I need to start evangelizing on the internet, or at least I want to. How doth one go about this?

I need to start evangelizing on the internet, or at least I want to. How doth one go about this?

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Pray and fast. Leave the internet for good.

1. Start yt channel
2. Add hubris
3. $



Post lots of Pastor Anderson videos on Zig Forums

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That usually has the opposite effect.

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God takes good out of evil, but woe to them that spread evil!

Nobody that isn't already a christian has any interest in christianity.

Logical fallacy, obviously. Explain why Christianity even exists some 2'000 years after the Earthly ministry of Jesus Christ by that rationale.

Talk about defeatism, wow. What about spreading the gospel?

I've become more concerned with spreading correct doctrine than making people dawn a label. Noah's flood was not about angel rape.

Can you name some of that for us user?

What's wrong with his mouth?


You can only help others if a strong independent strength. So be sure you have a very solid faith before doing so. And of course, never stop trying to improve in faith, even after that.
The theologians and martyrs/ascetics in both the ancient and the current world have done much more to the Faith than fake proselytizing where you say the cheesy line "God Loves you". Without explaining what any of those core concepts refer to a Christian, it is a meaningless phrase that only makes sense inside the mind of a nominalist heretic.

You can't force a horse to drink water, and splashing it on his face will only get him angry at you and run away. Calmly tale him to the river bank instead.
Join a philosophy discussion forum or something, maybe create a youtube channel, where you defend the logical worldview against nominalism and rationalism. The latter are the desert killing the horse.
Show the horse the way out of the desert and he'll eagerly drink from the river by his own.

The soy is strong is this post



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I don't know user. Both the old and new testaments are pretty explicit about differentiating between the two sexes here in this life. Joint heirs in Christ is the only equality offered to Christian women in scripture. Otherwise they are always differentiated from men.

You guys need to improve your reading skills, he was talking about being against those things

CBA I guess.

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I grew up atheist.

whose the hypocrite, friend ?

You're still here, so its still you.

This isn't true. I recently started my new journey.

I was an indoctrinated nu-male atheist that had it all figured out…except my soul ached and internal monologue just only knew to numb itself with pot, video games, and porn. To keep from admitting to myself I was totally lost. I see it everywhere.

I am learning daily, and I see new challenges everywhere. But I know that God will not present me with a difficulty that he has not prepared me for.

Sounds as if, maybe, just maybe, you have misinterpreted the next challenge on your path.

Matthew 11:13
For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John.

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