Christianity isn't a religion. It's a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

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Yes, Christianity isnt a religion, it is THE religion

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It felt wrong but they never taught me any theology so I couldn't argue why.

All the churches in my area say stuff like this. Help.

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Read Tolstoy the kingdom of God is within you

Tolstoy was an excommunicated heretic and innovator.

Begome Catholic.

But that's correct.

Actually that's probably true because people are getting to lukewarm now instead of on fire

So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth - Jesus

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Based fpbp

And where is he wrong ? As established political entity, Israel does have the right to exist, because dissolving it would mean to displace millions of people, including the Palestinian natives. That being said, obviously what Israel does to the Palestinians is some serious bullshit and they need to repent and give back the lands outside of their "traditionally set" borders. Your first address when it comes to Israel are the fatmuricans. Don't sh't on the Pope for something that should be obvious to every reasonable human being, sh't on the people that are enabling Israel and their [redacted] policies. Sh't on those that made massive heresy (i.e., Christian zionism) their national policies.

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do they know the difference between Israel and the Jews?

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I've had this conversation with 5 different people, including my dad, goes the same way every time
You can't argue like this with Lutherans and such but it gets non-denoms absolutely bent, especially if you throw in a bit about God/Holy Spirt calling you to a denomination.

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I knew a woman who would always say this, she would always peddle "philosophical" skin care products on Facebook (got this by word of mouth). When I asked her what the appeal was, she said that it was more "open-minded" and that everybody could pick and choose whatever beliefs they preferred in a manner akin to a buffet. Essentially they liked having an imperfect system of belief not set in stone that they can change at a whim. If they believed in a proper theistic religion they would have to follow objective God-given moral codes and laws, but that would mean putting God above man's worldly preferences and we can't have that now can we?

She had an icon corner near the front of the house for nearly a decade and now she's selling "energy crystals" on etsy.

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Why would it get them bent?

I'm not Catholic, but I definitely think some people are called to be Catholic and that it's a branch of Christianity which has previously born great fruit… but seems to be going downhill the last few centuries pretty quick.

Everyone denomination has theological flaws, and I'm sure some of the flaws I perceive aren't actually flaws because I too am flawed. I simply to the best I can to rid my eyes of logs and follow the Holy Spirit. I wouldn't be "bent" by someone saying it led them to the Catholic church, that's not where it led me, but if you seemed filled with the Spirit, I'll totally believe it.

Hate to say it, but Catholic women outside the faith get idolatry problems really fast. I don't know why that is, but it happened to my aunt, she's literally wrapping electronics in tinfoil and buying energy beads. My poor uncle… He fits squarely into the "don't care" subsection of the world's religious demographics, and now she's "spiritual but not religious" while buying therapeutic magnets and shit.

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Easy to become excommunicated when you write over and over how the orthodox church has stopped being christian altogether and has become a mere puppet of the Russian monarchy.

In all seriousness, why do those types say that? I've seen them defend the point almost with their life, but with no purpose.

It's usually Evangelical Protestants who say that.

This claim is that other religions teach that you must justify and sanctify yourself, earning the flavor of the deities by practising religious rituals and observing religious law, but that Christianity is not supposed to be like that. So they want to feel special by claiming to be categorically different from other religions, claiming other religions (including Catholicism) as man-made and sometimes even demonic

Which is retarded because:
1. Even if you believe that it is still religion by definition
2. Christianity is mentioned as being religion in the bible
3. Other religions can claim the same thing
4. They should pay taxes then

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winnie the pooh off, this is actually a good question and one that Christianity should strive to answer.

It's been answered a million times in many satisfactory ways. The people who ask this have almost invariably, never read anything on the question.

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Pretty much.
Pure land buddhism is like that.


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I chuckl'd

Can you expand on this? I thought the salvation by faith in Christ vs. works, rituals etc. distinction between Christanity and all other religions that gets peddled was a genuine one with weight behind it, is it not the case at all then? Tim Keller who I admire (is a protty) among others makes this point, heck so many have made this point - genuinely thought this was the case and kinda bummed if it's not the case (leaving alone the faith vs works prot v non prot disctinction here)


the pope said an opinion so that means every catholic and priest has to agree!

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If you don't think so, you certainly haven't taken the time to read any of them.

They're not proof of God but, rather, they conclusively establish that one can reconcile both God and evil as existing. If you don't understand that, you haven't read it.

there are many levels of sophistication with which the problem of evil is being discussed, from youtube fedoras and naive apologetics talking about it in the crudest terms, up to and including contemporary philosophy/theology phds exploring ancillary aspects of it still to this very day. unless you have made it your life's goal to exhaustively explore every possible aspect of this discussion, you would be wise not to tell people what they have and haven't read.