What meme pastor and his fans actually believe

A lot can change in only 500 years

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Is this to protect kids from the reality where wine exists or a malicious rewriting?

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Wine is fermented grape juice, so it is only a technicality.

Prohibition would never have happened of we hadn't given women the vote.

A cross is only carved wood, so Christ was hanged from a tree?
Bread is only flour and water, so He said "Give us our daily flour"?
A car is only metals with some polymers, so we're just driving iron?

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can't have kids thinking the water into wine part is a prefigurement of the Eucharist, way too apostolic!

A stake really, not that I think it wasn't in a common cross shape as it is according to the earliest traditions, but the word is what it is.


Acts 5:30 The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew and hanged on a tree.

Only JW believe this. It was a cross. All the 1st century depictions show a cross.

Well fair point, but there's a huge difference between calling wine and juice.
This is clearly just rewriting the bible to make abstinence biblically defensible.


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No the word itself means stake whether it was a cross shape or not isn't implied by the word alone.
There were probably multiple types of "crucifixions" of different shapes. I do believe that the shape implied by tradition and writings is that of a T.

is true tough but this makes God a NORMAL

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Cartoons are only demons in islam.


IF Baptists and their traditions, sheesh.

Aversion to normalcy implicates a sin of pride.

Begone, arian heretic

What is this? JWs? Mormons?

What? It can't? Tell that to the people from 1518 … oh that's right, you can't … the people in your country weren't speaking your language yet.

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Only in one small faction of Islam. The Salafi group believe all pictures of anything to be demonic. Claiming the Salafi are all of Islam is like claiming southern Pentecostal snake handlers are all of Christendom.

No. It's right there in hadith, and anyone can choose to follow sunnah, not only "Salafi" you fearmonger quack.

It's also in Hadith that Muhammad allowed a horse statue, so obviously not all images are Haram. The salafi claim ALL images are haram.

Muhammad also made exceptions for himself, in terms of how many wives he could have. He made an exception for his child-wife because she was still at the age of playing with horse-dolls. Repent.

Would 1st century middle-eastern people even know what grape juice is? I imagine that the grapes would start fermenting very quickly in that climate, already having turned into wine by the time you have barrelled the fluid up. I remember I had some grapes in a plastic bag in my cellar and it started smelling like wine after just a few days.

You would need something to attach the plate with the writing on, so there would be a vertical extension beyond the horizontal bar.

This is extremely stupid, Photos are not craved nor drawn images, God explicitly told he hated humans reproducing stuff themselves this is done by a machine, capturing things as they are, they don't steal your soul or anything as opposed from a cartoon that was inspired by a rouge demon.

winnie the pooh Inbreed sandmonkeys.

This is what happens when you ignore demons, In Islam god appears tho be the bad guy because he just forbids and punishes, when in reality is just demons trolling.

Teetotaling user, abstinence is not just defensible but required since it's just a more specific form of chastity.

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Why am i not surprised?

Not at all. Sobriety, not abstinence is virtue. If abstinence was greater or requiered then Christ would not drink wine.
sobriety takes its name from "measure," for a man is said to be sober because he observes the "bria," i.e. the measure. Wherefore sobriety lays a special claim to that matter wherein the observance of the measure is most deserving of praise. Such matter is the drinking of intoxicants, because the measured use thereof is most profitable, while immoderate excess therein is most harmful, since it hinders the use of reason even more than excessive eating. Hence it is written (Sirach 31:37-38): "Sober drinking is health to soul and body; wine drunken with excess raiseth quarrels, and wrath and many ruins." For this reason sobriety is especially concerned with drink, not any kind of drink, but that which by reason of its volatility is liable to disturb the brain, such as wine and all intoxicants.
It is written (Sirach 31:32): "Wine taken with sobriety is equal life to men; if thou drink it moderately, thou shalt be sober."