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Webm thread, post your andersons, vitamin k, and anime.

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winnie the pooh off

How exactly is that blasphemy? Explain yourself.

It looks like an ordinary mass to me, minus the special effects of course.

The priest is pulling strange faces, he's shoving the host in people's mouths and spilling the holy blood everywhere whilst making weird faces.

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Better animation than Cartoon Network's current lineup

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Assuming that's an accurate representation, that is some genuine winnie the pooh heresy. Normally I don't condone this sort of response but in the face of such madness there's only one recourse.

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LOL, how can people genuinely support this fool?

Wait a minute, that song…
I think I heard it in Hidden & Dangerous 1

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← superior one

He's a funny guy

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Beautiful. It's an Icelandic hymn, right? Anybody got the webm of that group that sang it in a train station? It sounded amazing.

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(3rd one)
Its nice when life is anime, imagine how long it took them to block all those people.

Yep, it's "Heyr, Himna Smiður" (lol Anglo keyboards)

The other group that sang it that you are talking about is Arstiðir.
Embedded for reference.

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moar pls

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I posted all that I had that would post. The file size limitation is…limiting.

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One more, not a webM though.

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holy winnie the pooh shit wtf?
made me react more than the wine out of the bishops hands.

a few more

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Low Budget productions

Damn that's worth thinking about

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What's the source on this? Is this a real JW video?

Rethink yourself.

Dennis Prager is jewish though

Rethink yourself.

If you think God has no absolute real values for art, you're already in hell, nominalist.

And if you think that your prejudiced """opinion""" represents value of God, you are inflating you're value and are a Mohamed tier narcissist.

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sauce on game

Darkest Dungeon

i feel ashamed at how hard that made me giggle.

Terror attacks?

Likely "non-UN sanctioned bombing." Somewhere in the Middle East in the last 6 years. Sorry I don't remember where.

This is wonderful, have a source?

Wait, muslims shave pubes and armpits?

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They are God's words though.


These just seem like poorly-written fanfictions based on Christian theology. There's so many errors to point out it just hurts..

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Wait a minute…

I'd feel bad about doing this if it was actually a representation of the true Son of God, and not a heretical Jesus/Michael/Logos? abomination.

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Sauce on video?

Anyone have the ==DIAPAHS== webm?

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God's words =/= God

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1st) are you mormon? or was that the weird audio?

2nd) repost. review those posts that came before you

3rd) enunciation please

4th) what

It is cruel of you to post this without a source.

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this is great, where's it from/what is it? Is this a sea shanty or just an old English/traditional folk song?


have all the manning a man could ask for mang

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well sorry for the delay, here's daipahs

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meant for

So that's what happens in Charismatic Catholic churches…

What if they put a mini Alexa inside a Furby?
I think this is coming soon enough.

Europa muss zu Gott zurückkehren

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Thanks for posting user.


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