Hello, Zig Forums. I have a humble question I've been meaning to ask, to which I have yet to find concrete answers...

Hello, Zig Forums. I have a humble question I've been meaning to ask, to which I have yet to find concrete answers. I'm certain that it might have been asked and answered before, but it's something I genuinely wish to know, and maybe have some closure on. Pardon me if the topic carries some sort of past animosity involving people who might've touched upon them in the past, as I am not aware of them. Although I speak as a Catholic man, what I wish to know involves Christianity and the word of the Lord as a whole.
The question itself appears more and more silly and naive as I write this, but if I may, what is the definitive consensus on the concept of monstergirls? Creatures whose bodies display a clearly dominant human form (definitely not beastlike with things like all-body fur, animal faces, non-human organs, etc.) and God-given traits that indeed make humankind true to his image, such as intellect, emotions, morals and the ability to live and to believe, but with extremities or appendages that resemble mythical creatures of folklore and fiction. I'm fairly sure this concept is not new to almost anyone, with the most example being catgirls. The most notable aspect about their depictions is their unwavering loyalty to the men they choose as their husbands, thus denoting their righteous devotion to love and their disgust for the deadly sin that is betrayal/adultery.
It is written that the only beings the Lord bestowed the gift of mind to are angels, animals and man, but still, unclear cases such as the Nephilim, who despite being offspring of fallen angels and human women, were denoted as "warriors of renown", suggesting appraisal to their existence, and it makes me wonder; could "half-human" beings such as monstergirls, identical to man in his ability to love and discern the right from wrong, be saved and accepted into Heaven if they so choose by their own will to convert, be baptized and believe in the Lord and the Son? Could they be allowed the blessing of Holy Matrimony if they proved their hearts to be pure, their intentions good and their desire to love genuine despite their form? Would it be wrong to appreciate and/or consider the possibility of Him creating such new form of being to live alongside man? Is their physical form a heretical perversion of his designs? Does the likeness to his image (to be a soul capable of love, to not fear anyone but Him, and to be meek) transcend mortal, physical form? Naturally, monstergirls of demonic or heretical themes/origins would be ruled out, but what of those that are not? What is the Christian view on them?
My apologies again if the question is too outlandish to be considered.

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This is so stupid
and I laughed

Ill talk to you user, wtf you say or want tho?

Is this copypasta?

It should be if it isn't

Yeah it was silly in hindsight but I'm kinda lost.

No. Legitimate question, because I found some things that make me wonder how far things can go in this world. St Augustine had something to say on this in the City of God:


No user, Its not silly. The problem is that you're writing way too much stuff. You probably could condense your question to 1 paragraph, instead you made paragraph 1 a apology to the next two paragraphs.
You're nervous, simply put.

A figment of man's imagination at best, demonic delusions at worst.
A thread died for this.

Well, you're not wrong. The thought of possibly sacrilegious thought made me a little too formal. I just really wanted to have some closure on this specific topic so I can hopefully be a better man in the future.

I see.
My bad

It's okay, user, didn't mean to come off as abrasive.
Next time you have something like this, try posting it in the questions thread.
You haven't browsing /monster/, now have you?

Got it.
My human fault and imperfection might have misled my curiosity, but not for anything unchaste.

Monstergirls don't give birth to sons, they're a parasitic race that were clearly designed by satan to drive humanity to extinction.

in all seriousness everything about monstergirls is designed to appeal to incels, it's pretty pathetic.

From what I've gathered, most idealize them as perfect wives whose loyalty and love is unbreakable in their (monogamous) relationships. Seeing what's happening to society in general out there these days, their musing is sort of understandable, if a bit intriguing. The "monster" aspect could be stemming from being able to love despite "exotic" differences…

If you denounce the monster girls for their physical attributes then you are in the same league as someone who denounces handicapped people because of their physical attributes or people of other races. The Lord looks on the inside, on your intent, your charity and love. Always remember, monster girls are the greatest because the monster is only on the outside.

What makes us in the image of God is our soul and intellect and capability of worship, if this was a world where monstergirls existed, then they too would be in the kingdom of God.

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The question made me giggle so i will entertain it.

In terms of media consumption, monstergirls are the gateway drug into furfaggotry (and eventually /zoo/), if i am any testament of that.

As for if the creatures were to exist within actual reality, if they are humans who happen to have animalistic appendages/forms then i believe they would be saved, since it is assumed with with human intelligence comes a soul which may be in communion with God, for God does not allow any creature, great or small, to exist that is not within his plan. And any abomnation made by man shall lack that distinct Godly quality we all the spirit. If their faith is genuine, then a cat-girl nun is legit imo.

If by "idealized" you mean glorified sexbots then sure

ultimately i'd leave it up to an ecumenical council to decide.

what anime is that
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It's Wolfwood from Trigun. The anime kinda shits itself in the bed at the end but the beginning is kinda neat.

Without doing research on the subject:
First off, Whosoever looks after a woman and lusts after her has already committed adultery in his heart. Don't fap to fake women either.
As far as I can see -again without researching- "don't the dog ears, dragon tail, and bat wings glued to her butt make her look cute" is at best somewhat deviant taste and at worst saying that humans would be designed better with random stuff tacked on.
On the semi-secular side, it's idealizing a woman more than just putting her on a pedestal, "in love with the idea of being in love" and that kind of thing. Make sure you don't fool yourself into something like that.
While the standalone designs might just be kinda weird, the fluff from the Encyclopedia project is right out. It's entirely "everything's a demon that feeds on rape" etc.
Maybe cool it on the nephilim revisionist propaganda, too. That was people from Seth's "tribe" taking women from Cain's "tribe."

Conceptualize my awe.

Also fornicating with hypothetical monstergirls would fall under bestiality, but if your (human) wife agrees to wear some sort of aesthetics then it doesn't violate the matrimony