What does Zig Forums think of children being separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexican border...

What does Zig Forums think of children being separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexican border? Is this in line with Christianity? Can we support this or is Trump evil?

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I think you should get sent back across the border for triple posting.


I always thought Trump was a bad president, but in a low tier way and not in an Andrew Jackson heaping God's wrath upon the nation tier sort of way. Now I realize he's the latter. America now has the suicide of a separated child on it's hands. Mary is weeping.

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This isn't trumps doing, the reason they HAVE to be separated is a ruling from the ninth circuit court, also this started under obama so this is mere convienient outrage for the satanic media

Do you have any source on that? I'm hunting myself, but if you have it yourself I'd appreciate it.

Maybe these people shouldn't break our laws and come here illegally. I agree, breaking up a family is tragic so send the whole family back for the children


A certified class of alien juveniles protested their arrest and detention. The complaint raised claims challenging:
(1) the region's juvenile-release policy on constitutional, statutory, and international law grounds; and
(2) the conditions of juveniles' detention.

Opinion of the Court
On certiorari, the United States Supreme Court reversed the judgment of the Court of Appeals and remanded the case for further proceedings. In an opinion by Scalia, J., joined by Rehnquist, Ch. J., and White, O'Connor, Kennedy, Souter, and Thomas, JJ., it was held that 242.24, on its face,:
(1) did not violate substantive due process, under the Fifth Amendment, through asserted infringement of an allegedly "fundamental" liberty interest, that is, an alleged right of a child who had no available parent, close relative, or legal guardian, and for whom the government was responsible, to be placed in the custody of a willing and able private custodian rather than the custody of a government-operated or government-selected child care institution,
(2) did not violate any "equal protection guarantee" in the Fifth Amendment, through
(3) did not violate procedural due process, under the Fifth Amendment,
(4) did not go beyond the scope of the Attorney General's discretion under 1252(a)(1) to continue custody over arrested aliens, because 242.24 rationally pursued the lawful purpose of protecting the welfare of such juveniles.




Figures the SC is responsible, just like their responsible for the murder of 60,000,000 and counting. Still, apparently as an administrative decision separation of families has ramped up signifigantly under Trump; those detained under Obama were largely solo immigrants, which is another administrative fumble entirely. Trump is blaming democratic security laws for this when this is entirely the fault of ICE and easily preventable, it reeks to high heaven.

So outside of an open borders policy, which would make the overall situation worse, what would be your solution?

Full deportation, kids included, as another user said. Any policy within reason would be preferable to this satanic bile.

Zig Forums never changes

found in a pinch

That would be preferable, and I think the administration would prefer it. However:
Congress does not want it, since it means votes or slave labour depending on the situation.
Media does not want that (if it bleeds it leads/Dem wedge issue).
Business does not want that (slaves).
Modernist clerical officials do not want it (headcount).
And through that you will find others for their own reasons, and the general populous.

So you have this situation. It's really quite unavoidable when you have such worldliness.

put rather eloquently

The increase in separations stems from a zero tolerance policy enacted by the administration last month; the law permits this practice but it does not mandate and the policy of the DHS is not fixed. This is an executive matter, not a legislative one, and should be addressed by the current administration as opposed to being blamed on current legislators.

Well, you can't throw them out right now (for reasons I brought up), and you can't at least get rid of the parents, so what else is save for letting them all into the country unconditionally? You cannot think that will be an improvement for anyone, particularly as have said you wish full deportation instead, you know the consequences. This is already difficult enough since they are considered US citizens and that cannot be stripped of that as of right now. Unless you want to create a class of stateless people…but then if you do it's less a question of morals, and more a question of optics.

You didn't really bring up reasons they can't be deported, just reasons they won't be deported, but yeah I get what you mean. The true, constructive solution to this problem is for native citizens to suck it up and work the jobs that only fresh immigrants, undocumented laborers, actual slaves in the prison system, and teenagers are willing to work. Immigration reform is necessary but it's also a patch job for a terminally ill labor system, and the immigration is such and issue because our lavish standard of living necessitates an exploitable underclass, slaves, as you put it, that we've become unable to regulate. I really don't want full deportation because I really don't want anyone to live in the wasteland that is Mexico, but at the end of the day the U.S. is paying for it's sins.

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But those jobs are priced out of the market and frequently not even offered to citizens since they are citizens, which affords them some protections. There are millions out there willing to work with only a high school education who would be perfect, and have been rejected from other occupations due to insane college preferentialism. The whole situation is rank lawlessness and insanity, but do not blame the victims please.

Wait, what do you define as "immigration reform"? That's become a loaded word as of late.

It does not necessitate it, it hardly existed not even all that long ago

Some of them aren't from Mexico to be fair, that is very page skimming to think so. That said, many of these countries themselves are as spiritually dysfunctional as the northern section of the continent, but in a different way. Pagan idolatry, the popularity of liberation theology when it's been discredited time and again. No wonder South and Central America is chaos, and nothing is done to correct it.

There are at least attempts being made to correct some of them now. Better late than never, although more could be done. Maybe Canada could take the kids and then they wouldn't be stateless, and their useless PM could preen with them in a saffron bathrobe like he usually does.

If that is your reaction maybe you should ponder whether or not you're brainwashed. There was a time once when the Church endorsed genocide, it was the time of the greatest faith.

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Criminals are separated from their family in general.

It's in line with Christianity as illegal criminals are subjected to the same standards as US criminals.

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It's kikes slapping the family sticker over an issue to make their controlled opposition agree with it. The kikes are too smart for the average media consumer, the average consumer just thinks
and doesn't even know he's being programmed.
It's both interesting and dreadful to see these things play out. I am not in the anglosphere, so usually these issues take 3 days or so to hit here, I've just overheard about this on the radio this morning. "Journalists" worldwide just translate whatever is on the us media webpages.

hands down one of the biggest problems today

It's unfortunate that these families are being separated but they should have thought about that before breaking the law.

Excuse me?

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Just to name a few

I think America is possibly too kind in the way she handles foreign invaders.

Reported for concern trolling Zig Forums duplicate bait thread.

Pope Urban II commanded the genocide of muslims in the first crusade.
And the Church tacitly approved of the genocide of natives during colonization becuase they were savages and non-Christian.
Then the Church became lily-livered and it all went to ruin.



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Then I'm not the only one.

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Unfortunately, I am not impressed. You will need quite a bit more mental gymnastics if you want to make an engaging argument in order to circumvent the simple phrase "Jews are fit for slaughter".

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Laws must be enforced. You don't destroy the future of your land and your people because you feel sad about a poor kid.
Emotional appeal is just leftist manipulation.

tigga, the only people that stood up for the natives and defended their human dignity were bishops.
And the dissolution of the jesuits was started by the colonial authorities getting pissed off the Church was protecting the natives in their reductions.
Get out of here with your Zig Forums fantasies.

There were lots of catholics on both sides(which came up in a vision of Mary weeping for that)
The Saxon massacre was a scandal for his reign(think Benghazi type miscalculation and accusation) until the end of his days.

No one cares how you feel about them when you can't even be bother to screencap Chrysostom's work itself instead of someone else quoting or paraphrasing him.

It's not even on my mind because I don't watch fake news.


No one here is real Christians, those who follow the teachings of compassion of Jesus Christ.

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They should be sent back with their parents, the consequences of diversity are not to be taken lightly.

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the Saxons were raiders back then, your argument is literally "saxons dindu nuffin, they just on dey wey 2 odin tree"

nobody told Francis the former is NWO exercise, I'm not sure what you're whining about with the latter part, though it's obvious lies are not beyond you


Ahhhhhhhhh feels good tbh

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Wait a minute, redpill me. What did Andrew Jackson do? He's the only president to have ever ended the debt and punished the private bank.

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I never said they didn't. What im saying is that forced conversion never works. It didn’t work in Ancient Israel, it didn't work for the West.

So I guess the Concordant between Hitler and Pope Pius XI was just one of the Catholic Churches many pranks.

I could try to explain to why demographics and biology matter, but since you are willing to go as far as deny reality I wont waste your time as you will ignore me anyway.

By all means stay in Babylon, modernist, your corrupt institution's time will come.

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What didn't he do? AJ is and always will be hard core
Chuck Dickinson got shot for accusing him of cheating on a horse race. Talk shit get shot hahahahaha

Well, at least you didn't go for maximum constructiveness by not including that last bit, but still.

Here's a idea for you.
The kid gets kicked back along with the family.

Deport them via trebuchet
Bonus points for funny landings

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Andrew Jackson was certifiably awesome
Bean burritos need deported back to mex ick co via beaner trebuchets

Whether Blumpf is evil or not doesn't have much to do with his border decision imo.

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how many former homeless men do you have living in your home mr. more-righteous-than-thou?


The left is infamous for hypocrisy,

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A mortal wound on the national soul, bleeding profusely. Intolerable.


James 1:22

That's a half-assed script that gullible gringos like you fall for.

Should we put thief's children in prison with him? Is this in line with Christianity? Can we support this or is Trump evil?

What does Zig Forums think of children being separated from their thieving parents that go to prison? Is this in line with Christianity? Can we support this or is the justice system evil?

When are the mods gonna shoah these threads? We have a politics sticky for a reason.

A fattened calf may be fit for the slaughter, but no one except the man who owns that calf may kill it.
Do you not read in the scriptures where Christ tells the parable of the weeds among the wheat? Does the master not instruct the tenants to let the weeds grow alongside the wheat, lest by pulling up the weed you uproot the wheat also?
Is it not on the Harvest day, that day of Judgment, when the wheat and weeds shall be collected to the barn and fire, respectively?
Tell me, brother, have you been set aside by God to deliver His judgment before due time?
What revelation have you received that you may pull up the weeds among us?
Are we all not made in the image of God? Then by all accounts we are God's.
The Lord is the herdsman who has all full rights to slaughter the disobedient in His flock; His tenants have no such authority.
Do you not read in the Scriptures how the Apostles dealt with the perfidious Jews? They were beaten, mocked, and tortured by those Jews, yet what did they do?
They shook the dust off their feet, gave thanks to God for being able to suffer for the Name, then went on their way.

> archive.is/Riv6l
> archive.is/Vg9pi

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doesn't that regularly happen? isn't every criminal in prison prevented from raising their children? so the only difference is the government has started treating what was always illegal as if they believed it really was a crime. if you don't want to be separated from your kids, don't commit crimes. you are responsible for being separated from your kids if you commit a crime and get detained for it.
i see violating the laws governing our borders that our elected representatives have put into place as being morally similar to illegally entering private property. a nation's lawful citizens are like the stakeholders of the nation, you are violating all of them by sneaking in. thieves stealing loaves of bread may mean to feed their children too but it's still a crime.

Ah, but it's hard to thump your chest in public about how you feel on an issue, rather than work through it honesty in a homogenized and generalized discussion for the truly conflicted!

>(((Episcopal Church))) condemns the policy.
>(((Evangelical Lutheran Church in America))) condemns the policy.
>The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints condemns the policy.

Are we in the wrong here?

Bad decisions on the part of the parents will create sad outcomes for the children. The problem should be cut off at the pass and not let them into the nation at all.

wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat

Do you even realize the implications of this post
Are you insane

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I did, here:
I just can't be bothered to argue semantics about what "fit for [nothing but] slaugther" actually means, to me it's simply a prompt to slaughter Jews and so I quoted some random author who sees it the same way.

Well, as St. Augustine said, there is always good and evil in the Church. Unfortunately in evil times there is a lot more evil than usual.
If one seeks Church guidance and authority he should look exclusively to the past, for the present is unreliable.

European here, and bloody heck this shite makes me furious.

Everybody is eating it up like the media dishes it for them without even thinking for themselves.
I know I'm sounding edgy, but seriously I'm amazed people are not killing themselves due to excess stupidity at this point.
It's all so bloody clear, heck even the (((news reports))) show the clip with that republican spokeswoman explaining that a whole lot of kids get smuggled because those migrants think it'll get them easier passage and right after that they show an audio clip of a kid asking for her AUNT AND NOT HER PARENTS WHO'RE SUPPOSED TO BE ON THE OTHER SIDE IN ANOTHER CAGE.

Those parents bear the sin of their kids crying, because they knew bloody well that they'd be separated on the border and endangered their kids too.

I am seriously upset, I am upset in all my edginess that people can be this stupid and manipulable.
Sure I was like this too, when I was frickin' 15yo or something.
And you know what's the best part of this all?

These people vote.
My country is, like any democracy, ran by people who just like to repeat the (((media))) narrative of "Dhrumphfh is bad!" rather than analyze what they see in real life.

Thanks for reading my blog rage pls sub

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not sure what you mean. my quote just illustrates the point that 'majority says X' or even 'majority of churches say X' is meaningless in determining truth. and their way will lead to destruction, albeit national destruction rather than spiritual destruction as christ meant in that instance.

Humanity has become very emotional it doesn't matter how much evidence you bring about the consequences of diversity and shit, they will still fall for the same tricks.

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I read it and it was probably the most half-assed "condemnation" I've ever seen. It was more along the lines of "we don't believe in breaking up families uh yeah the situation is bad and stuff and were praying for everyone mkay".

We can't support the seperation of parents and children as the family is a pinicle of the christian faith and the apex of God's divine nature reflected in nature.

However, trump gave his word and has worked to keep it. Even though (i bet as a father himself) he does not like doing this, he is bound by the deportation laws obama set in place to do it as he is doing it now, as unfortunate as it is.

i was with you until you spoke that filthy heresy from your tongue.

so then the trinity is a heresy and arius was right?

God's =/= Gods

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'the majority claiming X doesn't make it so' ≠ 'the majority is always wrong about everything'

Unfortunately, (((they're))) right this time: breaking up families is immoral.

Fortunately, this means an end to (((their))) worse than useless prison-for-profit system and a return to biblical beatings, exile, and executions as the standard judicial punishments! Let's have three cheers for the nationwide prison reform that is surely coming soon!

Most people just appeal to emotions these days. Logic is not taught in schools any more.

Also, women tend to be way more emotional and this can skew policy decisions (e.g. photo of dead syrian baby!! -> bring all refugees to Europe!!)

Ignore him, he's probably a freshly converted, possibly underage, LARPer.


This man right here

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Leviticus 25:45
Their children are rightfully our slaves by God's holy word.

Begone JIDF. Public law 102-14 is unconstitutional.

I don't want to bump this dead topic, but I'll respond quietly.

What the majority says is correct matters if what the majority says is correct. If in RCC for example, you had a situation where 75% of the bisphoric/priesthood and laity signed a document that plainly stated, "homosexuality is something the God and Jesus promoted and we will openly promote it too", then that 75% would be in rather dire error. There's no doubt about it. It is an extreme example of course, but it would be a concrete instance of the majority going down a path that anyone remotely faithful should wish to eschew. (Not to mention something like THAT occuring, would open up a lot of cans of worms that I don't even want to get into right now.) (Also not to pick on Rome by itself; this would hold true over every other line as well, it is a non-negotiable facet despite what some in officialdom say for the sake of popularity.)

This situation is less cut and dry, and further hampered by the fact that the moral authority of some of the signatories is…to put it mildly, very disordered. It does no good to listen to any body that - for example - is concerned about this situation (where there is no obvious intent to murder), when they silently let pass to or openly promote child murder of any ethnic stripe in abortion, where the intent to kill is the foremost priority.