French Catholic Priest slaps a baby

What the hell man

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There's your problem.

Well it's a step up from. y'know, the other thing some Catholic priests have been known to do to babies.

Protestant = Poison
Catholic= Pedos
Orthodox = Drowning

Why can't we be normal

It's just a tiny slap… We're gonna do some fake outrage over this now? Slapping children isn't unusual.

t. French but not Catholic

They got more problems than a slap happy priest.

t. Napolean

Strike my child and your teeth will be on the floor.

I must also say, this is why you should have married clergy because they will have compassionate experience with kids having raised their own.

Slap a baby and people go crazy, deny them the Holy Eucharist and everything's alright


Yeah that prolly wasn't alright. On the other hand, the kid is not injured or whatever. It's almost like people are grasping at straws to make the Church look bad because one guy is doing something "not alright".

That's ignorance. Someone not being able to handle kids overall will not magically become good at handling kids by having a kid. Else we wouldn't have any problems with violence, neglection and all these things in society.

But yeah this one priest man, we should totally disintegrate the Church. NOW !

It's an infant.
They are fragile. They cannot fight back. They have no impulse control, they just want a titty so they can grow up and not be one way physically abused by some greasy old fart.

But we are living in clowntime.
What's a child.
Strike an infant. Strike a suckling.
Debased wretches.

I didn't say it's alright to physically abuse children dude chill your life. I said you're an edgefriend.

edgefriendness confirmed

The fact that you consider my reaction egdy makes you the edgelords.
Sorry infant son. I would help you, but I don't want to be edgy here. Oh he keeps doing it. Oh woe. Sorry, ween.
My hands are tied.

Maybe you should just take a break from the internet, friend.

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What you frenchies often slap other people's children then hold the struggling infant to your cheek to show everything is hunky dory as dad tries to drag him out of your clutch?

heh im sorry but pic saved. Grrr im so mad i could eat this weed.

I chuckled heartily.