identity is basically the only bit of dox info left to uncover

Or thinking something sexual about her


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