This kills the papist

This kills the papist.

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No I think you'll find this kills the papist

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"To Honorius, the heretic, anathema!"

Orthodox cope

Canon 28 was never accepted.
Keep falsifying history, liar.

Sack well, Enrico!

Absolutely Popish

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Reminder to sage and report D&C threads

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But this council didn't have canons.
Are you thinking of another council?

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I'm not even Apostolic, but you anti-Catholics are just obnoxious.

t. high iq centrist (ecumenist)

blessed pic

No, I'm just sick of people who hate other denominations more than they love Christ shitting up this board.

Dandoloposting is just a pun in reply to the massacre of the latin posted above.
We can all agree the fourth Crusade was a despicable incident.

boo hoo why are you catholics so mean :(

If there wasn't a Mormon in that I would save it.

Where's the Mormon?

You used the wrong meme, friendo.


t. papist

This is a Latin speaking, but canon law changes as the Church decides it to, because it's an exercise of the Church's authority over its members, not some God-given commandments.

Is this the designated funposting thread? Excellent.

Come home. The other patriarchs are waiting.

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