Brit/pol/ #2193: Limey Edition

Britain First sent to prison for "hate speech"

Britain First leader and deputy jailed for religiously-aggravated harassment over 'hostility' towards Muslims

In a leaked email, a senior staff member recommended the then CEO should not be alone with female employees

Boys suffer worse online sexual abuse than girls, study shows

Exclusive: Tiny Irish Town Taking Hundreds of Migrants Had No Say, Locals Fear Being Called Racist

Man ‘mutilated & scalped’ in Paris restaurant by assailants armed with machete and saber

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Eugenieist uprising when?

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Tinder Wants To Eliminate White Guys From Search Results

not sure if believe tbh

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Kek, he sure fooled you.

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this thread was posted first tbh

Russia using chemical weapons, this time we are telling the truth, please believe us.

OP updated
Put some fucking effort in next time, you do this every single time.

In the same way that actual buildings support the weight

Nothing in London unfortunately.

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Does it still happen if the user is a Jewess?


literal interracial breeding grounds

It's amazing how obvious this is MI6's work,

The most trusted kind of source.


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Even if this story isn't bollocks it's a bloody stupid move.

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Great way of fucking your company over. Race mixing is quite rare and is usually only seen on the TV or in the city centers. Women who would've considered it would probably have dabbled in one-night stands anyway with wogs.
Most white women go for white blokes tbh

Yeah I actually read through it and it seems like they were just making shit up smh

Yeah, lad, but those are usually for supporting a roof, this would support the roof AND the huge tower on top of it.

anything elsewhere?

Does tinder actually make money though? Seems like something the Jews would do just to masturbate to

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How much fucking renown do you need?

yes, it has limited features you unlock if you pay monthly

jst shit for women basically, like seeing who "super liked" you - very semetic

I think they do in adversiting considering it's free. I have never used it though so I might be wrong.

Plenty of large statues across the globe

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There's ads, and also there's a limit unless you pay.

I know towers exist, lad, but look at that thing. It just looks like a massive stone structure on top of a roof of a regular building. Basically there'd have to be a lot of the space under it used just to support it so there wouldn't be much space in the building, and the tower itself doesn't even have windows smh

In Britain of Britannia smh

That's what vaulting is used for, the pillars take the weight and allow the space underneath to still be used.

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nᵗʰ for flying buttresses

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Imagine a beta
Now imagine a beta who marries a Japanese woman and takes her last name

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seen two men with asian women, both of them bossed around by a short angry looking chink . It's fucking pathetic.

I just read an article that said the number of people on their site that said they wouldn’t date outside of their race has dropped but in practice nothing has changed and people are still maintaining racial dating trends.

Every ''man''''' I see with an Asian woman looks like that

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You can't get any more pussy whipped than that. Imagine what they would be like when they hit their 60's, having some slant eyed troglodite giving you the screaming hair dryer treatment because you left a skiddy in the pan!

Here's a quickly slapped together visual aid for what would be inside; the pillars would run around the edges of the tower, and also along the inside as well.

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I will never understand betas tbh. Just the sheer lack of self-respect is baffling.

100000x this tbh

What stops gay IT companies from experimenting with your swipes left or right? Let me remind you that:

What stops Tinder from shadow-banning White males? Say a woman gets only 100%. Even if she did not plan to race-mix at first, she will due to app pressure.

Mark my words.

girls using Tinder in the first place should be the first warning lad.

What's they best way to cook duck breast lads?

I guess. It just gives off the impression of being a huge lump of stone on top of a regular building smh

they always have that fucking virgin body language too. Sometimes you meet their eyes and you know that they know that you think they're pathetic. Same with the lad in my company who went to Thailand. We all know he paid to have sex.

Why would you want some thot that uses tinder in the first place, lad? They'll never be waifu material.


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I don't doubt the malice of G-d's Chosen. It's more likely they'll be subtle though, injecting more non-whites higher into the results rather than blocking whites entirely.

Heat it up until it's no longer raw.

smh those internet bullies are always giving you a hard time lad

I wonder what the answer will be

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No there needs to be blood.

Tell us lad

Another shit shit shit OP
Ban this fuckin faggot

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based social programming

Sqwaker is run by a widely discredited one man commie team team of one man turbo commie
Also anyone using Tinder is done tbh
How many Jews have you gassed today lads?

Feels like I'm living in an insane world tbh lads. Kikes definitely know the collapse is coming soon, and are going overboard to use up their last years on Earth.

Wow the Beeb looks a lot different

There are babies that don't resemble their dads? What, does a lass plop out a mini-cheddar every so often and the "father" stands around scratching his head wondering why the little goblin has sickle cell or something?

According to the article the study followed single mummies (hmm why would a mummy be single so close to childbirth?) so you've got it one.

Disguise yourself and kill him lad

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chortled heartily tbh

That's a nice look

My fucking sides, lad.

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Kys tbh smh

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…or get hairplants

just number 1 it lad

top fucking lel he looks like Ian Beale

was about to get sad then I noticed you're a (1) phew

woah looks handsome in 3rd pic

He looks like egg man smh

ever heard of propecia?

Surely we have a complete e-fit of 22 now?

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I haven't lost any hair. This is just how I look smh

you have the typical scandie forehead this is what all scandies look like

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fucking hell lad

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Pro bully zone tbh

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Would you care repeating that please?

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Top keek. Trying a new style. How to people keep their hair neat when wearing headsets and hats?

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Kek lad

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sad tbh

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We could have had it all, lads.

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what anime, lad?

Watching Evangelion at the moment tbh lad

Heill Odinn tbh lad

keek I was going to mention that

good lad

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He was too good for this world, smh.

flashbacks to the 2000s inc


Pretty normie in here tbh.


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