Brit/pol/ #2194: Net Benefit Edition

Iraqi teenager ‘used his £20 school prize to buy the ingredients for Parsons Green Tube bomb’ – 18 months AFTER telling border staff ISIS trained him how to kill

Britain First sent to prison for "hate speech"

Britain First leader and deputy jailed for religiously-aggravated harassment over 'hostility' towards Muslims

In a leaked email, a senior staff member recommended the then CEO should not be alone with female employees

Boys suffer worse online sexual abuse than girls, study shows

Tiny Irish Town Taking Hundreds of Migrants Had No Say, Locals Fear Being Called Racist

Man ‘mutilated & scalped’ in Paris restaurant by assailants armed with machete and saber

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Put some effort into it smh

xth for never trust the french or poles

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t. hohol

Poles are much better than Ukies

nth for civic nationalism

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Oh don't trust them either, I was just referencing the Yank uprising in the last thread.ściuszko

oh wow its those women from the bank ads
they are so approachable!

Good morning it's time for
>_ _ _ _ _

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Pretty much summarises the appalling state of affairs.

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Can they not go five fucking minutes.

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coal burner in deviant mind shocker

tbh the ceding of the burgerstan flag to the right is a move towards ethnic nationalism..


Except on this occasion he actually did dindu nuffin

hence why I said it tbh

I can't work out HS2 lads smh

Thought you just said it because he was a wog tbh

fuck niggers,

I'd rape the blonde one.

leave, negro

Please don't actually do this.

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Purposely baiting like that for the sake of drama is fucking depraved tbh

kek i didn't mean it like that.

i say scrap the prison, and a bullet to the back of the head and straight into a fucking pit.

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psyop tbh

Anglican Unscripted #374 - Gender, Sharia, and the Church

Stella Creasy is gross

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why are we expected to give a fuck about irish abortion laws, if they want to be independent I don't give a fuck what they do
Fucking normies

Amber Rudd looks like a man in a wig

I like them, but the video is one week old tbh

One of my first policies in power would be ending the CTA tbh

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morning lods

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common travel area, free movement between the uk and ireland

the second one looks like a skyrim character

Hard border is the only way tbh
also, all Irish should be expelled from England

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think that's HIV positive piss tbh

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can someone webm this

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2nd pic has a Milliband look about him

Is this GSOGM?

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It's from Owen 'Poz' Jones twitter:

I agree they should do more video. Maybe consider donating to them, lad?

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just got called racist in greggs lads

yes but what does it mean

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how did you do it so fast?

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Hi Gavin

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oh fuck it's an attempt at some kind of nhs memi

i didn't need to see this
just kill me now

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I don't get it.


Oh God.

God, I hate these morons.

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She's not white, so I don't care.

its a start

Greggs is shit anyway.
Wenzels master race


Local bakers master race tbh


they're brilliant tbh

smh lad

You only say that because Greggs is almost non-existent in London

Helen Mirren On The Importance Of Politics, Female World Leaders & More | TIME

how are you celebrating international women's day lads?

just got called wurzels in wenzels lads

Avoid bumsex or you'll end up gettind GRIDS and looking like Owen Jones

ooga le booga


r u avin a fkn gigl

I'm going out later to rape.

how does this have 16 thousand retweets

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By ignoring all women.

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I've seen one near where my family member lives in north-east

tbf, it was a wog bakery tho, but they sold pasties and pies too

Imagine if Greggs was run like the NHS though:

smh lads, it doesn't get more local than your own kitchen.

Most LOCAL businesses are run out of town by chains, it's repulsive. That goes for bakeries, shops, pubs, everything

Based black shrek

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did you make an off cuff joke about a curry filled pasty?

#BlackTwitter tbh

How come she recorded Zig Forums meetup?

browsing my collection

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Cucks from NTU

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People complaining about the NHS being overcrowded on *FB* and the last thing they will blame is open borders. Its embarrasing watching this level of denial, you cant talk to these people its like a cult. What was the anti Brexit NGO propaganda leaflet circulated in the NHS again? The indoctrination comes from somewhere. Or maybe they just want to help EVERYONE


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there's that word again

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Must be a nice break for many men.

Wow what a surprise

Life is a memi

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