Zig Forums theology on homosexuality

What is the Zig Forums stance on homosexuality, and what are arguments for/against it both secular and theological (though theological primarily)?
Asking for a friend.

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No argument to be had, because there is no single reason in favor of homosexuality. Sodomy is a grave offense, condemned more than once in scripture. The Catechism of the Church calls homosexualiy an inherently disordered state of being. A mental illness. Same sex-attraction is something to be cured and accompanied by a good pastor. So that's no inherently sin. But acting out on it, committing sodomy, promoting that whole agenda bullcrap ("gay", "LGBTxyz" and also transfaggotry) is grave offense against the Lord.

An effeminate abomination that lowers man's dignity, health and spiritual potential, a sin.

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Also what this guy said

the only argument "for" it is that like all sin it can and will be forgiven with a repentant heart and it can be overcome. And if its any consolation, fornicators are in the exact same position.

no, that would mean heterosexual sex is unnatural and inherently an abomination. It's not on the same level at all

all sin is equal etc…

poland celebrates pride month

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Then why is some sin punishable by death?

All sin is punishable by death, which is why we must repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.


did they succeed?

its gay

>no, that would mean heterosexual sex outside marriage is inherently a sin. It's not on the same level at all

heterosexual sex is not inherently a sin, while homosexual sex is inherently, always a sin. Big difference.

Poland is a shithole.

Christianity teaches that the act of homosexuality is a sin (e.g. two gay men have sex [sodomy]). It's both a sin because of sodomy and also because marriage is only between a man and a woman. Anything outside of marriage is fornication, so it's also a sin for a heterosexual man and woman to have sex before marriage. However, by this definition homosexuals can't get married, so their sex will always be seen as a sin.

With that being said, Christianity calls Christians with same-sex attractions to chastity. I'm a homosexual living in chastity.

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Also, homosexuality is worse than fornication, it's an abomination.

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Well, I guess the better term would be "Christian with same-sex attractions".

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you're not a homosexual, you have homosexual temptations, but you really need to let go of this identity of being gay.

Watch Joseph Sciambra's videos. He's an ex gay pornstar, now a devout catholic and he says your identity as a christian is not gay

I wish I could let go of same-sex attractions altogether.

Thanks for videos, user. Here's another good one.

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how many of these threads do we hsve to go through? FFS people check the catalog

No it's not, stop posting cutesy anime girls you're identifying with. It's inherently effeminate and faggy.

Read the bold letters. Heterosexual sex outside marriage aka. fornication is pretty much a sin.

And still heterosexual sex is not equivalent to homosexual sex and should never be compared, not even in cases of fornication. Maybe in cases of rape then we could draw equivalences.

In terms of how disgusting it (homo sex) is in worldly point of view. I agree. But in the spiritual manner, a sin is still a sin, hetero or otherwise more disgusting things. This is what I want to get across. Sorry if you misunderstood that I was trying to defend faggotry.

Are you serious right now?

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>homo sägs aka sodomy solely for the sake of pleasure, condemned like few other matters, no chance ever of procreating
Nono, falling for your sex drive and then doing it like it was intended is absolutely the same as sodomy which is living out mental illness and innate rejection of God. You're absolutely right.
As expected.

Yes, you know why?
cant get anal fissures if you put the penis in the place God intended it to be
cant get gay bowel syndrome if you stick to hetrosex
cant get shit on your dick if you aren't a faggot

So equating sodomy to hetro fornication would be like equating aggrevated battery with attempted murder. Are they both bad? absolutely are they equal in badness no, not at all

Both are cases of sin. What makes one "better" than the other? To me, it looks like you're just biased against gay people.

not relevant to our discussion

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Didn't even read my post. Gtfo modernist

God doesn't turn people into sinners, people turn people into sinners.


Serious Q: some Protestant denominations have performed gay marriages or are in favor of LGBT. How do they justify it? The Bible literally says that gays should be killed.



Vagina tears are a thing, you know?

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You seem to know a lot of details pertaining to the insertion of your dick into another man's bum. ;)

Anal sex can also be clean if you take the right precautions, the same as vaginal sex, but that's besides the point.

Gay bowel syndrome (an obsolete term) refers to a series of symptoms, which a hetero couple can also have. Gay sex is as safe as hetero sex, but again, that's besides the point.

We're discussing the gravity of the sins for both interactions, which is the same. If you're trying to persuade me by saying that gay sex is more sinful because it's more messy then you've got a shitty (no pun intended :3) argument.

Actually, opposed to what some of the Christians here believe, I am. Vaginal intercourse also gets your penis nasty and smelly. You're just grasping at straws, as I said before.

You are implying that gays are a mistake. I realize that God doesn't make mistakes, that's why we're not mistakes.

What do you think leads a person to become gay? Most of us know it by the time we're children.

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St. John Chrysostom said that sodomy is worse than murder.

Because he was a Church Father (?)

Are you a prot?

Homosexuality is a mistake, a man made mistake. Thats why God forbid it! (Pic related)
Thats why God glassed two cities full of them.
Thats why God had them expelled in the book of Kings.
Thats why it was reaffirmed in the NT in Matthew 10:15

/christ/ or >>>Zig Forums where they are more tolerant of reprobates.

The fact of the matter is:
The benis doesn't go in the bütthole, it was designed as exit only.
Benis goes in bagina so babies are made ,bnot cummies to be had.

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How accurate he was too, murder destroys a man's body, sodomy not only helps to destroy a man's soul, but spreads degeneracy across a society.

Sodomy is a societal illness.

the way i see it is that the act is a sin. i think its a very bad one and that its not forgivable?
dont know about the intention because of matthew 5:28
dont know theology but sodomites/catamites are more likely to be mentally ill and have physical disease like stds.
answering for a friend.

great response

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off-topic II

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Secular arguments
Theological arguments
plus Lev 20:13

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